waffles and icecream

Inside Scoop on Making the Perfect Scoop! Sweltering summer days come with tantalizing cold treats beckoning everywhere, with calorie counts as high as the hot temperatures this summer. So beat the heat and make loads of this recipe and save it for a rainy day ((so you can curl up and watch these!)) 

You’ll only need four ingredients for this recipe, that serves 5, and is only 41 calories per serving. 

Prep Time:5 Min
Total Time:5 Min
Serves 5 (57g)

Frozen Blueberries - 1 cup
Frozen Banana - 1 big
Greek Yogurt - ½ cup
Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp

1.Blend all the ingredients in a powerful blender to form a smooth paste.
2. Place paste in a tub-like container or whatever would be the easiest to serve from. 
3. When the consistency is thick and rich, serve and enjoy!