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Never Too Early

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Description: Hoseok decides it’s never too early for a bit of dessert.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: Don’t ask. I just needed to write this. It’s been plaguing me. Shoutout to @ellieljade who’s become my beta, apparently. Obviously, this was the next stage of friendship we were meant to ascend to.

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the signs in love (songs + lyrics)

aries - ”Pull Me Down” by Mikky Ekko

“I want you to know that I’ve got your back / Even when the whole foundation seems cracked / Two punk kids up against the world / Yeah trouble, there goes trouble”

taurus - “U Make Me Feel Good” by astronomyy

“From the moment that you saw me, found your prey / You creeped upon me, got inside me more each day / Even now I never thought it’ll be this way / You’re wrapped around me, held me, made me want to stay”

gemini - “No Ceiling” by Cody Simpson

“Never felt like this before / See it’s a brand new thing / So no more thinking / Never ever felt so sure”

cancer - “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles

“There was a time when I would have believed them / If they told me you could not come true / Just love’s illusion / But then you found me and everything changed / And I believe in something again”

leo - “Religious” by Ne-Yo

“I love being with you / Cause you’re easily worth adoring / Your voice in my ears something like a choir of Angels / Easy like a Sunday morning”

virgo - “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon

“Off in the night, while you live it up, I’m off to sleep / Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat / I hope it’s gonna make you notice / Someone like me”

libra - “Just A Little Bit of Your Heart” by Ariana Grande

“I know I’m not your only / But at least I’m one / I heard a little love / Is better than none”

scorpio - “Bloodstream” by Stateless

“I think I might’ve inhaled you / I can feel you behind my eyes / You’ve gotten into my bloodstream / I can feel you flowing in me”

sagittarius - "Next To You" by Dante

“The way she treats me / More and more I keep coming around, yeah / Because I believe that one day, I’m gonna wear your resistance down”

capricorn - “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran

“We keep this love in a photograph / We made these memories for ourselves / Where our eyes are never closing / Hearts are never broken / And times are forever frozen still”

aquarius - “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol

“I need your grace / To remind me / To find my own”

pisces - “I Wanna Be Yours” by the Arctic Monkeys

“If you like your coffee hot / Let me be your coffee pot / You call the shots babe / I just wanna be yours”

Take Care of Me

Prompt: You’re sick with the flu and begin acting a little baby-ish and dependent on Junmyeon when you’re usually very mature and independent

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1009

“Junmyeon…” you called weakly.

No answer.



“JUNMYEON!” You thrashed around in the sheets, flailing your legs under the blankets.

BIG mistake.

One: Your entire body was aching so even moving just a little made it feel like you were being hit by a train, let alone flopping around like a fish out of water.

Two: You were now tangled up in the sheets and couldn’t move even if you wanted to.

Three: Your head felt like it was imploding.

But at least you woke him up.

“Jagi, what-”

You managed to free one arm and grab his wrist, pulling it to your face and nearly smashing it on your forehead.

His eyes widened and he quickly sat up, urgently double-checking your temperature.

“Jagi, you have a fever.”

“But I feel cold,” you whined.

“…That’s not good.” He got up and began making his way to the bathroom.

“I don’t want medicine! It tastes gross!”

“Too bad it’s already in my hand!” he teased over his shoulder. He plopped down next to you and held out the bottle of Tylenol.

“What?” You looked at him as if you were expecting something different.


You huffed and rolled over onto your side. “If you’re gonna make me take it, then you should at least give it to me yourself rather than force me to do it…then I can say I was coerced at gunpoint.”

He just nodded and grinned, happy that you were at least strong enough to make jokes.

“I’m not joking by the way.”

“I know, jagi.” He opened the bottle and began carefully pouring the red liquid into the clear plastic dosage cup. “But you know, I thought you would insist on doing it yourself. That you ‘didn’t need some rich ass man taking care of you.’” He quoted you and handed over the small cup. You sat up slowly, took the cup from him, and downed it in one go. He smiled a little at the face you made from the aftertaste.

You sighed, thrusting the empty cup back in his face before curling into the blankets.

“My head hurts…” you pouted into the pillow.

“Just try to get some rest, jagi.”

He came back a few minutes later with a bowl of water and a small towel.

“Do you want to do it or-”

“My body hurts.”

“Ok.” He smiled to himself. He dipped the towel into the bowl, wrung out the excess water and gently pushed away your hair to place the towel over your forehead. You sighed contentedly at the cool temperature.

“Rest, ok? If you need anything at all, I’ll be right here.”

“Don’t you have schedules?”



“Luckily there wasn’t anything today except practice, and I still have a few days off left. They won’t kill me too much for missing today.”


“I’ll go back in later today when you get a little better, ok?”


“Now sleep so you can recover.”

“If you keep talking to me, I won’t be able to sleep.”

You drifted in and out of consciousness as your body waged the tiring war against the illness. But in each weak break out of sleep, he was always right there. Even though you didn’t always open your eyes, you could feel his comforting presence.


“Hmm?” He was replacing the towel on your forehead.

“…I don’t know.”

“That’s ok.” He carefully smoothed out the blankets around you. “Your fever’s gone down a bit.”

“I still feel like crap though…”

“Here.” He handed you a glass of water. “You need to drink lots of water.”

You stayed up for a little while longer, thinking about nothing in particular, and before you knew it, you had drifted off to sleep again.

“You need to eat.”

“I don’t feel hungry.”

“You still need food.”

“But I’m not-”

Eat.” He shoved a spoonful of soup towards your mouth.

You pouted, but ate anyway.

“…I’m not hungry.”

“We’ve already talked about this…” He lifted another spoonful.

You took another sip.

“You’re forcing me against my will,” you insisted.

“You also need to survive.”

“Who needs food…”

Junmyeon sighed, shaking his head in mock defeat. “Well, you got me.” He fed you another spoonful. “Obviously not people fighting the flu and needing strength to get better.”

You were about to agree with him, but his phone started ringing.

“Manager-hyung” lit up the screen.

“Shit…” He answered the call. “Hello?”

“…I’ve already informed you that Y/N got sick and I’m taking care of her right now…Yes but…I understand…I’ll be there soon…Yes…Ok. Sorry about the inconvenience.”

He sighed and returned your worried look.

“Promise me you’ll finish your soup before I get back.”

“You’re leaving?”

“I have to at least be there for the last few hours.”

“When will you be back?”

“Maybe around eleven.”

“That’s six hours.”

“I know, just…make sure to rest. Finish your soup, please. I know it’s hard when you don’t want to, but you have to. Drink lots of water…I know you’ll be just fine without me, right?”


He gave you a small grin. “Yes you will.”

“But I’m sick.”

“But you’ve also been strong without me home for months. You can do this. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”


“Just rest. Regain your strength. You’ll be back to normal in no time.”

“I…need you…here…” You hid behind the blanket in embarrassment from your own words.

He pulled the blanket down, smiling like an idiot.


“When I get better, I’m going to wipe that dumb look off your face…” You fought him for the blanket.

He pulled it down again, this time leaning in to kiss you.

You pushed his face away.

“I’m sick.”


He got up and began getting ready to leave.

“You know…” He turned around to face you. “It’s nice being able to take care of you. I love how independent you can be but…aside from you being sick…It was different, and I liked today.”



“Hurry up and leave so you can come home faster.”


Space is disease and danger, wrapped in darkness and silence.

     The words echo within his mind as he sits hunched
over at his desk. An empty bottle of whiskey rests loosely
in fingers that linger between letting go and holding on.
One hand covers the pained expression on his face as
tears stain dry skin, dropping onto the surface of his
desk once they break free of his cheeks.

Don’t be so melodramatic. You were barely dead.

     He can hear the flat line of a monitor and a chocked
sob escapes his throat, piercing the stillness of his office
in sickbay. It’s been over a year since the warp core
incident and the lifeless look upon his best friend’s face
still flashes across dark hazel hues as they drown within
their sockets.

        “ Shit…

     It’s well past the end of Leonard’s shift and he has no
intention of returning to his quarters. Regardless of where
he chooses to sleep, he’ll still wage war with the nightmares
that know nothing of mercy for a soul so terribly tired of pain
and anger. At least here he can properly tend to his hangover
before facing the crew when they trickle in.

War Wounds

Part II.

In one world, Felix stabs Tucker, and Tucker stands back up. In one world he endures phantom pain and scar tissue and nightmare, but he survives, and continues to survive, and be a survivor. He learns his way around soldiers and death and can smile at it, the same way he smiles at his friends. He lives and he stands beside Washington as they face a new enemy, in one world.

This is not that world.

Part I.

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anonymous asked:

If you're still doing the prompts, could I please request some Marichat from Miraculous Ladybug? Thank you! 💗

Title: The One In Front Of You

Words: 1,179

Ship: Marichat

Category: Fluff

Notes: I really mean fluff^ :))

Marinette stared at the ceiling, insomnia waging a war on her sleep schedule. Her parents has been gone for a day now, leaving at the crack of dawn to take a day trip to the south of the country. Sighing, Marinette climbed at of her bed and opened an drawing program, yawned, and began doodling as her head slumped.

Tikki floated up sleepily. Glancing at the clock, Tikki muttered, “Why are you up this late, Marinette?”

Marinette turned toward the Kwami. “I just can’t sleep tonight. Sorry, but sitting in bed’s not going to help any.”

“Fair enough. What’re you drawing?” she said, glancing at the monitor.

“Flowers? You don’t think that’s a bit unoriginal?”

Marinette giggled dryly. “It’s too early to burst with creativity, Tikki.”

Suddenly, Marinette spun around, jumping out of her chair as a knock resounded from the window. Tikki gasped and zipped into her Miraculous.

“I-is someone there?” Marinette stuttered. She let out a sigh and walked towards the window, seeing a familiar sparkling grin.

“Chat, if you’re going to just show up like that, at least say something. I don’t need to associate you with what goes bump in the night,” she said, resting her head on the windowsill. “Why are you up at this hour, anyway? Isn’t the night patrol usually long over by now?”

Chat Noir leaned against the railing. “I can’t sleep, and I figured it was a great window of oppurtunity to see my biggest fan.” His smirk grew wider.

Marinette raised an eyebrow. “You’re a pane in the neck. I can’t sleep, either, though.” She saw him shiver in the night breeze. “Do you… need to come in?”

Chat looked suprised. “Sure,” he muttered, stepping through the entrance. “You really shouldn’t let everybody who shows up at your house inside.”

“I think I’ll be fine, cat. I don’t think you should be digging into other’s files,” she said, pulling Chat away from her computer.

“Sorry, you can tell a lot about someone from their sleep deprived drawings. Probably.” He glanced once more at the screen, a sketch in the corner catching his eye. “Who’s this handsome devil?” he gestured towards a small Adrien in the corner.

Marinette slid between Chat and the computer, closing the program with impressive speed. “Just a friend!” she forcedly smiled, cheeks pink.

“Adrien’s a pretty cool guy, in my humble opinion.”

Marinette sat down on her bed. “Calling you ‘humble’ is a stretch. And yeah, he’s great. I didn’t guess you’d know him.”

“A good hero keeps up with his fans.”

“You mentioned that.”

“I’m more waiting for you to say you’re glad to see me.” He plopped down on the bed beside Marinette.

“Maybe a little.” Marinette laid down, her eyes closed. “Hey, Chat?”

“Is something up?”

“How do you balance it all? School, friends, saving the city, and insomnia, I suppose. It’s tough, isn’t it?” she stared questioningly.

Chat looked slightly taken aback at the change of tone. “Oh, it’s not the easiest thing in the world. It gets overwhelming at times. But, you know. People are always there to help.” he looked down at Marinette and smiled.

“Ladybug is pretty great,” Marinette replied. “She seems to mean a lot to you.”

“I mean, I do have friends other than Ladybug,” Chat answered. “But… I really do appreciate her. Not just because I’d have lost most of my nine lives without her help, but she’s an amazing friend. She’s wonderful,” he muttered dreamily.

“Heh, don’t get too lost in your imagination, kitty.”

Chat Noir’s head swiveled, blushing. “Wait! I… okay.” He lifted himself off the bed and glided towards the window. He stared into the night sky. “You remind of her sometimes.”

Marinette sat straight up. “Ha, as if. She’s much cooler than I’ll ever be. And more confident.”

“Don’t say that. I don’t know many people that can keep calm in front of a superhero in their room, for one thing.”

Marinette got up and leaned on the window railing next to Chat. “Speaking of Ladybug,” she questioned, “do you ever feel that she gets all the attention? I mean, everyone cheers for her, while you’re called the sidekick. Do you ever get tired of it?”

Chat chuckled. “She deserves it. She does the actual hero-work. Ladybug has the powers that save the day in the end. I really am just the sidekick.”

Marinette stared into Chat’s eyes. “No, you do just as much as her. You deserve so much. You’re wonderful, Chat.”

Chat’s ears reddened. “Oh. D-do you really think that?” he stuttered. “Well, if you say so.”

Marinette slipped her hand onto Chat’s. “I really do.” She pecked him on the cheek, which grew a deeper shade of red.

Chat laced his fingers around Marinette’s. “You’re wonderful, too, Marinette.”

They both looked back into the stars for a while. Chat wrapped his arm around Marinette’s waist as they watched.

After a bit, Chat sighed. “Sadly, m'lady, but I have to leave. As much as I hate to say it, goodbye.”

Marinette smiled. “Come back soon, kitty.” She kissed him lightly before he turned to leave.

Chat stammered as Marinette’s face now reddened. “… I thought you said you weren’t very confident,” he uttered shakily.

Marinette stood up sharply. “I’m usually not. At all. Just… I’ll miss you. See you soon,” she muttered softly, embracing the hero.

“No problem. I’ll be back, Mari. Catch you later,” he said, standing in the night wind. “Good night, beautiful,” he grinned, jumping into the inky darkness.

Marinette beamed after him and turned her lights off. As she laid down in bed, Tikki wandered curiously back out. “That went well,” she whispered devilishly.

“It did. I’m glad he came. You know, Tikki,” she said, staring thoughtfully at the ceiling. “Chat’s really amazing. I’ve never seen that side of him before.

Tikki looked Marinette in the eyes. “Are you getting at something here? I think I hear something coming,” she giggled.

“Well, Tikki… you know, Adrien is a great friend… but I really don’t know if it will ever be anything more. Chat… his awful flirting… it feels like something more now. Maybe I’m not going after the right person.”

Tikki gasped and laughed happily. “You’re sure, Marinette?”

“You know, I think I am.”

Meanwhile, Adrien sat on his bed, Plagg twirling around him. “So you said something about girls and cheese?”

Adrien chuckled. “Yeah, they do taste better. Hey, Plagg?”

“About to talk about girls? I’m not one for dating advice, buddy.”

“Well… you know Ladybug’s been my love since I met her. But she’s never felt the same way. What if I’m not meant for Ladybug. Maybe I’ve been after the wrong person. But Marinette… she’s extraordinary. I’m seeing her in a whole new light.”

“Oh no, you’re about to get sappy, aren’t you?”

Marinette and Adrien both sat up at the same time, each on a different side of the city. They spoke in unison.

“What if the person that I really need… has been right in front of me the whole time?”

otp: you’re gonna hear me roar. (a tomlinshaw playlist)

01. wrapped up - olly murs | 02. ship to wreck - florence + the machine | 03. i don’t want love - the antlers | 04. use somebody - boyce avenue | 05. rock me - one direction | 06. backseat serenade - all time low | 07. pour que tu m’aimes encore - céline dion | 08. mad love - the veronicas | 09. say something - alex & sierra | 10. slepless in london - neon jungle | 11. i don’t care - fall out boy | 12. louder - neon jungle

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the courage of stars (3/?)

or,  an arranged marriage between grounder!bellamy and sky person!clarke for blakebellcmy for my writing giveaway

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Things are different, after that.

It’s the little things, really. Clarke sitting beside him as they eat dinner, and the way her thigh presses against his, a solid reminder that she is here, she is his, at least technically. Clarke laying her head on his shoulder, as if it’s nothing, as if she would do this with anyone. Which, to be fair, she does, because she’s fucking exhausted all the time. He tells her this, once, and she shrugs. “We all have our duties,” she tells him around a yawn, joining him on their bed, curling up like a cat, like she did that first night, except now she faces him. She closes her eyes, and it makes him smile, a bit, this comfort she somehow manages to find with him. “You wage wars, I save lives. If me not sleeping manages to keep one of my people alive… so be it.”

He still worries, though, about the dark smudges beneath her eyes. He tells himself he’s being an idiot, that he shouldn’t even care, but… but he remembers the way her fingers felt laced with his, the way she smiled at him like a broken girl, not like the fearsome leader his people always spoke of. It reminded him, then, that she was just like him. A bit damaged, perhaps. A little bit undone.

It is comforting, in a twisted way.

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Animated Therapy

Sam x Reader

Author: oheyitscryssi

Warnings: fluffy fluffy flufffff flufffff.

Reader Request: hey could you do a fluffy sam x reader fic where the reader gets kinda scared on a hunt so they stay up and watch Disney movies in sams bed? :) love your blog by the way!

A/N: Sorry it’s so short. :( But I hope you like it!


Your breath was coming and going in ragged pants, and you couldn’t stop your eyes from darting all around as you crept through the hospital. It had been abandoned for years. Evidence of its decay was everywhere: graffiti covered walls, crumbling concrete, chipped tiles, peeling paint, empty and busted beer bottles scattered amongst the other litter left from squatters and bored teenagers. You had even seen a few bats flying through the lobby when you had come in. To say you wanted to get out of there immediately was an understatement. You couldn’t find Sam or Dean anywhere, though, and you weren’t about to leave without them.

You had broken off from the two to check out a few rooms on your own. Both brothers knew you were more than capable of holding your own, and they let you go without a fuss. Besides, they had only been shouting distance away. That is until you had gotten yourself hopelessly lost. You had tried calling out for them, but it was no use. Usually situations like these were no big deal for you. Ghosts were fairly simple to take out, and you had done it dozens of times. Ghost kids on the other hand? Those little buggers scared the crap out of you. Being by yourself, in a creepy-as-all-hell broken down hospital, with one or more of them lurking around was way down on your list of fun times. You needed to find those two, and you needed to do it now.

You flattened yourself against the wall next to the doorway to the hall. You could hear your blood pumping in your ears, and you felt sweat break out on your neck. You closed your eyes in an attempt to get a grip on yourself. You gave yourself until the count of three, whipping around the door frame and aiming your gun down the hall. You exhaled a breath you hadn’t known you’d been holding when you saw all was clear. Then, a large hand landed on your shoulder. You jumped and spun around, gun at the ready with your finger on the trigger. Sam raised both hands in the air, arching one eyebrow at your reaction.

“You’re gonna take someone’s eye out with that thing,” he joked, and you lowered the weapon.

“Where the hell were you?!” you hissed. “I’ve been looking everywhere for the past half hour!”

“We went down to the basement. Between you checking out this wing and us taking the other, we came up empty. So, Dean decided we should look down there.”

“…And? Please tell me you found the dolls and burned them.” The dolls were the item these two ghosts were tethered to. Their bodies had been cremated. If they had found the dolls, the hunt was done.

“Yeah, we found them. They were more concerned about us, so I figured you were safe,” he said. Sam looked you up and down. “You’re okay?”

“All good here. Just… Ghost kids…” you replied. “Not my favorite.”

“Well, Dean’s pulling the car around. Let’s get out of here.”


Once inside the bunker, you made a beeline for the bathroom. You had thought a long, hot shower would rinse away the uneasiness that lingered from the hunt. You stood under the spray until the tips of your fingers began to wrinkle, but it was useless. Wrapped in a towel, you raced into your bedroom before Sam or Dean could see you. You pulled on your comfiest pajamas, and crawled into bed.

You managed to relax enough to allow your eyes to slip closed. Sleep was creeping in, and you welcomed it wholly. Just as the comforting drowsiness was about to pull you under, the faces of those two children wormed their way up to the forefront of your mind. Your eyes snapped open and you gasped. It seemed that sleep was on your Not To Do list tonight. You kicked the covers off.

Your bare feet slapped the floor as you padded down the hallway. Sam’s door opened as you passed, and you stopped.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you,” you whispered. You didn’t want to disturb Dean, too.

“It’s fine. I was up anyway. Where are you going?” He opened the door wider, inching out into the hall with you. You hugged your arms around your middle.

“The living room. I can’t get those kids out my head. Hopefully some mindless television will help.”

“Come on in,” he offered. He moved aside, allowing you space to squeeze through.

He walked over to where you had meticulously arranged his DVDs side by side with your own upon arriving to the Bunker. Dean had picked on you mercilessly as you had sorted the titles alphabetically, put each series in order, and gave your Disney movies their own shelf for chronological ordering. The joke was over the day you had called him out on taking one of your movies without permission. He hadn’t put it back in its proper place, and he was caught red handed.

You climbed into his bed. The pillows and blanket smelled like his aftershave and cologne. Sam crouched down in front of the rack, one finger bumping over the spines of the cases as he read their titles. You watched him curiously. However, his body hid what he was looking at. Seconds ticked by before he snatched one up to put in the player. You were too absorbed in watching the way he moved to seek out the now-empty spot. After the usual warnings and disclaimers, a very familiar blue screen popped up accompanied by the music that had been your childhood. You smiled in spite of yourself.

“A Disney movie? Really?” you laughed. “I didn’t peg you for a Little Mermaid type.”

“I’m not,” said Sam with a shrug. You raised one eyebrow in speculation as he plopped down next to you. He held out his arm, and you let your body rest against his. The screen turned to the color of parchment, and scenery bloomed across like the ink was swirled across it with a steady hand and nimble brush. He smiled. “Ariel’s cool and everything, but Mulan’s my girl.”

You laughed. Even after knowing him so well for so long, he still found ways to surprise you. You sighed contentedly as he wrapped an arm around you. Your head was resting on the side of his chest, and you could hear the faint rumble of his voice as he quoted the movie under his breath. You did the same when Mushu first appeared to Mulan, and Sam looked at you with a wink. You felt yourself relaxing in spite of the stress from earlier. There was something immensely soothing about the dialogue you had heard since your youth. It was like being read a bedtime story. Your breathing evened out as your eyes slipped closed, lulled to sleep by the easy melodies of the movie and the warmth soaking into you from Sam’s body.

Sam watched you as you drifted off. Your head nodded, waging a losing war against the sleep that was creeping up on you. When you finally gave in, Sam tried extricating himself from the bed, thoughts on the couch so you could be comfortable. He slowly, carefully began to stand. You shifted in your sleep, snaking your arm around his waist to hold him close. He froze. You rubbed your cheek against his shirt before settling in again. Sam tried again, but this time he would give up for good. And why was that?

“Sam,” you half whispered, half mumbled.

He answered you in a quiet voice, but you didn’t respond. Your lips were parted slightly and your eyes were still shut. You had talked in your sleep. He knew then what you were dreaming about, and smiled. He settled back, pulled you closer, and closed his eyes. As his eyelids became heavier, his body slunk down lower. Not because the way he was sitting was uncomfortable, but because he wanted to be closer to you. He gently placed a kiss on the top of your head, and sought your hand to hold with his own as sleep enveloped him. His last conscious words were murmured quietly against your hair. It was such a simple statement, but something had always kept him from saying it while you could hear him. The sentence rode the tail of a breath, barely above a whisper.

“You’re a girl worth fighting for.”

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My dash is kinda inactive at the moment, so I’m looking for new blogs to follow. If you post about the stuff below, reblog this post and I’ll check out your blog.

-Bands (Twenty One Pilots, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Our Last Night, Rise Against, 30 Seconds To Mars, Of Mice And Men, Bring Me The Horizon, Casper, Kraftklub, Crown The Empire, The Amity Affliction, Being As An Ocean, Black Veil Brides, Wage War, Get Scared, Parkway Drive, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens)


(Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Gronkh, Spacefrogs)

-Art (Drawings, Photography)


UPDATE: Paradise Lost

Super Creepy bedtime read after you’ve just killed someone. 

Paradise Lost? Need something comforting. Just read an epic poem all about Satan convincing the other angels in hell to wage a war against heaven? 


Always helps me go to sleep when I’m scared…

Update: name of the next episode is Songs of Innocence, which refers to a a collection of poetry by William Blake, Songs of Innocence and Experience. Innocence is supposed to refer to childhood innocence, experience is supposed to refer to losing that childhood innocence. Overall, Songs of Innocence and Experience were written by Blake to reflect the themes of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Paradise = innocence,  lost = experience.

Maybe they are just literary nuts, but who knows!

- A


- A