wages of virtue

CAN’T FEAR YOUR OWN WORLD Part 1 Full Translation

“Do not seek the aesthetics​ in waging war.

Do not seek virtue in death.

Do not think your life is your own.

If you wish to protect each of the heads of the five court nobles, then you must slaughter every foe from under the shadow of the leaves.”

— Excerpt from the old edition of the Shino Academy’s textbook, Shinigami regulations encyclopedia.

“Do not seek the aesthetics in waging war.

Do not seek virtue in death.

Do not think your life is your own.

If you wish to protect the things you ought to protect, then you must strike down the enemy by cutting them from their backs.”

— Excerpt from the latest edition of the Shino Academy’s textbook, Shinigami regulations encyclopedia.



Once, there was a battle.

A great war between those who called themselves gods who governed death and those who extinguished evil spirits.

The conflict ceased in the form of losing their respective ‘kings’ by the end of the feud which spanned a thousand years.

The relationship between the Shinigami and the Quincy hailed a new era as a result of this great loss.

It is said that it was the very same person who killed both kings, he was neither Shinigami or  Quincy, but only a small fraction of people are aware of that fact.

There was a young substitute Shinigami boy who was a guest of the Gotei 13, who defeated the ringleader of the “Wandenreich” rebel army which invaded Soul Society —- only that part of the information along with the proclamation that “the Gotei 13 successfully defended the Soul King Palace” was propagated throughout the Soul Society.

In other words, it was to be permanently concealed by those who were the very foundation of the Soul Society, that the Soul King himself was dead, for the purpose of avoiding confusion and disorder.

Even now, many inhabitants of the Soul Society including ordinary soldiers still believe they have their Soul King enshrined at the Soul King Palace.

Those who know the facts is limited to only a handful of Shinigami such as captain ranks and superior officers, or people attached to important posts in Seireitei, they also dare not expose the truth and thus the people’s peace of mind was not disturbed.

From there, the revival of the Seireitei that was left utterly devastated, began.

Whether or not the decision of the higher-ups, who did not deem it acceptable to snatch away the people’s moral support, was right as they had expected​ — well, it seems that is something to be judged by history 10, or 100 years down the line.

The series of conflicts that would subsequently be known as the “Protection of the Soul King Great War”, ushered in the conclusion to such a state of affairs.

Going back in time to the point immediately following​ the end of the war.

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The Cup of Their Deserving (the wages of their virtue) - Chapter 2 - DreamingPagan - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 2/8
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Relationships: Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton, Madi/John Silver (past)
Characters: Captain Flint, Thomas Hamilton, Madi (Black Sails), “Calico” Jack Rackham, Assorted OCs, John Silver (briefly)
Additional Tags: In Which John Silver has Fucked Up, And Madi is not amused, Protective Madi, finale fix-it, Canon Divergent AU, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff and Angst, If you are a Silver fan this is probably not the fic for you, I cannot emphasize enough that this is not a Silver-friendly fic, please no flak, Madi and Flint both deserved better, Madi to the rescue, Wherein Jack Rackham meets Thomas Hamilton


“If I leave them here, will you bathe on your own?” she asks. Flint does not answer, and she feels something catch in her throat. He will not, she knows - he has not taken the effort to so much as remove his shirt or attempt to deal with his bleeding wounds, preferring instead to sit, exhausted, on the barrel, staring into the middle distance, contemplating God alone knows what. She cannot blame him - there has been much to think on this day. She herself cannot put out of her mind just how close she has come to losing this - to losing him.

Madi decides not to be sent away after her rescue. When she returns to Skeleton Island, she finds a betrayal in progress and takes steps to save her friend and put her people’s choice regarding the war back in their hands.

ohgressfuriosa  asked:

I was wondering if you could recommend any good and fluffy Flinthamilton fics to me? Great if they're completed.

Let’s begin with some shorter, complete fics: I just love The Loaning of Books Between Friends. It’s pre-relationship so perhaps not that you’re looking for? It’s so cute, though! If you want cuddling in bed/sex, [this] might be your cup of tea. My friend told me to recommend you [this] as well. It starts out sad but becommes fluffy, I promise. [This] is really short but sweet if weddings are your thing. (I just noticed that I sorted them in chronological order, I think it would make sense to read them in this order)

The Cup of Their Deserving (the wages of their virtue) is my fave Flinthamilton fic. It’s not pure fluff but it’s so good! It’s longer than the ones above and not completed yet, but it’s frequently updated and 80% done. I’ve been told that there will be lots of fluff in the next chapter. ;) 

Elena Ilinykh // she just wants to be like a princess. (Basically, a mini Tessa Virtue)

anonymous asked:

salaam, how do you feel about Malala Yousufzai's story? meaning her decision to move into the UK and the backlash she has received from those in her religious community?

Wa salaam! (for the record, my response is primarily about those in the West and not civilians in Pakistan. I have no business or interest discussing the internal politics of a nation from which I’m not from).

Its a real shame to see the way Malala Yousufzai has been simultaneously commodified by the West and berated as a ‘token’ or 'traitor’ by supposed anti imperialists of all backgrounds, not just Muslims or Pakistanis.

The former is not surprising, as imperial expansionist entities have no issue with coopting narratives and experiences to suite and justify their missions, but I honestly thought that self proclaimed leftists, those opposed to such policies and Muslims in general (regardless of personal political views) would have known better than to condemn a young woman for the way her own story has been used without her consent to rationalize raining hellfire on her own nation. Imperial apparatuses have chosen to connivingly utilize her story to legitimize the almost decade long war that has been waged against Pakistanis (and by virtue, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia).

Malala is not a token; typically, that terminology should be employed when a marginalized individual has agreed to exceptionalize and separate themselves from their demographic and lend credence to respectability politics in a fruitless attempt to assimilate or gain acceptance from the dominant/privileged group. She’s done none of the sort. Malala still practices Islam. She even went on the The Daily Show and expressed how she holds no resentment towards the men who attempted to kill her. She has explicitly detailed her Marxist ideology and went to the White House in person and told him the futile (and counterproductive) nature of drone strikes - how they’ve not only failed to deter the Taliban (and Al-Qaeda in Yemen), but created a class of civilians who increasingly resent the US. Malala is a resoundingly remarkable young woman. To come out of a tragedy with such grace and level headedness, especially given her age is inspiring.

To hold her accountable in any way for the crimes of a nation that has decontextualized her politics and caused her own populace so much misery is an obscene and reprehensible stance to take. And this is coming from adults, no less.

The West’s deliberate attempt to mask her politics because they don’t satisfy oppressive foreign political initiatives is not her fault. Of course, there is a way to discuss how the trajectory of her life has been convenient for the Obama administration, but that can be done while placing full blame and responsibility on the US and not Malala.

As far as I understand, Malala is an amazing person and its such a disgrace that she has been met with scorn, rather than encouragement from those who should be the first to lend support.