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For that latest list of prompts, can you have Bellamy be the food blogger?

Sure! Full prompt here: “I can’t cook for shit and my mother keeps telling me i’ll never become anything if i can’t even make a proper meal and i somehow stumbled upon your food blog and it has now saved me so many times i just wanted to let you know about my gratitude in this oddly long, ridiculously personal email’ au


The strange part is, she doesn’t so much as find his blog as much as she stumbles upon it.

Someone had left his page up on one of the library computers without logging off, and she found herself skimming the page with little interest at first. Clarke had never gotten the hang of the whole cooking thing anyway- having subsisted on takeout and ramen throughout her college years- and had bristled at the exaggerations of how easy his recipes were. Honestly, it seemed a little presumptuous to assume that someone with entirely no cooking experience could whip up something like rugelach, so.

She had tried out the first recipe out of spite and spite alone, the second because she was bored and, well. Needless to say, she was pretty much a convert by the time his blog started gaining traction. (It didn’t hurt that he- or Blake, as stated on his blog- was handsome too, all tanned skin and wide smiles in the few selfies he posted up. So Clarke might have a small crush on her favorite blogger, and may have possibly left a few long, rambly comments on his posts, shut up)

A tiny part of her recognized that he was based in her area, too, but she had never even considered running into him. It was pretty unlikely, considering how many people actually lived here, so it’s not like she ever dwelled on it.

Which is why she’s not exactly sure how to react when she realises he’s standing just two feet away from her.

He catches her staring, grins. “Sorry, did you need to get by?”

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Anonymous said: Do you know of any fics where Peeta plays sports and is AU?

This is everything I could find in our archives. I’m willing to bet there are a few new ones, so please chime in if we’re missing some!

Association Football/Soccer:

A Knead to Know Basis - WRitesALOT

Game of Blame - MalTease

Trash Talk - MusicalSoul3000

Make Your Move - c_r_roberts (assistant coach)

Looking to Score - Court81981 (coach)

US Football:

In Love and Football - HavishamWard

Evolution - kismet4891

3rd Down - Court81981

The Accident - Arya Svit-Kon

The Jersey - meggiemellark

Lone Star State of Mine - Jenye

Shower Celebration - beccabecalm

Words Unspoken - bs13


You Got Me Good - SilverNight92

For You to Notice Me - 24tigers


A Masked Heart - silverarcher8

Air - meggiemellark


Fire and Ice - Falafel Waffle

Melting the Ice - tacosandflowers

The Laws of Gravity - threadfinjack

Dream On - Baroness Kika

Other Competitive Sports/Athletic Endeavors:

On Thin Ice - Court81981 (figure skating ex-hockey player)

The Fighter - MoiraCPercy (boxer)

At the Peak - maddmaddworld (snowboard instructor, former athlete)

Hurry Hard - AmelinaZemitran (curling)

Cookies from Mellark’s - sohypothetically (surfer)

I Want Some More - english5672 (surfer)

Another Summer - KaiSai1166 (surfer)

Top of the World - DirectorCarmichael (mountainclimber)

Of Chasing Quaffles & Katniss Everdeen - kaceywithak (quidditch)

Tell Me What You Know - AGirlNamedWhiskey (car racing)

Speed - KPForever (car racing)

The Boys are Depending On Us - ETRNL4L (cheerleader)