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Purple Jewels (M) | 02

Word Count: 6,730
Member: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook
Genre: Smut, Supernatural, Fluff & Slight angst

Genie!Jimin ⇢ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Ongoing

When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help. 


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During puppy class tonight we worked on polite greeting where the pup has to sit while other people come say hi (no jumping up).
And guys, folks, I felt like I was cheating tbh because the rest of the class is super hyped herding and retrieving breeds, and meanwhile mister chill ass borzoi was getting compliments left and right for not jumping.
“Gosh what a well trained polite dog!!”
Nah bro, he’s just doing what he do– relaxing. I can’t take credit for his attitude.

I Love Lucy

Title: I Love Lucy

Summary:  You only get to see Dean once every three or four months, whenever he rolls through town. This time around, he gets to meet your new dog, Lucy.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  1032

Warnings:  Fluff, coitus interruptus

Author’s Notes:  I don’t think Dean hates dogs, I just think he doesn’t want to own one. Anyway, this came to me the other night. It may or may not be inspired by real life events.

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When the Moon Light Hits Your Eye Roman Godfrey x Reader

Roman Godfrey

Roman Godfrey x Reader

Requester: lovers-on-call-13

Prompt: imagine being the girlfriend of Roman Godfrey and a friend of Peter and one day when you were walking in your wolf form you attacked and you cannot get back to your human from. Peter tries to help you but you just want to stay in the lap of Roman like a puppy

Warning: Mention of nudity and minor Roman humor if you squint 

Note: Innocent and Fluffy Puppy Child! Reader Version Here: https://crimsonreaper3513.tumblr.com/post/166306188768/when-the-moonlight-hits-your-eye-roman-godfrey

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You were so not looking forward to tonight. It was a full moon out so as long as you don’t see it and keep your windows shut then surely you wouldn’t transform into a werewolf.  

But nope.

When you were walking across the hall to go use the bathroom your older brother left his door open and his blinds up. Moon light was pouring in from behind the glass so as a result as soon as the moon hit your eye the hairy and grotesque transformation began.

You raced down the hall and to the stairs passing by your mother as you rushed out the door.

“You left the blinds up again didn’t you?” Your mother sighed to your brother who was busy playing video games.

“Maybe why?”

She shook her head and went to the back door window watching as your skin peeled and ripped until all that was left was a wolf pup. You were adorable as a puppy but equally as cute as you were hyper and vicious.

Your mother sighed and decided to call your friend Peter since that’s where you always went when you were a wolf since he was the nearest werewolf. Your mother picked up her phone and called the man, sure enough he answered.


“Hey Peter this is (Mother’s Name).”

“Oh hey Mrs. (Last name) is everything fine?”

“I’m afraid not. (Name) is a wolf now so knowing her shes heading to your place. Do you mind keeping an eye on her?”

“Sure. I’ll call you when I see her.” Peter answered.

They said a few last words before hanging up and Peter sighed looking at his messy trailer.

“I was needing to clean it anyways. Oh, half drank bottle of beer. Eh still good.”

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Jeongguk "does my bitch want to be bred" hybrid pls if u can

You whined, tail between your legs and ears flattened against your hair. “Please, Jeongguk, please, I help you all the time when you’re in heat!”

“Y/N, I’m a bunny, you’re a fucking wolf! You could hurt me or yourself badly I ju-”

“So is this only about you and not me?”
You frowned, turning away, but the wetness between your legs was too much. “Please Gukkie, I need you! It’s too much.” Tears we’re dropping onto his thigh as you leant down on them.

“Y/N,” he gave you a warning look, “sit.” With a wag of your tail, you dropped to the floor, ears perked up and tits pressed against his legs. He pulled his erection out of his shorts, “Suck it, bitch.” Eagerly you took as much as you could without hesitation, pumping the rest. “Fuck, my bitch takes my cock so good.” You bobbed your head up and down, looking at him through your lashes, juices flowing down your legs.

“Daddy, I need you, please!” You had pulled your head up and humped his foot desperately.

“Fucking horny bitch,” he spat, shaking you off. “Come sit here, bitch.” You jumped up, greedy for his attention, sitting on his thigh. “Oh, princess, you’re dripping through your leggings.” His demeanour changed when he felt and saw the patch of wet on your leggings, now soaking his thigh. Jeongguk cooed, peeling of the pants and sticky underwear. He hushed you as you whined, friction on your clit driving you mad.

“Daddy, breed me, please, I want your cum inside of me, please!” He groaned, ears twitching, pinning you down on the sofa. “Daddy, I want your cock in me, breed me so good, daddy!” He growled and slammed himself inside you, no need to use lube as your natural slick was flowing out onto his cock. “F-fuck, yes daddy! I wanna be your bitch!”

“Aww, does my bitch wanna be bred?” You nodded, letting out an animalistic howl as he hit just the right spot. “Fuck baby, you’re so hot.” Jeongguk closed his eyes feeling your tight walls around him. “Come on baby, cum for me.” He put a thumb to your clit rubbing it. The pleasure increased and you clutched his firm ass as you came, fingers fiddling with the cotton tail on his behind. Jeongguk smiled, hands stroking your ears and you whined, nuzzling his hand. “Fuck, baby, daddy’s gonna breed you!” His cum filled you, reaching your tummy, making you feel so full and swollen. He collapsed on his side next to you. Pushing him off and getting on fours, your giggled.

“Daddy, I need you again.” You whined tail in the air, Jeongguk moaned as you whimpered.

“Just go sleep baby.” He chucked a pillow and you feeling as horny as were, started grinding onto it.


“Fuck baby, why are you so hot?” He got up and you prepared yourself for another round.

~ Admin Lana (im sorry my darling that the ending was bad😞💖)

Good Girl pt.3 / hybrid!au - Jungkook

1. 2. 3. 4. | Taehyung | Hoseok

The first thing Jungkook heard when he woke up was the air conditioning running, blasting cold air into the room. His tired eyes didn’t want to open just yet and his body was still buzzing with sleep. Nonetheless he raised his head off the softness of the white pillow with his eyelids straining to open. Thankfully the curtains blocked out most of the brightness so when he woke up he wouldn’t be blinded.

His head turned to the side, noticing the weight there on his chest. There you were, sleeping soundly and clinging to his side as your head rested on his chest. He could see you clearly enough through his tired eyes, and the sight of you made his heart beat faster every time. You took even breaths, your ears fluttering every time they felt Jungkook’s breath fanning against them. A leg was swung over his hip as your arms wrapped around his as if to make sure he didn’t leave you.  

You felt warm next to him, and as he could see the covers had been long gone, probably were flung off sometime during the night. It gave him a full view of your body, donned in a loose white t-shirt and your light pink panties. He learned that you didn’t really like wearing clothes that much, the less the better for you but as long as you were going to live around people you needed to have something on. 

Jungkook couldn’t take his eyes off of you, feeling more awake as he realized this wasn’t a dream. He froze when your body stirred against him, watching you raise your head up and tickle underneath his chin as the back of your fox ear swiped it.  

You were too cute to Jungkook as he watched your eyes squint open, your mouth falling wide open as you yawned. You shook your head before it turned to Jungkook as you blinked at him. He blinked back with wide eyes, his heart skipping a beat as a smile slowly crossed your face.

“Good morning.”

Your voice was raspy and small, making his heart flutter as he cleared his throat before greeting you back. “Did you sleep well?”

You nodded your head, making a noise of confirmation as you continued to stare at him with glazed over eyes. He cleared his throat again, stirring in your hold as you made a noise of realization and unwrapped yourself from his body.

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could you and your followers respond to this post with drawbacks about owning a dog? i'm looking into adopting my first and i want to know everything beforehand! thank you!

Well, it really depends on the individual dog and your capability of training. Every dog has some characteristic that another dog may not have. Lots of undesirable habits can be trained away, so things like barking, jumping, humping, wouldn’t really be true for all dogs.

Things you cannot change? They pee & poop. You have to pick up said poop, and the pee might smell and ruin your grass.

They wag their tails, sometimes very violently and leave marks on your shins. (not applicable for dogs with nubs)

They need their nails trimmed, and it can be kind of stressful for you because of the ever feared Quik that will make them bleed and make you feel like The Worst.

They get sick. Sometimes for funsies on your carpet, but sometimes for realsies and you have to spend lots of money at the vet and feel really worried and sad.

You’ll never be able to be gone all day or stay the night anywhere without making accommodations for your dog.

They eat food that costs money.

They steal your heart.

Worlds worst vampire, Worlds Best Dog

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Damon x Reader.

AN: So this is based more on Book Damon who can turn into some animals and do other stuff.

also a shout out to @lost-cheshire-kitty because all your lovely comments on my fics sort of got me to thinking of newer plots and fics.

You scowled at Damon across the room. He’d mentioned a few days before that your boyfriend was boring and irritating. He’d even gone as far to point out that you really had nothing in common. Since then all you’d been able to see were the flaws in your boyfriend and you were starting to argue with yourself as to whether you honestly didn’t love him or if Damon had gotten into your head.

“You alright?” He asked and you nodded, rolling your eyes when his friends came over and he started talking with them, everything he did seemed to set you on edge. When you glanced at Damon he dragged his finger across his throat and rolled his eyes, miming that he could get rid of him for you.

“You know what i’m tried.” You mumbled to your boyfriend who nodded and turned back to his friends.

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Tribute to my best friend. You were always there for me, through sunshine and rain. When my dysfunctional family was crumbling down, when I was bullied in school, when the entire world seemed so bleak, you wagged your tail and smiled at me. And suddenly everything was going to be okay.

We dug giant holes in the backyard, filled it with water, jumped in and covered ourselves in mud. The best days were when we got to go to your favorite lake. You really loved to roll in duck poop and dead fish. I held you in my lap even when you smelled like rotten fish. I had to shampoo you twice and it was all so much fun.

With each divorce and remarriage, we had to move and give you away when the new place didn’t allow dogs. But somehow you always made it back to me. When emotional trauma gave me amnesia for one year, I couldn’t remember the people in my life but I remember you. If my mom had gone through with the suicide, I would have been okay because I had you.

I grew up and you grew old. Now I’m old enough to be okay on my own, and it was thanks to you. I’ll always miss you. Thank you for the 17 years of unconditional love.

Aomine comforting a lost Nigou
Aomine comforting a lost Nigou

Nigou: (whines)
Aomine: Hey, you're…
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: You’re the same dog from before. Long time no see.
Nigou: Arf!
Aomine: You seem happy. Are you wandering alone today too? What’s wrong? Don’t show such a sad face. Do you want fried chicken?
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: Relax, I’ve got some white meat. Just a bit will be okay. Here. Whoa, are you hungry? I have more, so eat slowly.
Nigou: Arf!
Aomine: You’re pretty hungry. Where’s your master?
Nigou: (whines)
Aomine: Don’t give me that face. It can’t be helped, I’ll look for him with you.
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: Hey, you’re wagging your tail too much, it’s going to break off. Let’s go. If I’m carrying you the wrong way, don’t get mad. I’m not used to this.
Nigou: Arf arf arf arf arf!
Aomine: Oh, I get it, you’re happy, but don’t move around too much! Huh… When I look at you closely, you really look like someone.

Full drama CD translation here

New Mutant

Characters: Erik Lenhnsherr x Shifter!Reader

Words: 500+

Originally posted by cool-life-as-caroline

Charles had recently brought you to the mansion along with your cousin. No one of the students or teachers had seen you in your human form, everybody just thought that Charles was insane for bringing a puppy to the school, it was not like a dog was going to have any powers, at least that was what they all said. You were trotting around the halls of the mansion, minding your own business until you suddenly bumping into a tall lean figure. 

“Well, hello there little fella,” the man said, ‘I’m not a fella’ you thought to yourself, you didn’t have the guts to tell this man, after all, you hadn’t gotten to talk to anybody here other than Charles and your cousin. The man lifted you up into his arms and petted you behind the ears. 

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A sunset and a stream

Originally posted by crankylittleblueberry

Request: Hey! I stated reading your story’s and I really love em’! Keep doin what your doin dude! Also, it would be cool if you did an Ethan x Reader based on the song Permanent Hug From You by Dodie please!! Again you’re a real amazing writer💛💛 

A/N: You’re too kind! I had a lot of fun writing this, but it did go a little off track as there is only so much you can write about wearing someones jumper home. I hope you enjoy it anyway and thank you for the request!

  • Reader x Ethan
  • Summary: If you know the song you can probably guess, and if you don’t know the song you should listen to it! Link here
  • Non Gender Specific pronouns
  • Warnings: Cursing, think thats it for this one!

You walked out the movie theatre and shared your opinions and conspiracies about the movie as you walked to the train station. The sun was just setting, creating a perfect orange/pink glow across the town.
Being the aspiring photographer you were, you couldn’t let it slide. You took a photo of the clouds, before offering to take a photo of Ethan against the sunset. He thanked you as you showed him the photo, before he pulled out his phone getting a selfie of the two of you, almost looking like silhouettes with the beautiful sunset in the background.

You smiled at the photos before you stood opposite him and held his hands.
“Thank you so much, tonight has been perfect.” You smiled, swinging your arms.
“I’ve loved it, and what a beautiful evening it’s become.” He pauses, looking to the sun as it sunk below the horizon.
“Next time I won’t let you take the train, your only the next town over, I can drive there easily.” He says as you laugh.
“Don’t be silly, a tickets cheaper than the petrol would cost you.”
“The suns going, it’ll be dark soon. It’s getting chilly already.”
“Then I better get going. I’ll be fine, Ethan.”
You smiled as you hugged him, your arms locking perfectly with each other. You really loved having a boyfriend the same height as you.

You pulled away from the hug and began to walk towards the station, crossing your arms across your chest as you walked further.
“Wait, y/n” you heard as you stopped and turned around. Ethan took his jumper off as he walked after you.
You smiled and stepped towards him as you lifted your arms up and he pulled it over your head. He wrapped you in another hug.
“You’ll need it on the train home. Text me when you get in so I know your safe.” He squeezed your shoulders.
“Thank you. Drive safely blueberry.” You turned and walk to the platform where your train was waiting. 

You found a seat and took your phone and earphones out your pocket and hit shuffle on your music. You relaxed into the seat and rested your head on your hand, the fabric of the jumper tickled your chin and warmed your heart. The songs played as the train swayed and you watched the sky get darker by the second. 

You got off the train and walked the short route home, texting Ethan the minute you got in (and knowing even if he read it, he’d forget to reply) before greeting your dog and diving onto the sofa to snuggle with them. They stood on you and sniffed the jumper bottom to top, before realising the familiar scent and getting comfortable and laying with their head on your chest. You laughed and stroked them as you opened up twitter.

I hope you had a good day today and glad you got home safe!” 
You stared at the tweet in confusion. This would be explainable if it were from Ethan, but it was just in your mentions, you assumed from a member of the community. You soon noticed there was a flood of similar tweets. You were puzzled and so you opened your messages and asked Ethan.

-How do your community know I got home safe? Do I have a stalker? Oh boi that would be a thrill!-

You sent the text and laughed, you were both concerned and also sure it was fine. Your phone buzzed from the rare event of Ethan replying.

-Sorry! No stalker, im just streaming right now and must have read your text out loud. Nothing to worry about!-

You immediately opened up your laptop and hopped onto twitch. You felt your dog wag its tail at the sound of Ethan’s voice and your heart shared the same feeling. You saw a message fly by in the chat asking about the movie you saw and just as you went to type a hello, you heard him read the comment and listened to his response.

“It was good! I’m not sure the movie itself was ground breaking, but I went with Y/N and we got ice cream after and watched the sunset so it didn’t really matter how good the film was, it was just great spending time with them.”

Your cheeks flared red as you pressed the palm of your hand to your heart. He never got too personal with his audience and never really talked about your relationship. It was no secret you were dating but Ethan hated the idea of people using you to get to him when you were working on your own projects and so you decided together to not overshare. So when he spoke about you as it just rolled off his tongue without a second thought, it made you gleam with happiness.

-Well aint you just the sweetest blueberry in the basket-

You typed into chat and sat grinning in anticipation, before seeing the chat explode when seeing your username, followed by Ethan turning pink. He leaned back in his chair wrapping his arms around his neck as his eyes scrolled through the chat as it zoomed by with love for you.

“Ah shit why are you here. That’s not allowed. Go to sleep.” Ethan giggled before coming back to the camera and smiling.
“Im just kidding you can do what you fucking want haha. I hope you had a good day.” 

You replied in chat but with a surge of donations happening he didn’t quite catch it. You waited patiently but they never seemed to stop, you smirked to yourself as you typed, then you watched and waited.

“Ahh I’m sorry if I don’t read them all- wait? What? Y/N did you donate?” He paused as he read the message. 
-Your community is the sweetest but they have no chill so now im paying $5 to talk to my boyfriend. I had an amazing day, thank you, and you’re never getting this jumper back. (dog) has claimed it as their own, literally laying on my chest right now. Sorry.- Ah I miss your puppo! They can keep it! and Im sending that $5 back to you, but thank you.” He said as he opened his phone to return the money. He heard the donation noise as he looked up and laughed.

“$1 from Y/N … -Don’t you dare. I will support you if I want to, the more you resist, the more I will donate. Try me.-” He shook his head as he locked his phone and placed it on the desk.
“Well thank you Y/N, you.. oh god, another. -Im gonna head to sleep now. Why am I still doing this when I could text you? Who knows. Me and (dog) thank you for the jumper you sacrificed. Hope everyone enjoys the stream! Also I sleep with socks on, fite me :V- Ah well goodnight Y/N! I hope you have the best sleep with your toasty warm footsies. Give your doggo many pets from me!”

You smiled as the stream continued, you closed the web page and looked over the photos you had taken earlier that day. You smiled as you stroked your dogs fur and gazed at the sunset casting over Ethan’s figure. It was the perfect day.

Puppy Love

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1931

Request:  So you are really good at fluff and I had this dream that I would love for you to write! So stiles(the dream was about Scott, but either works for me) is keeping your dog for you over night because you couldn’t get your normal dog sitter.he knows how much you love him so he gets nervous and calls you every five seconds to make sure he’s doing something right, when he eats or that the sounds the dog makes is normal❤️❤️ I have a pug so he makes a lot of noise 😂😂but it could just be an old dog…

Author’s Note: So, I loved this idea cause we have puppies now and it was fun to write. My baby boy, Coal, is in this and he is such a cutie, omg. I hope you like, seriously. I’m beginning to doubt my writing, but I’m trying to be optimistic. Thanks to @lovelydob for proofreading this for me!

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Om gosh… sowwy 2 b0th3r but… *blushes* Im going 2 make my next fursuit… based on u!!! x3 i need snuggles❤️ when i die x-x and go to anime heaven… i hope u’ll see me der! :3 XD *wags tail* *bops your nose* x)c ily!! OwO !!!!11!!1!11

please i have depression


Imagine a witch turns you into a dog, and Dean takes care of you until the spell wears off.


@irishgirl2001 said:

How about one where the reader gets turned into a dog on a witch hunt, and Dean takes care of her and fluff until the spell wears off?

Characters: Reader (as a dog), Reader (as a human), Dean

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Word Count: 1,500

Things to know: At first, I had NO clue how I was going to write this request. Then this story just kind of came to me. I took a few “artistic” liberties if you will, but I hope you like it. I’m pleased with how it turned out. :)

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Bad Luck~Part 8

Originally posted by hidden--demons

(gif isn’t mine credit to owner) 

Yes finally, the next chapter of Bad Luck. I missed writing so much during exams :’)

 I hope it satisfies your expectations :3

-4 564 words 


Pairing: Yoongi x Female Reader 

Genre: Highschool AU 

~Maybe Yoongi isn’t the fuckboy he pretends to be.~

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7 , part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11

You walked down the hall on the way to the main department your hair still damp from the torrid shower -if you could call it a shower- the smell of Yoongi’s sweater comforted you in some way and you rubbed the pink skin of your little finger and smiled. You had made a pinky promise with Min Yoongi, and your heart fluttered more than you wished it would as you remembered the look in his eyes and the words that fell from his lips “I promise I won’t fuck anyone else than you.”

Sure it could have been more poetic, but they meant something, at least to you. They meant that Yoongi was yours and you were his. You wouldn’t see him with Emma anymore and for some reason you believed in the childish promise.

You entered the classroom for French and sat down next to Hoseok as if nothing was wrong hoping that he wouldn’t notice your unusual attire. Unfortunately for you, the second he laid his eyes on you, his mouth dropped wide open and you knew you were in for it. He didn’t know whose sweater it was, yet.

He examined you as if he was waiting for you to talk first, but you didn’t know where to start so you just pulled out your stuff awkwardly from your bag hoping that maybe he would choose to avoid this conversation.

“I see you won’t start explaining so I’ll just get straight to the point.” he stated and the harsh stare he gave you sent chills down your spine.You never liked when Hoseok was angry, it was a rare occurrence which made it even more dreadful.

“Is this Yoongi’s?”

There it was, you didn’t have to answer he saw your composure fade within seconds and he could tell what had happened. Having grown up with your best friend had its perks but in that moment you wished you weren’t as close.

“Oh my fucking god.” he sighed as the teacher walked in.

“Watch your language Jung Hoseok. Get your stuff out.” he snapped and for once you were happy he was so strict.

“I am not finished with you.” Hobi muttered as he bent down under the table to reach for his notebook.

That tension between you and your friend was thick enough to cut it with a knife, you hated every second of that French lesson. You didn’t listen to a word the teacher said and mainly stared at the paper on your desk apprehending the moment Hoseok would finally lecture you.

After what seemed hours of “ensuite” which seemed to be the professor’s favourite word you stepped out the bell rung and the instant the sound hit your friend’s ear his head snapped towards you, in a movement that seemed almost unnatural.

“So tell me what the HELL is going on?” he growled and honestly you couldn’t blame him, he told you to stay away from him but you kept going back as if you actually liked being hurt.

You sighed as you put your bag on your shoulders thinking of a simple way to explain, and sadly there wasn’t any way to say that you were in a fuck pact subtly. You waited until you stepped out of the room full of prying ears and just spat it out, there was no way you could get yourself around this.

“Yoongi and I made a promise to fuck only each other.” you said without looking him in the eye as you walked down the corridor. His presence suddenly disappeared from your side and when you turned around you realised he had stopped in complete shock.

You walked back to him your shoulders slumped as the shame crashed upon you.

“I’m sorry.” you mumbled when you finally faced him, still incapable of looking at his disappointed face.

He grumbled something before asking “Did he force you into it?”  he asked in concern.

“No.” you admitted and it only made the situation worse because you had chosen to make this stupid decision. “He gave me a choice, I’m the one who said yes.” The words you spoke were barely audible as you looked at anywhere but Hobi’s face knowing very well his face was covered in disappointment.

“Listen,” he said sternly as he grabbed your face to look at him and you noticed that although the line was present in between his brows there was a certain softness in his expression. He let go of you once your attention was focused on his eyes “You can do whatever you want, especially concerning your sex life, I shouldn’t be one to dictate your choices. But after the other night, I am not convinced that what you are getting yourself into is a good idea.”

You didn’t dare say a word scared you would make the situation worse, so he just continued. But you knew that there was truth behind his words, you were in for an awful ride when the euphory of the amazing sex faded away.

“You and I know your feelings are at risk. I love you but I don’t really want to be the one to pick up the mess if all of this goes to shit, so be careful.. alright?” he nudged you with a soft smile.

“I understand.” you nodded and before you could change subject he added,

“Oh, and avoid talking to me about Yoongi for a while, please. I am pretty pissed.”

Of course he was, even you had a small voice in the back of your head yelling how fucked up this all was but you chose to ignore it.

You were heading to your next lesson after lunch and you saw Yoongi with his friend’s small butterflies spread across your body like each time your eyes fell upon him and you hated that he caused you such a reaction. You walked past him, expecting him to see you and maybe acknowledge your presence, he didn’t, he completely ignored you. You wouldn’t even know he had seen you if your attention weren’t focused on his every move.

You had hoped he would at least send you a small smirk, or maybe act like you were a friend of his. But once again you had been too naive, you knew very well that no emotions were involved your agreement. He had no interest in you as a person, the only thing he liked about your was your sex, and you didn’t even understand why he liked it that much either. You were the fragile one allowing yourself to feel things when the pact was clearly against that. Your heart sunk and you cursed yourself for being such a dumb bitch. Your shoulders slumped as you got closer knowing very well by now he wouldn’t give you an ounce of his attention. You lifted your eyes from your feet and noticed that Taehyung had seen you and kept nudging Yoongi with a teasing smile and as you passed by your heard him whisper “Hey look who’s there.” with a giggle and Yoongi just punched his arm clearly not having any of his nuisance. You were pretty sure Taehyung was teasing him about you but how on earth did he know about it?

You hoped he hadn’t gone and told all of his friends, what would you pass for now? You didn’t want to be known as that slutty girl that slept with everyone because it certainly wasn’t true.

Yoongi was the only exception and you wondered if that actually didn’t make it all the worse.

It had now been two weeks of the best sex you had ever had in your short life. But something was off. The whole booty call thing wasn’t working for you, Yoongi just called you whenever he wanted to get himself off. Sure you always enjoyed his cock as much but the guilt that was forming in the pit of your stomach each time you ran to him just to suck him off was far from pleasant. There was something degrading in letting yourself being fucked by a man you had feelings for without any emotions in return.So each time you got on your knees for him, knowing very well that he just saw you as a fuck toy, you felt just a little bit of yourself crumble again.

It was 1 am and although you hated yourself for it, you still envied him as you laid back in your bed slowly stroking your soft spot while you admired that one nude you had of him. It was absolutely stunning and you had no idea how a sane person could resist looking at it for hours. Your fingers pushed inside your pit already overflowing with your juices but it wasn’t enough. Although the friction caused by your pumping digits was enough to make the warmth in the pit of your stomach leak onto your sheets, it was nothing compared to Yoongi’s size.

You wished he was with you as you remembered his low groans whenever he started to hit his high and how handsome he looked when his bangs stuck to his forehead by the numerous pearls of sweat. Suddenly you realised something you should have thought of long ago. This pact was not one sided, you had very much the right to booty call him as well. You weren’t sure if he would like it all that much, since he was more the dominant type, but in that moment you couldn’t care less. He had demanded you to suck him off on the most inappropriate occasions and you had run to him almost wagging your tail in excitement, now it was his turn to fill his part of the deed.

You let your fingers find his contact on your phone and you texted him as fast as you could your right hand still rubbing your throbbing core.

I need your cock right now. [1:12]

There was no point in turning around the subject, so you were as straightforward as you could possibly be. He replied almost instantly.

I’ll be there in 5 baby [1:12]

Thank Goodness he wasn’t in the mood for any sexting you couldn’t wait any longer.

You got up and slipped on a pair of loose gym shorts that you wore as your pyjamas, who cared what you were wearing you’d most likely be naked the second you reached him. You hopped over to your window while putting on the small piece of fabric and you could feel your impatience running down your thighs. Thankfully the window was already open otherwise the sad thing would squeak and the whole family would be awake. You stuck your face out in the warm summer breeze on the lookout for any students car. Every time headlights appeared at the end of the street your head snapped up in hopes that it would be him, each time it wasn’t. It had now been more than five minutes and you had no idea what was taking him so long, did he not understand how desperate you were?

Hurry the fuck up [1:20]  you sent, hoping that he hadn’t forgotten about you.

Seconds later he answered and you never opened a text so fast.

I’m up the street hun [1:20]

Hun, you didn’t miss out on the cockiness of that word, and you could just picture his stupid grin as he sent that, probably wanting to get you worked up. You didn’t admit it but it worked.  

You threw your leg over the window ledge and proceeded to sneak out the house like you had done so many times before. Your feet knew the familiar steps to the safe ground but you felt a slight sting when you jumped onto the bin, you didn’t give it too much thought and started to run towards Yoongi’s car that you spotted a few meters up. Your bare feet got scratched by the rough concrete but you didn’t mind all you wanted now was Yoongi. It was an old red car, much like any other student’s vehicle except this one contained something much more precious. Inside you could see his face lit up by the dim lighting of the small (and pretty useless) lampposts. You finally reached the top of the street you opened the door and slammed it behind you. When you turned your head you met his amused gaze and you wished you could wipe that look straight off his face even though it caused a faint spark in between your legs. You held his stare and spat, “Well what are you waiting for?” you came here to fuck not joke around.

He chuckled, “I didn’t ask to be here, you’re the one who should make my trip worthwhile.”

You sighed, “You’re such a cocky douche sometimes.”

“You love it.”

You frowned in disapproval but it didn’t even manage to convince yourself, you both knew what effect he had on you. It pissed you off how true his words were, you loved his cockiness too much for your own good. You let your gaze linger on his face that cracked into a smug grin, as he licked his lips staring at you, and seeing the pink flesh make its way out of his sweet mouth was enough to make you succumb.

“I am done with talking.” you grumbled and threw yourself onto his soft lips, and his taste only made the fire in your pit ignite once more.

His lips formed a small smile and you found that he was enjoying this way too much. Naturally, his hands found their way on your hips and he pulled your body closer to his and while he was distracted by your tongue slipping into his mouth you grabbed his crotch and he was practically ready for you already. “God I thought I was the needy one.” you smirked when he gasped out of surprise.

“Shut up.” he muttered as he covered your lips with his. You loved when he couldn’t admit how much he enjoyed you because you knew just how weak you made him even if it was only when sex was involved.

You straddled him in a hurry, you couldn’t wait to feel him, your patience had its limits. He kissed your collar bones and you loved how good his tongues felt when it brushed your burning skin. You let out a quiet moan when his teeth dug softly into your flesh just enough to get a reaction out of you. He said nothing but you could feel his lips curl into a smile. His hands travelled along your body relentlessly gliding in between your breasts exposed by your large tee shirt. When he took a hold of one he grinned realising you had no bra on “You’re such a dirty whore.”

“You would have torn it off of me anyway.” you chuckled biting down on his earlobe and letting your lips travel down his neck.

“That’s true..” he managed to breathe and you knew he was enjoying your touch. You noticed how his muscles tensed each time your hands stilled upon his chest and before you knew it you were ripping his tee shirt off. His fingers took a hand full of your ass and he started pushing you in a way for your core to rub against the tent that had grown in his trousers. Having not bothered to put any panties on the thin fabric of your shorts was barely enough to protect your center from the harsh friction of his jeans, and another moan slipped from your lips against Yoongi’s neck.

You felt his fingers slip into your shorts he couldn’t retain his mouth from dropping when he realised that your inner thighs were absolutely soaked. He was about to insert his digits inside of you to prepare you for his dick, but you stopped him “No need for foreplay, just let me feel you, now.” you meant for the sentence to come out a bit less quavery but you were crumbling in his hands. All you could think about in your room was this moment, when you could finally feel him and now it was happening your body didn’t seem to be able to handle it. You felt shivers whenever he touched you and you craved more.

You lifted yourself to take your shorts off exposing the warm mess your pussy had created, and you noticed his pupils dilate at the sight. His fingers struggled to unbutton his jeans and you managed after what seemed forever in the cramped space of the car to undress him exposing his erect length.

You almost sat yourself down on him but he suddenly stopped you, “Condom” he grumbled in annoyance. He reached for the foil package in the glove box and you watched him roll the latex along his staff and licked your lips at the view. God his dick was never a disappointment.

The second it was on you placed yourself on the tip of his cock and slowly let him fill you and you both moaned at the feeling you had both been craving. You both took a few seconds to let you adjust to his size, your forehead was pressed against his and you shut your eyes due to the wave of pleasure that had crossed your body. When you lifted your eyes you met Yoongi’s blissful gaze and you let yourself drown in his dark eyes before you slowly started rocking your hips against his.

“Fuck you feel good baby.” he groaned, his words encouraged you to move faster and you soon found yourself jumping on him to get the right angle. His name found it’s way in between your moans your kisses, and Yoongi invaded your mind as you fucked him in the front seat of a small car. You almost hit your head on the ceiling when he started to thrust into you from underneath “That’s it baby girl you take my cock so well.” he practically moaned. You placed an arm above your head to stop yourself from hurting your head, and put your other hand on his shoulder letting your nails dig into his bare skin.

You couldn’t believe you were fucking Yoongi in your street where anyone could see you if they happened to walk by, you would be extremely embarrassed if one of your neighbours were taking a midnight stroll. Being in the front seat sure didn’t help to hide you if anyone looked hard enough they would surely see you jumping around on his dick, and as matter of fact the car was probably rocking under your hard hip thrusts. You maybe would have cared if the man underneath you didn’t smell so heavenly and if his moans didn’t plunge you into such a deep frenzy. But Yoongi being the man in question there was no way you could give a fuck of who saw you so long as you were with him and that you hit your high.

Your ass would hit the steering wheel from time to time and you could have sworn the car slightly honked. Yoongi’s hands were becoming brutal with their movements as they started to push you further down his length and he hit your walls just in the right spot.  

You bent down and inhaled his musk and before you knew what was going on you felt his thumb slide through your folds before it started to rub at a fast pace your bundle of nerves and that was enough to send you over the edge.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum.” you whimpered as you felt yourself come undone around him, the fluids overflowing down from your thighs to his. He hissed as your walls clenched over again making him shudder and you knew he was close too. You kissed the crook of his neck as you tried getting over your orgasm. You continued moving your hips and tightened your walls once more and finally, his orgasm took a hold of him. You admired his face as it contorted in pleasure pearls of sweat dripping down his flushed face.His fingers gripped tightly on your hips and you were sure you would have bruises by how hard he kept thrusting into you, moans dripping from his lips even though he bit hard on them. His eyes pierced through yours, and the look he gave you turned you on so fucking bad. He came in the condom and you could feel his dick convulse as your pussy milked the last of his semen.

“Fuck you look hot.” you purred still in the trance procured by your intense orgasm.

“I know.” he smirked, you should have known better than to stroke his ego like that. He was going to be such a dick about it, but to your surprise, he didn’t add anything.

You frowned and took yourself off of his softening length, climbing back into the passenger seat. Yoongi took the condom off and threw it out the window,

“That’s disgusting.” you commented thinking about whoever would find the condom the next morning and you hoped it wouldn’t be old nanny Betty, the poor woman would be shocked to see that in her perfect neighbourhood.

“I wasn’t going to keep it in my car now was I?” he mocked clearly thinking you were dumb or something, you hated when he did that.

“Asshole.” you said under your breath.

You reached for your shorts that were completely ruined by your juices, you wouldn’t be wearing those as your pyjamas tonight. While you bent down to put on the soaked piece of fabric you heard Yoongi gasp and his hand rushed to your back.


“What the hell are you doing?” you growled, you weren’t in the mood for his idiocies, he was holding you in a bending position that was far from comfortable you tried getting out of his grip but he just pushed your head further between your legs.

“Tsk, don’t move.” his finger pressed against your skin a sting pierced through your back and he let go. “Oh my god.”

“What the fuck?” you snapped lifting yourself back into position with a glare.

“I hurt you. You’re bleeding.” he said in a febrile voice something you were not used to coming from him. You tried taking a look and spotted a scratch above your love handle the blood had been soaked up by your white tee shirt. Great, you ruined yet another piece of clothing. It was quite big but you didn’t even realise it was there and if he hadn’t commented about it, you would have no idea it even existed.

“It’s nothing.” you tried brushing it off but he wasn’t having it.

“No, it’s not, I made you bleed this is not ok. Does it sting?” he asked bending down do get a better look, not knowing what else to do.

“Hardly, except when you poked me.” you teased. It seemed a bit too big for his hands to have done, and it wasn’t as if he had long nails either. Still Yoongi was panicking and honestly you found it cute, it as obvious he was flustered and trying to remain calm.

“I think I scratched myself jumping from the roof you dumbass.” you chuckled while he was checking for a plaster of some sort in his car. That was probably the pain you felt when in a hurry to get to his car.


“Yeah I think I scratched myself against a tile.” you couldn’t help from smiling as you watched his face decompose realising that he wasn’t the origin of the scratch.

“Oh.” he tried to act like his usual cocky self but it was too late you had seen right through him and you couldn’t stop yourself from bursting out laughing and his face turned red which made the whole thing ten times funnier.

“Stop laughing you bitch!” and you just cracked up some more, he was pissed. He had let you see a side to him that he usually hid from everyone and seeing him embarrassed was the icing on the cake. “What’s so funny?” he growled, pretending that nothing had happened but it was too late you had seen his face when he thought he had hurt you and it was the sweetest thing.

You tried catching your breath, you weren’t expecting him to actually go red, Min Yoongi the confident fuckboy was embarrassed, that sure was something you weren’t expecting. You finally managed to compose yourself and grinned “Nothing.”

He frowned and even though he tried to look intimidating after what you had just seen you just couldn’t take him seriously. “Gotta go now dick head.” you chuckled and you don’t know what took over you but you leant in and gave him a soft kiss before you stepped out of the car. It was sweet and tender nothing like the rough hungry kisses you usually shared, and you wondered if you actually felt his hand hover over you before retreating. It all felt much too intimate for your type of relationship and your heart skipped a beat at this new contact.

You climbed out of the car and when your feet hit the hard road you realised what just happened and you face palmed as you walked away. You had been caught off guard by his cute reaction and you let yourself sink in your emotions once again. You kicked a stone before you remembered you were barefoot and cursed at the pain.

Your fingers lingered where his lips had been. Why did you do that? That was a couples thing to do, and you were everything but that. You had signed up for his cock not his feelings and the same went for him. All he wanted was your pussy you had to remind yourself that. You remembered the ghost hand that had lingered on your side. He probably just wanted to push you off. The thought stung when it shouldn’t, fuck you were dumb. You climbed on the roof and looked back to his car as he drove off.

Yoongi sighed, his fingers on his lips “What the hell is going on with me?” he questioned himself as he took a last look in his mirror to see your figure disappear into your room. He smiled fondly but shook his head as a way to get you off his mind. He shouldn’t have let you kiss him like that, you would get the wrong idea, but it felt too nice in the moment for him to move. Fuck he had even hesitated to touch you.  

He shouldn’t be thinking about you like that. He walked back into his apartment shared with his friends. As he walked up the stairs all he could remember was your face when you smiled at him and an unfamiliar tingle warmed his heart, one that wasn’t usually there when he thought about you.  He sighed as he pushed the door open and switched the light on, everyone was asleep or out partying he was relieved he was alone. He started to head for the kitchen in search of a drink to take his mind off you and almost screamed when a voice came up from the couch.

“So how was it?” Taehyung interrogated with a large smile. Yoongi had been caught.