it’s 2 AM and i have been listening to disney soundtracks for the past 4 hours. I’m just gonna leave this here and just…. i don’t even know anymore. 

This is a scene from the end of Blue Sky, i tried to be a little more accurate to Waffle’s description of Wheatley (Aka i actually made him blond for once) 

I’m way too tired to play with this anymore…. i’m just gonna call this a doodle and have done with the thing. 

Blue sky belongs to wafflestories/waffleguppies

Wheatley and chell belong to valve

My art stuff is mine. 

I will ship this forever. Like it’s going out of style. Because it is the most beautiful ship i’ve ever seen. They are perfect. <3 

This is a tribute to Wafflestories’ amazing fanfic, Blue Sky. Because that story is so many positive adjectives i don’t have the vocabulary to express it. I bet Wafflestories does though! :D

I had so much fun painting this! This is the same style i tried out on the GLaDOS i posted a few days ago, it was so much fun i wanted to do it again! XD

Apparently I am incapable of drawing a non-ginger Wheatley. :P 

Blue Sky belongs to Wafflestories

My art is mine

Wheatley belongs to valve. 

After about a year of on again-off again reading

I’ve finally finished Blue Sky by wafflestories and, gah, it was brilliant and beautiful and…and totally uplifting and now I’m getting that slightly sad feeling you get after you’ve completed something grand and wonderful.  

Definitely going to be going back and reading this one over again in the future.  And sharing it! 

Speaking of, if you’re a Portal fan and you’ve completed both games, I suggest you give it a go, which you can do by clicking here! Seriously, you won’t regret it - it’s an amazing tale.

Fanfic review! Blue Sky by wafflestories

I just finished reading this wonderful fanfiction and I highly recommend it to everyone who knows Portal and loved Wheatley despite everything he’s done. It’s wonderfully written with a sense for details so you get sucked in the story very quickly and smoothly. One of the best works I read (I count officially published works too). It is long, but totally worth it.


Sherlock Holmes Works Alone. This has been known to backfire on him- sometimes badly- but old habits die hard.

This is one of those fics that has some truly brilliant tone. The description and writing here were excellent, and they contributed to a wonderfully constructed atmosphere. The concept for this fic is already very in-character; we know Sherlock’s arrogant. It seems probable that he would do something stupid like get injured and not tell John, because his ego is rather inflated. That in itself was very Sherlock, however, the added references to his past, in addition to his interesting hallucinations (which, even more intriguingly, were of course simply extensions of his own thinking) made the characterization here original and very good. Although we don’t see all that much of John, his concern is touching, and the stressed-steeliness of his fear for Sherlock’s safety is spot on. The subject matter itself could feel quite heavy at times, further proof of a powerful tone and quality of this fic, however, that did make it a little difficult for me to get through. I’d still say, however, that this fic is quite high-quality, and that it explores Sherlock’s head when he’s not quite thinking clearly, a novel and unique experience in a fic. MATURE READERS for (somewhat) graphic violence/gore and references to drug use. Note: This could be considered established relationship, although it’s pretty light.

Word Count: 6,491

Rating: A/A+

Untenable by wafflestories

So i'm learning to program Interactive Fiction.

So, here’s some things you can do in the scene I wrote tonight. It’s from the opening of Blue Sky. It’s quite short, but I’ve programed up to where Kevin is turned into Space Dust. Massive props to simulatedstars for telling me about the program Inform7, which is what I’m using to program. I don’t think it’s half bad for a first try…… XD 

Blue Sky-Chapter 1

An Interactive Fiction by Iluv2write1701

Release 1 / Serial number 120818 / Inform 7 build 6G60 (I6/v6.32 lib 6/12N) SD


You are adrift in space.

You can see that there are stars, but there is a crack in your optic that makes pinpointing specific stars and constellations nearly impossible.

You can also see the moon. It appears you are in orbit.

You can also see Kevin here.

>Look at the moon

You are in orbit around the moon, after being sucked through a portal onto the lunar surface. Looking at the moon makes you dizzy. You look away.

>look at the stars

Trying to look at the stars makes you naseous. You take a moment to appreciate the absurdity of programing a robot to become naseous. How inconsiderate.

>look at kevin

Kevin is a spherical robotic personality core, like you. He is busy looking at the stars, and muttering to himself.

>Tell kevin about yourself

“I’m in SPACE” Kevin says, estatically.

>Tell Kevin about something

“Dad, are you space? Yes, now we are a family again.

” Kevin says, sounding somewhat bored.

(Kevin’s responses were a pain in the butt to randomize! But he says 5 different things in one of 4 moods.)

>take kevin

That would be pointless, mate. Besides, you don’t have arms.


You are carrying:

two handles

a broken optic

>look at optic

A giant robotic eye. It allows you to see. It has a crack down the middle, obscuring your vision partially. You wish you had a way to repair it.

(granted he probably can’t see his own optic. however, i wanted to be able to communicate to the player the state he was in.)

>drop optic

You really don’t want to do that. You’d be blind without it. Besides, it’s attached.

>look at handles

Handles project above and below your optic. In theory a human would use these to carry you.

>drop handles

They’re attached. Besides, that would hurt. A LOT.

(Five turns in, a narrative begins to pop up alongside your actions. i wanted to show all the extras first though because you can’t talk to kevin once he is replaced by Bits of Kevin. Most probably the player would still be derping around with Kevin and the Inventory when Shit Gets Real.)


Time passes.

You think about what you did to Chell when you took over Apeture and tried to kill her. You start rehersing an apology you will probably never deliver. While talking to yourself, you encounter a word in your memory banks you cannot define: unicorn. You think about it for a while, before deciding it must be some kind of bird. A big bird with one something. One leg probably. Horrifying.


Time passes.

Kevin’s rambling has stopped. He seems to be looking at something.


Kevin looks out at space. “Metor” He says flatly.

Time passes.

(kevin does this for several more turns. At this point if you look around you will also see the meteor.)


Kevin looks out at space. “Metor” He says flatly.

Time passes.

A giant meteor crashes past you. When it dissapears, you realize that it has pulverized Kevin into space dust. You are horrified and disgusted by the fact that you are now surrounded by bits of Kevin.



You are adrift in space.

You can see that there are stars, but there is a crack in your optic that makes pinpointing specific stars and constellations nearly impossible.

You can also see the moon. It appears you are in orbit.

You can also see Bits of Kevin here.

>take kevin

You wouldn’t want to disturb the dead.

Also, an easter egg if you were to look at the source code, Android Hell and Android Heaven are defined locations, and Kevin moves to a random one when he is replaced by Bits of Kevin each time the game is played. 

Aaaaaand that’s all i have so far. Eventually i want to get the player more active, and possibly do a pretty decent chunk of Blue Sky in this format. If you want to try it, you can message me your email and i’ll send you the files in their current state. I don’t have a lot yet though, so it’s not really worth it to upload it to a hosting site yet.

So yeah. That’s what i accomplished today. Now i have to go pack for college. :P Tootles, yalls!!