Lesbian ask game!

1. Sun lesbian or moon lesbian

2. Flannel lesbian or sweater lesbian

3. Curly fry lesbian or waffle fry lesbian

4. Thrift store lesbian or high brow lesbian

5. 70’s disco lesbian or 90’s grunge lesbian

6. Fat cat lesbian or hairless cat lesbian

7. Chinese takeout lesbian or pizza delivery lesbian

8. Big dog lesbian or tiny dog lesbian

9. MoMA lesbian or metropolitan lesbian

10. Matte nail lesbian or glossy nail lesbian

11. Red lipstick lesbian or dusty rose lesbian

12. Crop top lesbian or maxi dress lesbian

13. Neck kisses lesbian or forehead kisses lesbian

14. Fluffy fat cat lesbian or tiny hairless cat lesbian

15. Leather jacket lesbian or letterman jacket lesbian

16. Puts too much salt on food lesbian or too much pepper

17. Glitter eyeshadow lesbian or matte eyeshadow lesbian

18. Flower lesbian or succulent lesbian

19. Ugly cat print sweater lesbian or jean jacket that looks like it’s been through a war lesbian

20. Spaghettios lesbian or Kraft dinner lesbian

21. Hot chocolate lesbian or lemonade lesbian

22. Champagne lesbian or whiskey lesbian

23. Dark aesthetic lesbian or pastel aesthetic lesbian

24. Silk velvet lesbian or crushed velvet lesbian

25. Ball gown lesbian or tuxedo lesbian

26. Forest lesbian or space lesbian

27. Lennon glasses lesbian or aviators lesbian

28. Hestia lesbian or Artemis Lesbian

29. Nose piercing lesbian or belly button piercing lesbian

30. Electric guitar lesbian or ukulele lesbian

31. Converse lesbian or doc martens lesbian

32. Hayley Kiyoko lesbian or Mary Lambert lesbian

33. Olive Garden lesbian or Chiles lesbian

34. Tarot card lesbian or astrology lesbian

35. Peppermint lesbian or cinnamon lesbian

36. Playing-with-her-hair lesbian or getting-hair-played-with lesbian

37. Victim of tickle attacks lesbian or tickle attacker lesbian

38. Tiny tattoo lesbian or whole sleeve of tattoos lesbian

39. Lady and the tramp lesbian or aristocats lesbian

40. Cool Rock collection lesbian or cool leaf collection lesbian

41. Art hoe lesbian or music hoe lesbian

42. 80’s windbreaker lesbian or 80’s blazer lesbian

43. Mom jeans lesbian or skinny jeans lesbian

44. Silver lesbian or gold lesbian

45. Flower crown lesbian or snap back lesbian

46. Annie on my mind lesbian or rubyfruit jungle lesbian

47. Breakfast club lesbian or princess bride lesbian

48. “Wanna cuddle?” Lesbian or surprise hug attack lesbian

49. Jupiter lesbian or Pluto lesbian

50. Make her mixtapes lesbian or sketchbook filled with drawings of her lesbian

sleep. [preview]

Pairing: Wonho x Reader
Rating: NC-17 or M
Synopsis: Wonho is a five-course meal with cocktails afterward. At least that’s what you think. He looks like sin but he’s…strange? It’s all very confusing for a succubus who is only trying to eat just enough to keep herself from starving to death. Your paths would’ve never crossed had her best friend not introduced you and bet Wonho would be the very motivation you needed to start eating again. Wonho is indeed a meal.
Warnings: Violence later on, sexual content, mentions of demons and angels
Author’s Note: This is an excerpt from the first chapter of this story. Let me know what you think. I’m actually really excited about this. Everything is super vague because I wanna keep a couple things under wraps for the moment of course, but hopefully it’s still easy to follow.

“I’m working on a meal right now.”

“Did you get the notes from today’s lecture?”

I rolled my eyes as I threw my bag into the seat farthest from me before settling into the seat across from the laziest son of a bitch I knew.

“You know, you could always just, I don’t know, go to class and get your notes,” I replied, stretching my legs out underneath the table.

My best friend snorted, shoving a whole waffle fry into his mouth as his eyebrows ascended to the heavens. “When Hell freezes over.”

“See, this is why you fail every semester.”

“Says the girl who sits in the front row—in college!”

Raising an eyebrow, I challenged him. “Is there something wrong with sitting at the front of the lecture hall?”

“You’re a nerd. That’s where nerds sit.”

“That’s where you sit so you don’t get distracted by people on Facebook or watching stupid Stranger Things.”

“But lecture is so boring without my Netflix.”

“Not if your grades depend on it.”

The soft brown eyes teased me gently, nudging me to repeat myself but I dropped it. He was already in such a good mood and I didn’t want to add to it by proving him right. Sure, I was a nerd and yes, I saw nothing wrong with it. But the last thing I wanted was for my best friend to gain the upper hand in this exchange. No matter how lax we looked like at the moment, sitting in the student union’s food court, I was scolding him for missing yet another lecture.

And if only passerby’s knew how not normal the two of us were…

They’d never fathom it.

Out of the two of us, he was considered the more relaxed. He was easygoing about many things much to the detriment of his grades, relationships and responsibilities over all. There were so few things he actually cared about enough to put effort into it. Most of the things he did put lots of effort into was beneficial solely to himself. Playing video games, eating, sleeping just among a few of the G-rated things I could list right now.

Running a napkin across his lips before shoving another waffle fry into his mouth, he tilted his head to the right teasingly. “You’re so cute.”

I visibly tensed at that. “You know how much I hate being called cute.”

“But you are!”

“No, I’m not,” I simply stated, putting finality into my voice in the hopes of ending the discussion.

“Please, look at you,” he said, aggressively brandishing a half-eaten waffle fry at me. “You know deep down that none of this matters but you try so hard.”

“Of course it matters,” I mumbled, watching a group of students bustle past the table, all of them laughing loudly. “This is university–”

“And we don’t have to be here.”

“Jungkook, don’t–”

“I’m just telling the truth!” He defended, sitting back in his seat as he put down his waffle fry. His face sobered substantially as he tilted his head to the left. “How many universities have we been to already? Six, seven?”

“Ten,” I mumbled lightly.

“Exactly. We’re only here for one thing, yet you always get sidetracked by it all.”

“I’m not sidetracked,” I argued back, glaring at him.

The tone shifted between the two of us considerably and almost at a neck-breaking speed. We always had this conversation and while Jungkook told the truth, I always felt insulted when he voiced the truth to me. My pride would cower away, wounded and I would have to defend myself.

His eyes narrowed in confusion. “Oh, you’re not? Is that why you’re a shade paler than normal and you look like you haven’t eaten a decent meal in the last month? Or is that because you haven’t actually eaten in the last month?”

My cheeks warmed under his scrutiny and I looked down at the table. Itching along the edges of my phone’s case, I couldn’t bring myself to voice my exact thoughts at the moment. It was hard to forget why the two of us were here. It was the same reason we were at the other ten universities. Although I understood well what our shared goal was, it didn’t make me any less inclined to actually get something out of the free education I was granted. Besides, we had to make our stay last an entire academic school year. How could we do that if I ate just as much as Kookie did?

“I eat,” I mumbled, doing everything in my power to fight back on my best friend calling me out.

Another snort sounded from my friend as he inserted another waffle fry into his mouth. “You look gaunt.”

“I’m not gaunt.”

“Then why don’t I ever see you eating?”

Because I’m uncomfortable.

“I’m working on a meal right now.”

Jungkook’s boyish face held all the skepticism of his true age. For all the years we’d known each other, we hardly aged in the face. But every once in a while, I could catch Jungkook’s real age showing. It was typically when he looked at me like I’ve told that same lie for the last five decades. And to be fair to him, I probably have.

Leaning forward on his elbows, his eyes searched me. “You’re working on one right now?”

I only nodded in response.


I don’t know why I thought saying that I was working on eating would stave off Jungkook’s curiosity. It would only really act as fuel. This was yet another area where Jungkook could sink his efforts into on any given day: other people’s business.

Sighing deeply, I looked away from him for a moment. “Don’t worry about it. Just know I’m in the process of organizing my next meal.”

He leaned in closer, eyes roving over my face to find the lie. His eyes squinted and grew only to squint at me again, scrutinizing every muscle twitch and shift in my gaze.

“I don’t believe you.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“Oh?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest. I looked down to see he finished off his waffle fries, leaving a lonely Chik-Fil-A sandwich. “Fine, since I’m an asshole, what’s the name?”


“What’s the name?”

Panicked and feeling like I had so few options left but to continue on with this lie, I flipped through the names of people in my lectures—at least the people I could remember. The guy that sat next to me and slept for the hour and twenty minutes my World Civilizations lecutre lasted. The girl who showed up every once in a while but always smelled like freshly laundered clothes in my art appreciation class. There was also that one guy in my biology study group—he was nice.

“Chanyeol,” I randomly threw out, remembering another person in my biology study group. He was the de facto leader when Jinyoung wasn’t looking.

“You’re so full of shit, you don’t have a single meal lined up.”

Not looking at him seemed to be the only confirmation he needed before he shook his head and sighed.

“You have a reputation to defend and uphold, you remember that right?”

“How can I forget?” I shot back, glaring at Jungkook.

Of everyone who knew me, Jungkook was the only one who knew about the pressure I was under. He knew how horrible it felt growing up in the shadow of my mother. Because of this, Jungkook knew how hard it was to eat on a regular basis.  

“No need for the attitude,” he replied, his glare reflecting my own. “You’re my best friend, I’m trying to look after you. You look gaunt. You know all this,” he motioned to his lonesome chicken sandwich and around the food court, “doesn’t truly nourish us, just the bodies we occupy, yet you’re literally starving your true form.”

I could only nod, feeling like a scolded child. There was a sickening churn in my stomach and almost like Jungkook cracked through a month’s worth of denying my hunger, I could feel the hunger pains. A painful lurch and throb ebbed through my whole body and I sighed. I was starving, but I couldn’t bring myself to eat at the expense of others.

With a sigh, Jungkook ruffled his hair and for a moment I wondered if his fingers were still greasy from the fries. “Meet up with me tonight.”

“I can’t I’ve got–”

The look he gave me made my voice stop cold. Eyes apologetic he nodded.  

“Be at the activity center at 6 p.m.”

“What’s happening there?”

“You’re eating and I’m having a little snack. I think I have a solution to your problem.”

sleep-all-day-and-all-night  asked:

Can you please do number 4 with Dan please 😍😍😍

4. “We would piss off the neighbors, they’d eventually call the cops…” - RICH LOVE by OneRepublic

“this isn’t safe,” dan whispered, stumbling slightly as he hoisted your arm across his shoulders, holding you up as your knees all but buckled underneath you.

you let out the loudest giggle, sounding very drunk, and slapped a hand across your mouth in shock, before immediately bursting into much smaller giggles behind your palm.

“shh, can you shut up?” dan was holding back laughter of his own, but the fear that you were about to plunge down this flight of stairs to your death made his grip on you tighten.

“s-sorry, dan, m’sorry,” you said, much too loudly, scaring yourself. this time dan couldn’t hold back the laughter.

finally reaching his flat, he all but propped you against the wall while he fished through his pockets for keys. finding them, he managed to get the door open, but you had slid to the ground in the time it took him.

sighing, he crouched in front of you. “y/n? y/n, c’mon, up you get,” he said, trying to be quiet as it was quite late, and you had already been getting noise complaints from the neighbors.

“wha’? dan!” you woke up with a start. pouting, you pushed his hands away from you. “you woke me up, you burnt waffle fry!”

dan bit his bottom lip, trying to hold back the smile. he checked his phone. 1:27 a.m. phil was definitely asleep, which meant dan was on his own.

“sorry, princess peach,“ he said in a hushed voice, “but listen, you can sleep all you want, yeah? just got to come inside.”


“yeah, inside! you love inside, remember? there’s beds and food,” he reminded you.

“and apple juice?” you asked seriously, gripping into dan’s jacket sleepily.

“er, yeah. sure,” dan said, slightly confused. “you can have all the apple juice you want, just come inside please.”

“don’t want to walk. want you to carry me.”

wonderful. dan had many talents. kicking ass at mario kart, sleeping in till noon, tweeting questionable shit, but lifting was still not one of them. still, he didn’t really want to leave you into this hallway and you obviously weren’t moving on your own.

very carefully, he hooked one arm under your legs and the other around your back, before standing up. he felt like he was going to die, but he had to admit, the look on your face as you snuggled into his neck was kind of worth it.

he kicked the door to the apartment shut behind him, managed to get you to the couch before he passed out, and was about to get your apple juice when your voice stopped him.

“dan? could you stay, please?”

“i thought you wanted apple juice.”

“i did,” you admitted, curling into a ball, “but now i’m cold.”

“god, you’re annoying,” he huffed, but he flopped down next to you anyway. at least you weren’t being loud anymore.

you fell asleep within seconds and he let himself get lost in you for a few minutes, gently running his hands across your cheeks and running his fingers through your hair in the calming way he knew helped you sleep.

The Curse of Eve

True Fluff Series
Word Count: 760
Summary: The reader is having a particularly rough monthly cycle.
Warnings: None.

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we are the wild youth | shawn mendes imagine


requested by anonymous

word count: 1,186

author’s note: this is probably so not what you wanted omg bc i looked at it from a different angle? it starts off kinda weird/funny and gets really deep and poetic at the end but i honestly think this is one of my favorites so far. title comes from “youth” by daughter which is such a good song.

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“Am I dating you or babysitting you?”

It was a valid question, in your defense. Shawn really had no right to go around looking as offended as he did after you voiced the accusation.

“Excuse you,” he mumbled through a mouthful of chicken fingers - yes, chicken fingers - and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth. “I am perfectly mature, missy.”

“Shawn,” you deadpanned. “We’re sitting on a jungle gym.”

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areaon  asked:

3 6 9 12!

3. Curly fry lesbian or waffle fry lesbian

curly frriiies

6. Fat cat lesbian or hairless cat lesbian

fat cat ! 

9. MoMA lesbian or metropolitan lesbian


12. Crop top lesbian or maxi dress lesbian

neither :-p

gayjacket  asked:

3-21 for the lesbian game (and as always feel free to skip ones u dont like or if u dont want to type that much etc etc)

3. Curly fry lesbian or waffle fry lesbian
depends. waffle fries but only from chickfila. curly fries most of the time but never from jack in the box

4. Thrift store lesbian or high brow lesbian
high brow i think? more in the middle

5. 70’s disco lesbian or 90’s grunge lesbian
90’s grunge

6. Fat cat lesbian or hairless cat lesbian

7. Chinese takeout lesbian or pizza delivery lesbian

8. Big dog lesbian or tiny dog lesbian

9. MoMA lesbian or metropolitan lesbian
fuck i guess moma but both

10. Matte nail lesbian or glossy nail lesbian
glossy!! i am not about that matte life

11. Red lipstick lesbian or dusty rose lesbian
dusty rose probably!

12. Crop top lesbian or maxi dress lesbian

13. Neck kisses lesbian or forehead kisses lesbian
any kisses every anywhere

14. Fluffy fat cat lesbian or tiny hairless cat lesbian
fluffy fat

15. Leather jacket lesbian or letterman jacket lesbian
depends on the day. although im always a slut for having a letterman jacket and letting my gf wear it

16. Puts too much salt on food lesbian or too much pepper
too much pepper tbh

17. Glitter eyeshadow lesbian or matte eyeshadow lesbian

18. Flower lesbian or succulent lesbian
:( both

19. Ugly cat print sweater lesbian or jean jacket that looks like it’s been through a war lesbian
jean jacket obviously

20. Spaghettios lesbian or Kraft dinner lesbian

21. Hot chocolate lesbian or lemonade lesbian
hot coco in the fall and winter, lemonade in the summer and spring!!

sorry this has been sitting in my inbox for like a week i lov u thank u for sending me some!!

Oops! (part 2)

As the weeks went on Bucky made amends with the team and agreed to be a part of The Avengers. The two of you grew quite close, he shared his fears and apprehensions with you while you tried your best to help him through it all. You thought it was brave of him to turn down cryo and instead face up to all that had happened, all that he had done whilst under the control of Hydra. You wanted to be there for him as much as he would let you. In the meantime, sleep was evading you as you thought of all these things. Bucky meant a lot to you and you weren’t sure if he could ever feel the same with all that he’d been through. Shaking off the feelings of unrequited love you decided to take a throw blanket and pillow and head for the couch, maybe a little television would settle your worry. You were half way through with an episode of Parks and Rec when you heard a grumble and feet shuffling up the hall. You peaked over your shoulder to see Bucky in a tank top and sweat pants, his hair disheveled as he walked to the fridge.

           “Fancy meeting you here,” You gave a small smile as you turned the tv down a couple notches.

           “I hope the TV didn’t wake you.”  You finished as you sat up.

           “It wasn’t the TV, just a bad dream.” He sighed as he popped a few ice cubes into his glass of water.

           You motioned for him to join you on the sofa and he did, sitting on the opposite side as you curled up in the throw blanket.

“What’re we watching?” he inquired as he sipped the cold water.

“Parks and Rec, it’s a sitcom. I couldn’t sleep so I was hoping it’d keep my mind off things.” You answered. He set his drink down and propped his feet up on the coffee table, folding his arms over his stomach. You went through three episodes before Bucky noticed you were folded up like a pretzel on the opposite end of the two seater sofa.

“Are you uncomfortable? If you want you can stretch out.” He offered, arms outstretched inviting you into his embrace. You obliged, nestling into his side as his right arm draped warmly around you. Another episode passed and soon you were yawning, sleep threatening to overcome your senses.

“Buck…? Can I say something?” you began in a small, sleepy voice.

“What’s the matter doll? You want me to move?” he looked down upon your sleepy eyes.

“No, you know you’re a good guy right? What they made you isn’t who you are.” You yawned, threading your fingers in his you brought his hand to rest at your heart.

“Thank you, I don’t know what I did to get a girl like you.” He smiled down at you, gently squeezing your hand in his. You snuggled into him even more, slipping contently into slumber. Your kind words meant the world to Bucky as he finally settled into a peaceful sleep, not a Hydra memory in sight.




Steve woke up for his morning jog, slipping on his under armor t-shirt and sweats before going to check on Bucky as per his morning routine. When he got to his room he found nothing but ruffled sheets. Confused, he walks up the hall and to the living room to find you and Bucky curled up on the couch together, still holding hands as you snore softly.

Nothin’ my ass. Steve thinks with a smirk as he slips his running shoes on, quietly shutting the door behind him.

A few moments later you begin to stir, nuzzling into Bucky’s chest.

“Good morning.” Bucky smiles lazily as he brushes your hair out of your face.

“Mornin’,” You smile back, sitting up a little.

“Did you sleep ok?” you asked, stretching your legs.

“I did, thanks to you.” He said pulling you into his embrace, kissing your temple. You winced, feeling a kink in your neck.

“Next time we’ll have to cuddle on a bed.” You joked as you rubbed your neck.

“Come here doll.” Bucky coaxed you onto his lap, rubbing the affected area. The pad of his thumb rubbed the ache away while the feel of his breath on your neck sent shivers down your spine. Experimentally he drug his cold metal fingers up your back before beginning to rub your other shoulder, planting gentle little kisses down the back of your neck and shoulder blades. This drove you up the wall, causing you to giggle out a moan.

“Bucky! That tickles!” you arched your back with a sigh, leaning into his chest. He put his arms around you, now blowing raspberries onto your skin and laughing with you. It was sinfully playful the way he zeroed in on your sweetest spots. Eventually he stopped so you both could catch your breath, holding you close and rocking you in his arms. You didn’t see it but Bucky was almost in tears, he hadn’t felt so happy in so long. He held you close to his heart, hoping to keep you there forever.

“We. Need. Food.” He said as he kissed up your neck, you turned to meet his lips with yours.

“Let’s make waffles, Steve won’t expect us to already have breakfast cooking.” You beamed.  

Springing up off the couch you grabbed Bucky by the hand, pulling him up and over to the kitchen. While you assembled the ingredients Bucky plugged in the waffle maker and started frying up sausage links. By the time Steve was back from his run the two of you had created quite the spread. Steve was surprised to see the two of you had cooked, even more so to see Bucky so damn happy. You sat down to your meal, discussing everyone’s plans for the day before you headed off to run some errands of your own.

“If you guys leave there’s a spare key taped to the bottom of my mail box, lock up for me please.” You said as you headed for the door

“Sure thing.” Steve replied.

You stopped to lean over the sofa where Bucky was sitting.

“See ya later Buck.” You said before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Later cap!” you called before making your exit.

Steve looked at Bucky, grinning.

“Wipe that shit eating grin off your face right now punk!” he barked, throwing a stray pillow at him.

“What?! I’m just glad to see you happy, plus (y/n) is a great girl.” Steve added.

“I know she’s great, she’s too great. We’ll see if I don’t blow it.” Bucky huffed.

“You won’t, I won’t let you. C’mon, give yourself some credit. You reconciled with the team, proved yourself fit for society. You deserve a piece of happiness; we’re going to dinner at the tower tonight, you should invite her. It’ll be good for the both of you.” Steve concluded.

Bucky nodded, Steve was right. If he didn’t overthink things everything would be ok. He decided to shoot you a text asking about dinner. You agreed to accompany him and immediately called your best friend.

“Michelle! Remember how I told you Steve and his friend were staying with me?” you began as you navigated the aisles of the store you were in.

“Yeah! Please tell me you finally got a piece of that American pie!” she giggled on the other end.

“No! Steve’s like a brother to me! Bucky though…” you trailed with a heavy sigh.

“Wait. ‘The Winter Soldier’ Bucky?” she replied skeptically.

You rolled your eyes, you hated anyone to mention that name.

“It’s just Bucky ok? He’s really great, funny, sweet…hot as hell! Anyway, he asked me to dinner tonight and we’ve been getting really close. I think it might get serious.” You confessed.  

“You be careful, the blogs are lighting up saying stuff about him.” She chided.

“All lies, he’s been nothing but a gentleman since the moment I met him.” You countered.

“I’m just saying! Anyway, is The Captain available? Do you think we could double date???” she laughed.


After you finished your running for the day you headed home; mentally preparing for the dinner. You thought about what you’d wear, how things would go. Upon pulling into the car park you gathered your things and headed for the door. Struggling with the bags and door lock you were greeted with Bucky grabbing everything for you and inviting you in.

“You shoulda told me you needed help sweetheart.” He rolled his eyes playfully.

“I could’ve got it, I did things for myself before my condo was invaded by supersoldiers.” You chuckled. He set the bags down before scooping you up into his arms, smattering your face and neck in kisses. You laughed, wrapping your legs around his waist as your arms wrapped around his neck, fingers gently tangling in his hair.

“I’m pretty sure you’re enjoying yourself.” Bucky smirked.

“Pretty sure I’d like to enjoy you.” You clapped back with a devilish grin. In an instant his lips rushed to yours with ardent passion. Slipping his metal arm under your bottom his natural arm cradled your cheek before slipping to the back of your neck. Your legs squeezed tighter around him, the subtle throb of arousal pooling at your center. A sharp breathy moan escaped your lips as his teeth grazed over your neck before sucking a hickie into your skin.

mmmBucky” you breathe as your hand trails down his t-shirt to the button of his jeans. He’s got you pinned between the front door and himself so you lean back a little and begin prying at the golden button. His free hand has already unclasped your bra with the quickness freeing you of the confining material. His hand kneads and cups your breast, pinching the sensitive peaked bud.

“I love the way my name sounds when you say it like that.” he breathes hot and sticky as he nibbles your earlobe.

The sound of a key prodding the door swiftly kills the mood. He sets you down and you immediately take several steps away from the door, hair ragged with freshly bruised hickies on your neck and collarbone.

“H-heya Steve!” you croak, hand flying to cover your neck as the v-neck tshirt you were wearing wouldn’t help. It was then you remembered your bra was undone. Looking down you attempted to fix the molded cups as best and discreetly as you could.

Meanwhile Bucky had his back turned in an attempt to hide the clear tent that had risen in his jeans.

“Jesus, in the kitchen Buck?” he chastised, shaking his head as he walked between the two of you. You guessed you couldn’t get anything past Captain America.

“You have to stop doing this to me!” You spoke, enervated.

“I gotcha all worked up huh? Wasn’t my fault Steve walked in.” Bucky smiled smugly.  

“Looks like you’re a little worked up yourself.” You smirked, gently caressing his length through his jeans before breezing past him. This dinner was going to be fun.

(a/n: here is the thing, hope you think it’s good and stay tuned for chapter 3!)


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