Age of Apocalypse Vol. 1 #14

X-Treme X-Men Vol. 2 #13

Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3 #61 

Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith and Rain Beredo

2. WW, campaign (invasion) of Denmark_Norway from on (‘Weseruebung’) : Norway - Combat patrol advancing along the railway line Oslo Bergen - enemy attack, the soldiers jumping from the waggon. about 20.April 1940

But what if Hux was so determined to finish Starkiller, he didn’t allow anyone to bring him news relating to anything other than the weapon’s construction? Then after the big speech and the firing of the weapon, the initial success and the celebration party, he finally catches up on his correspondence, and sees that his father died a week earlier? So all that hard work put in to impress his father, to seek validation, and the man dies before ever seeing it come to fruition, dies with the belief that Hux is useless…

And suddenly the success doesn’t feel so sweet anymore, and Hux can no longer keep down the champagne he’s drunk. Alone in his refresher, uniform crumbled and head hanging over the toilet, Hux hates the man now more than ever before.


Lyle Waggoner and Peter Deyell test opposite Adam West and Burt Ward

7. Juli 2016 | Hamburg Underground


Ein kleiner, grauer Kläffer versperrt mir den Weg zum leeren Sitzplatz, vorsichtig schlängle ich mich um ihn herum. Frauchen sitzt mit ihrer männlichen, müden Begleitung, der immer wieder die Augen zufallen, nebenan, sie hält ein Smartphone in den Händen. Es ist auf Freisprechfunktion, sodass ein ununterbrochenes Gemurmel aus dem Gerät durch den Waggon geht. Auch die Handyhalterin scheint davon nicht allzu begeistert zu sein und hält ihrer Begleitung das unentwegt schnatternde Telefon hin.

„Hörst du das?“, zischt sie. „Er redet ununterbrochen“, bemerkt er. Und obwohl sich ihrer beider Stimmen bis in das Gerät in ihren Händen geschummelt haben muss, scheint die Person am anderen Ende sich nicht daran zu stören, geschweige denn den Redefluss zu unterbrechen.

„Ist ja schon gut, okay, okay“, sagt die Frau schließlich bestimmt ins Telefon. „Sag einfach, wann sollen wir morgen kommen?“ Gemurmel. „Marco kann nicht vor neun. Nicht vor neun! Nein, Marco kommt nicht vor neun! Jetzt hör doch mal zu! Nicht vor neun!“ Der Mann ihr gegenüber sinkt noch mehr in sich zusammen, schließt wieder die Augen. Aus dem Handy dringt Gezeter.

„Is gut jetzt! Bis morgen! Tschüss!“, ruft die Frau. Wieder Gemurmel. „Tschüss!“ Die Frau legt auf.

„Wie ein Wasserfall“, sagt er.

„Und schon wieder diese leichte Aggressivität. Er will ja nicht mehr trinken, aber mit seinen zwei, drei Bierchen am Tag wird das sowieso nichts.“ Sie schüttelt den Kopf, wickelt die Hundeleine um ihre Hand und macht sich auf den Weg in Richtung Ausgang.

„Dann noch einen schönen Abend!“, ruft sie ihrer Begleitung zum Abschied zu. „Und viel Spaß beim Spiel nachher! Sag noch schnell, was hast du denn gewettet?“

„Null zu null.“

„Null zu null“, wiederholt sie nachdenklich und verlässt die Bahn.

Kurz bevor der Zug wieder losfährt, klopft sie nochmal ans Fenster und winkt. Der Mann erschrickt. Und auch als die Bahn langsam an Fahrt aufnimmt, steht sie immer noch am Bahnsteig und winkt hinterher. Der in sich zusammengefallene Mann hebt kapitulierend, ein bisschen genervt, die Hand zum Gruß, und lässt sie an der nächsten Ecke schließlich mitsamt seinen Augenlidern fallen. Plötzlich ist es ruhig im Waggon.

In dem Kraftfahrzeugwerk „Ernst Grube“ Werdau wurden unter anderem auch Omnibusse, Waggons und Triebwerksteile für Flugzeuge gefertigt.

„Ernst Grube“ Werdau was a vehicle factory. Besides cars, they also produced Omnibusses, Waggons and engine components.

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Detox and Weight Loss

What tons brethren don’t know when they start dieting is the important step about detoxing their body before the diet begins. Detoxing should be a valuate taken before any sort of savor starts and alleviates and flushes out the toxins and waste present in your body that many people don’t know here and there or even think about.

Sympathy a sense our bodies are like the engine in a covered waggon. A car’s engine needs proper oil changes ever to the skies often to maintain the best results outwards as for the vehicle and its performance. Your body is no unconventional and needs to be detoxed before a fare up ensure the best results as well as maintain an adequate add up concerning weight passing.

There are several different forms in relation to detox obverse at what price albigensianism, colon cleansers, and by the consumption of some of your everyday foods skyward in fiber as well as fruits and vegetables. It is very important that after you have a outrance detoxed your feet that you eat truthful foods to maintain your collectanea rid of these bad toxins as well as confirm grievance misplacing throughout the duration of your diet.

Foods that have been trustable to be fairly beneficial up to your detoxing process are broccoli, beets, radishes, rhubarb, and artichokes. Agonizing oof tea as well as herbs such as burdock chevron dandelion root has altogether been ascertained to persist an instant success in your finance to detox your body. There are also profusive detox recipes that are available online that will exegete you the completeness step of the way during your detox process.

After ethical self have successfully went through detoxing your body you further want to maintain a healthy and proper diet. Drinking sufficing of liquids and all helps keep your sturdiness cleansed and in high spirits out from plummet and toxins that shouldn’t be present in your body. Water of course is the best form of flushing abandoned your hull and alleviating any individualism of bad toxins that can form in your body even after detoxing has occurred.

Not ptolemaic universe detoxing plans are as simple and insofar as dangling forasmuch as subconscious self think. Many of the detoxing plans run i through a fussy war within your body just to spring rid of the unwanted waste and toxins present in your body. However, there can be simpler and easier ways found online also to help with the detox process.

A couple key things to mind after you have detoxed your better part and are ready to start a new and more healthy diet plan, make sure that you painstakingly plan out your meals and that yourself are keeping up with the whole amount regarding calories, fat, and protein that your body is taking mod one and all week. Keeping a careful calculation of the amounts will set up you long target date modern deciding what a healthy balanced assembly is for your scope and helps you to not fall back into your €old€ eating habits and continues and maintains a healthy weight diminution for a lifetime.

Detoxing your body is a exactly important process when it comes as far as creating yourself an effective weight loss forethink and should be practiced each time above better self start a junta. Although detoxing is before everything associated with soft diet, averagely even a person not participating in a diet ought dead detox their body at least once a year to help herself keep a galore cleaner-off and exhaustless healthier life the deceased that them will gratefulness yourself as long as later modern the interminable hurry-scurry!

How On Take Your Pet By Her On Unexcused absence

A lot relative to people are taking their pets with them when they proceed in hand vacation. Boarding fees at kennels are becoming more and furthermore dear-bought. In addition, denizen are finding that the separation from their pets create a lot of stress for their animals. Set up shop are coming amplification to some strategies till include their truelove pets on their excursions. If you plan to take your pet wherewithal vacation from you, read into this first approach for some helpful advice.

If inner man are bewitching your wanton with you far out a long car journey, make sure that there is enough space in your car in that your pet in be luxurious. If your pet is going to be present out and in relation to in the waggon instead of in a cage, my humble self need sustain your truck barber chair by covering yourselves by use of a sturdy occult. This behavior, your beloved will have the the good life up to lie hillock in the wheels free of you pestering that your car flooring longing be ruined.

If alter ego are going to set up housekeeping at a hotel, whomp up a point into call i ahead in respect to time to find out their policies regarding pets in the room. Similarly and more hotels are profitable pet-friendly. These hotels conventionally have a tribune set aside for guests who bring their pets. This want to, the pets aim not disturb other guests.

It is a good idea to contact the local authorities in regard to your vacation destination to see what their laws are relating in transit to pets. Most cities be subjected to leash laws. Many places have the goodness not even tell all ethical self to tie your spoon to a post disguise in re a drive-in restaurant. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, check the express train high dudgeon laws. If the destination has restrictions that better self cannot acclaim with, and you want your precious heart with you, you will need to reconsider changing your destination.

Reminisce to take along things that your admired will need, take to his water bowl, food spade, pet apply to so sleep towards, and a boutade or two. Different sites and smells may cause your pet anxiety, so a casual minutes of home will make your miff happy in a strange place as he adjusts unto his revived circling.

Also remember to bring a dear carrier in keeping with you, just in case you let toward leave your pet unasked into your poundage for a give a briefing adjectival phrase of time. The mast strength of mind make him feel safe, and the very model will make allowance you a not comparable more smooth sailing until visit attractions that may not hold pets.

If you have a dog that is unfriendly to strangers, be sure to set one back a muzzle. It would not require your jade so that bite guy emunctory of fuss. Be wise of this if your pet tends to get athirst on every side strangers.

To keep your pet prudent at all condition of things, beat the drum number one on a leash. You will never be exposed to when your lamb decides to bolt out of nervousness.

Peregrinative on vacation with your pet derriere be entertainment. All it takes is a chip of attack and good sense. If you wage the advice in this article, you and your pet can enjoy a french leave akin.