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I know this is gonna sound bad, but I need to get it out.

Don’t you hate it how pretty, skinny white girls will go the low wage/project/poor neighbor hoods, full of black and brown men , who are sitting outside of the steps and stuff and walk past them hoping that some of these men “cat call” them, so they can get it on video and post it on Instagram? Because I hate it, and I’ve seen it so much. These white privilege Instagram/youtube vloggers pick neighbor hoods with poor black and brown men to flaunt themselves just to publicly state “how harmful and dangerous these black/brown men are.”  

Like idk, why don’t they go to white neighbor hoods or richer areas? With white men after a football game, or white highschhol/college foot ball players, or walk by a fraternity house of white men, or white men at a skate board alley, or past a party of drunk white guys?? Why are they coming into poor neighbor hoods, with black/brown men who are sitting there hanging out, bending over or wearing tight clothes to try to get a reaction out of them?

Hell some of these men just say stuff like “hi” or “have a nice day” and these white girls bend back screaming ‘harassment’.

Like this is bullshit. I am not ignoring sexism or anything like that, but what pisses me off is these white chicks are here picking the worst areas they can find, and trying to paint a negative picture of the area for white feminism points. Therefore, keeping up the idea that black/brown men are predators and cannot be trusted because they scare these poor innocent white babies.  Meanwhile, they won’t try that shit in white neighbor hoods. Why? Because chances are not only will these white men be more aggressive then the brown/black men in words, but they can be dangerous in actions. These white girls are far more afraid of the white men in well to do neighbor hoods because they’re aware there will be a completely different outcome than in the black/brown project areas where black and brown men sometimes just say hey and are confused as fuck as to why a skinny white girl is flaunting herself in their neighborhood.

It’s classic racism and white feminism in a nutshell. White girls think they’re doing something good but they’re painting a negative image of black/brown men when they really need to be dealing with their awful white men.

USA World Cup winners Rapinoe and Morgan join Mata’s charity wage project
Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan have signed up to Juan Mata’s initiative for footballers to donate 1% of their wages to charity
By Guardian sport

Two members of the World Cup-winning USA women’s team of 2015 have signed up to Juan Mata’s initiative for footballers to donate 1% of their wages to charity.

Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan have joined Manchester United’s Mata and the Bayern Munich defender Mats Hummels in pledging money to Common Goal, which supports global football initiatives for disadvantaged children.

“Myself and Alex felt it was important that women’s football was represented from the outset,” said Rapinoe, a midfielder with Seattle Reign in the National Women’s Soccer League. “We’re really looking forward to building the movement with Juan and Mats from here.”

Rapinoe and Morgan each have more than 120 caps and have played in two World Cup finals, suffering defeat by Japan in 2011 before beating the same opponents four years later. Morgan, a striker with Orlando Pride, was recently on loan at Lyon.

“As the global profile of women’s football continues to grow, players like myself and Megan will have an increasing number of opportunities to use our status for good,” Morgan said. “I’m thrilled to join Common Goal at this early stage and hope we can inspire many others to become part of the movement.”

Mata is aiming to put together an XI of professional footballers for the project, which is overseen by streetfootballworld, a group of more than 120 local charities.

“In Europe, we’ve just experienced a record-breaking transfer window,” Hummels said. “I think some fans are starting to feel alienated from the game in light of these kinds of developments. But as more players join Common Goal, we hope to show the world that football still has its heart in the right place.”


I’m financially stable after taking over a pet supply store, revamping it, and raising the yearly sales by about a million dollars over a period of 8 months. I’ve promoted women, and tried my hardest to develop a safe and functional place for them. I’ve raised wages, I’ve accomplished projects, I’ve developed a greater sense of accomplishment in general.

My social/love life may have fallen to pieces but my career is going very well.