Unpopular Wakfu Opinion/Question: Why do people make Eliatrope OCs? They’re an ancient class that doesn’t even exist in the MMORPGs Dofus (except for “N” or whatever) or Wakfu (except for Yugo in the animation). This is like me making a Sonic OC but more unrealistic? yea luk at my blood orange Sonic yall except my race is supposed to be dead. However, I do see the fascination in Eliatropes, but like whats the point and how does it make sense? PS my Krosmos background: I’ve never played Dofus, watched a little bit of the first season of the animation, and I mainly play Wakfu all day errday

>>Not to put down anyone or anyone’s OC or anything, just curious<<


So I went to Dragon*Con today, and I found the Japanime booth in the dealer’s room. I talked to the lady who was in charge of Krosmasters there, be like yeah I play Wakfu and small talk like that.

Well before this, I knew the Krosmasters Kickstarter, and for a pledge of $500 you got Argon Gass, the ONLY Foggernaut figurine in Krosmasters and that was the only way to get him. So I had given up on him a long time ago.

Well anyways, I peek behind the booth and I see little boxes of figurines and I ask her if she had the Argon Gass promo figurine. She says no, we just ran out yesterday. However


  1. However
  • However

I have a broken one that you can just have.

I can just have

just have


Woah there, time out…………..

So like, she handed me a beat up box that said Argon at the top, and I find out that Argon’s head just popped off his shoulder part, and it was an easy fix.

(This means she just gave me something that’s worth $500. Not really. But it feels great to think about it like that.)

I legitimately cried. Said, oh my god you don’t know how happy I am I PLAY FOGGERNAUT U DNT UDNERDSTAD

And that was my Dragon*Con