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Regarding the animation quality consider how quickly they're producing. A 22 minute ep normally takes 6 to 8 months. Some advancements have made it possible in 3 months. With how close they are to manga each comic is getting animated immediately.

Hmm, I’m not sure where you got that statistic (please do provide the source if you have it in a follow-up response because I’m genuinely interested and others are possibly as well) but it diverges from what I’ve read. I think the average would be more around 3-5 months, with it seemingly being possible to even do less than 3 months. From what I’ve seen on various animation studio’s blogs, announcements, twitter profiles, and whatnot, for, say, a one-cour series (12 episodes), they were still working on up to the latter half of the episodes when the series was already on-air. Of course, there’s no telling really how much work for those respective episodes had already been done before the series started airing, and then there’s also a need to account for the divisions that they could have been allocating each episode to. The currently airing P.A. Works anime, Shirobako, is an anime about the ins and outs of anime productions and it even portrays the in-story studio freshly starting production on the last quarter of their twelve episode series well after the series’s television premiere. 

In any case, I think the argument is mostly against justifying Toei’s work ethic. A majority of the one-cour series (again, here you can bring back the debate about budget) put One Piece to shame in terms of visual presentation. And considering that they’ve been handling the anime for more than 15 years, were doing it just fine and points even greatly early on, it’s hard not to find fault somewhere, whether it be in the actual production process or just callous executive decisions.

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In regards to power again, I think sanji is holding back the most. Remember the deal ivankov made him. I think sanji won and I think he's mastered all the forms of okama/newkama kenpo. He's just afraid to show it. I could be a million miles off base

I was actually really surprised as to how easily Ivankov was defeated by Magellan myself, so  I’m not sure how much stronger he could’ve made Sanji through training. I really do hope I’m wrong about Sanji’s power level though!

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So how's this for a theory? Killer is actually Ghin. Same build, same stance, different weapons but same acrobatic style with the weapon spinning outside the forearm. Last we saw Ghin he needed the antidote mask to live and Killer always wears a mask

The gas mask was only necessary to prevent the poison in the immediate area affecting Gin though. You might be able to interpret Killer’s mask to be something that constantly feeds him  an antidote or something, but in design it doesn’t look to have a specific function. Also, Oda drew Killer as a kid in an SBS, in which he had blonde hair as per his current norm, so it’s unlikely that he went from long-haired, blonde kid to Gin to Killer. And most of all, Gin probably wouldn’t leave Don  Krieg’s side no matter what. His loyalty to Krieg was on par with the fealty of the Whitebeard Pirates, p'much