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Thanks, Yuri on Ice.
  • Before Yuri On Ice: Yeah I mean I guess figure skating is pretty cool but idk much about it
  • After Yuri On Ice: Do you have a minute to talk about our Lord and Savior Yuzuru Hanyu, who won Worlds 2017 and broke his own world record for highest Free Skate score? Do you have another minute to talk about our Queen and fellow anime otaku Evgenia Medvedeva, who also won Worlds 2017 and also broke her own world record for highest Free Skate score? Do you have another minute to talk about our Quad Bae Nathan Chen, who attempted six (6) quads in his Free Skate at Worlds 2017 and is the first person to ever land five (5) successful quads? Do you have an additional hour to talk about Jason Brown, Javier Fernández, Boyang Jin, Patrick Chan, Shoma Uno, Denis Ten, Michael Christian Martinez, Misha Ge, Deniss Vasiljevs, Oda Nobunari, Karen Chen, Mirai Nagasu, Ashley Wagner, Johnny Weir, Maia and Alex Shibutani, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Joe Johnson, Adam Rippon, Stéphane Lambiel-

“Where religion becomes artificial, art has the privilege to redeem the kernel of religion”

Slavoj Zizek & Mladen Dolar, quoting Richard Wagner in Opera’s Second Death.

The brave ones can add a third dimension to it: 

02:40-03:38 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRmCEGHt-Qk  

The Gemälde is by Anselm Kiefer, the documentary to be found here

Romeo and Juliet programs

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Nina Rota

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Carmen programs (X)

Steve Rogers is probably the most well-known Christian in Marvel, but he’s certainly not the only one.  Nightcrawler, for example, is absolutely a Christian; he’s even been a priest.  Rogue is also a Christian, as is Wolverine who struggles with and questions his faith a lot - and that’s okay.  Charles Xavier is (probably) also a Christian (he’s a theist, at any rate).

But you know what else is important to note about these characters? Most of them (Cap, Rogue, Wolverine, Xavier) are also bisexual.  And this is SO important.  Because Christian bisexuals exist IRL too, just like every other type of LGBTQ Christian.  And we need representation, because so often we’re being told by other Christians that it’s impossible for us to exist or or that we have to choose between our sexuality and our faith.  It’s utter BS of course, but it’s still a pretty prevalent idea (alongside the other more secular BS idea that bisexuals don’t exist, period).

I’m thankful to Marvel not just for bisexual representation, but for representation of bi!Christians.  I mean, I know I exist, but it’s still nice to see something in the media saying, “Yeah, I know you exist, and people like you can be pretty darn cool.”  :)

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4 best couples that haven't happened (yet)?

let’s see here – our lovely leighton and parker seem to be quite the pair, i would love to see those two together in the near future and by near future i mean tomorrow, pronto. then we have jude and aaron, i’m not saying they’re the best but something could spark in there. next, freya and thomas and that little interaction they had has me wondering if there is something happening there already, please let a girl know the deets! last but certainly not least let me focus on the actual adults here, our sweet counselor camila and our handsome dean christian, i bet they have some great time in the teacher’s lounge if you know what i mean.

call me matchmaker if you will, you all can thank me later xo

X-men Evo headcanon dump
  • Kurt knows how to braid his hair. 
  • Kurt keeps in contact with his parents and calls them at least three times a week.
  • Kurt’s parents send him care packages every once in a while, especially on his birthday. 
  • Kurt’s father (Christian Wagner) is a huge soccer fan and because of this he taught Kurt the sport early on. It took him up until the age of 12 before he stopped running after the ball on all fours. 
  • Kurt is a great soccer player. 
  • Kurt still keeps up with German soccer as much as he can since he wants to be able to talk about it with his dad. He isn’t really interested in the sport itself, but sees it as what helped him and his father bond. 
  • His mother (Grace Wagner) taught him how to cook early. 
  • Kurt wasn’t allowed to leave home too often unless he was with his parents, so when they couldn’t go too far his parents made sure to supply him with books, board games, and other things to keep him entertained and busy. 
  • The lowest part of Kurt’s life was when he was 10 years old and a group of people came to his house to try and talk his parents into selling him into a circus freak show. He overheard the conversation. 
  • Kurt’s parents call him their angel to go against what people usually call him. 

Kupfer-Bibel, in welcher die Physica Sacra oder geheiligte Naturwissenschafft derer in der heiligen Schrifft vorkommenden natürlichen Sachen / deutlich erklärt und bewährt von Johann Jakob Scheuchzer; anbey zur Erklärung und Zierde des Wercks in künstlichen Kupfertafeln ausgegeben und verlegt durch Johann Andreas Pfeffel … Augspurg und Ulm : gedruckt bey Christian Ulrich Wagner, 1731-1735