waffles and maple syrup


My perfect morning set up – flax waffles with butter and maple syrup, apple slices, and my new book…my local bookstore has a “blind date” book table where you can buy a book wrapped in paper and the only thing you know is what books it is similar to, isn’t that cute!!

Prussias contact names

Germany: West
Italy: Italien ♥
Romano: Mad tomato
Japan: Otaku boi
England: Da brit
America: Hamburger
France: Francypants
Spain: Spainiard
Russia: Big boi
China: Boy?
Netherlands: Frittes
Belgium: Waffle Queen
Canada: Maple Syrup


Intake for you all as requested by a few people over the last few weeks!
My eating is so weird most days because of class and/work hours etc.
But today I had no work or school so I figured it was a perfect day to share with you all the delicious foods from today!

• post workout: vans organic multigrain waffles topped with nut butter and maple syrup!
• orange 🍊coconut water!
• toast with vegan cheese, lots of nooch and pepper!
• a pro bar.
• organic lentil and vegetable soup with melted vegan cheese shreds! And vanilla almond milk!

Today was a lazy day! I did go bouldering this morning and do some weights and boxing. I was there for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Then once I was home I did nothing all day but study up until about an hour ago, and now I’m watching Criminal Minds ☺️

I’m enjoying the laziness of today though because my only other day off for the next two weeks is Sunday 💀
Tomorrow is a long day (again!) it’s another Monday for me basically lol
Wake up early for my spin class. Bio lecture from 9:45-11. Then go to work and go next door to Barnes and noble to study from 11:30-3. Work from 3-11. Then home and BEDD 💗😴

I hope you all had a great day! I’m going to enjoy lots of criminal minds episode while I enjoy the last few hours of a lazy day :)


welcome to a little segment on @stephfitblr called “what I ate today”

actually that’s a terrible name but I can’t think of anything better at the moment

I reaaaaaaalllllyyyy need to get my eating figured out. I eat horribly. Somewhere between a kindergartener left alone with a microwave and Starbucks fiend. Honestly. I have a hard time logging my food into myfitnesspal because I can feel it judging me like “hmmmm really you had 70% carbs today and not a single vegetable” 😬

I hate vegetables. but now that I’m 25 my body freaks out if I don’t give it one once in a while

anyway this is what I ate today:
-eggo buttermilk waffles with butter and sugar free maple syrup
-venti iced white chocolate americano
-stuffed cheesey meatballs with ketchup
-Caesar salad

that comes out to about 1,310 calories per the Lose It app (thought I’d try it out - not sure if I’ll keep using it long term, but I like the interface more than MFP tbh)

yeah I know 1,310 calories is not a lot. I also only walked maybe 500 steps today because it’s Sunday and I’m a graduate student who is chained to her desk until graduation next month. and I’m just not that hungry??

anyway the thought behind this is that I would take pictures of my food as a means of tracking what I eat and as an avenue of accountability. maybe I’ll keep it up?