waggin' train


If you have a dog, or someone you know has a dog, BEWARE CHINESE DOG TREAT COMPANIES! Spread this around Tumblr, dogs are counting on you!

There has been another round of dogs being killed because there are poisonous treats! Absolutely stay away from MILO’S KITCHEN, WAGGIN’ TRAIN, and CANYON CREEK RANCH brand dog treats.

Symptoms of treat poisoning are diarrhea, lack of appetite, and kidney & urinary troubles. The FDA is still does not know what is in the treats that is poisoning them, and have not recalled the dog treat brands, despite receiving reports of  3,243 dog illnesses linked to the treats, 501 of which were fatal. (data pulled from reports 01/2013)

Before you get treats for your dogs, do research on the brand to be sure it’s safe. I also suggest making your own treats using chicken stock and other ingredients you find in your own kitchen. Whatever you do, keep an eye on your dogs and keep them safe.