Food Review: The Wafflich

As anyone in the Metro Detroit area should know, Ferndale is full of fabulous things. AJ’s Cafe is no exception. They serve a variety of healthy foods and drinks, ranging from Chai Milkshakes to the delicious substance seen above known as a wafflich.

The wafflich is an ordinary breakfast sandwich, but with a twist! It’s served on a delicious, freshly made waffle! (Le gasp!) The insides of the wafflich are an egg (with a solid yolk), a slice of cheese, and a few strips of BACON. Syrup is available upon request and is recommended. When the wafflich is dunked in syrup, it tastes somewhat like the equivalent of a McGriddle. Except, you’ll actual enjoy is and not want to throw up afterwards. In fact, this is what the McGriddle should strive to taste like. HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH!!

Pick up this made-when-ordered, unique sandwich next time you’re in Ferndale for $2.99!