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There was darkness inside me. He had put it there, and I would no longer deny it.

Suits: Part 1

New Got7 Mini Series

Genre: romance, mystery, crime, thriller

“Some people don’t change…they just find new ways to lie.”

Teaser  Part 2

The bustling sound of taxi cars speeding by and truck horns rang through your ears as you exited your townhouse. The foggy morning sky was quite the typical sight to see as you prodded down the concrete steps and onto the busy sidewalk. People were racing past, panicking to call a taxi within the crowded street as it was 8 a.m. crunch time – meaning kids had to be in school and adults had to be at work.

Fastening the last button on your peacoat, you kept yourself warm and your purse near as you made your way down the street, starting on the familiar path that you took every morning. “Excuse me,” you muttered as you would make your way through hundreds of other civilians, walking down the steps and navigating your way through the underground subway station.

You were quick to find your station number, having the digits 309 engraved in your mind after countless rides. As soon as the door opened, you made your way inside the car – quickly finding a seat and plopping down as other passengers soon began to file in.

People squashed in like sardines, packing into the cart as much as possible just as the doors closed shut and the driver announced for takeoff. Among those, multiple voices were heard. With some sounding not much friendlier than others as you caught a few high school girls pushing another girl into the corner, calling her obscene names and demanding that she get off “their” train.

It was obvious that the poor girl was being bullied – however, despite the ruckus their torment was causing, none of the other passengers said a word. You snapped your head around, shocked that people stayed on their phones and pretended like they were completely oblivious to what was going on in front of them.

A girl was being bullied right there and yet, no one did a thing to stop it.

The idea itself made you sick, not knowing how a society could be so cruel as to not even lend a hand when help was needed.

So you abruptly stood up and out of your seat, eyeing the group of girls as you stalked towards them.

“You should’ve just walked to school, seems like you could use the exercise.” You heard one of the bullies remark with a laugh while pointing at the poor girl in humiliation as the others began to follow suit and laugh. You quickly noticed this particular loud girl was like the ring leader, continuing to crack cruel insults and initiating trouble while the other three high schoolers giggled like hyenas beside her.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” The leader further demanded, instigating the situation even more as she circled the poor girl like a predator.

But as the helpless girl stayed completely silent, it only pissed off the bully even more. “You scared? Say something!” She yelled, launching forward and raising a fist at the victim before you came from behind and caught it in mid-air.

“What the hell,” the bully snapped before squealing in pain as you held her arm in a lock position. “What are you doing – let go of me bitch!”

“Now you weren’t about to hit my friend here – were you?” You smirked.

“It’s none of your business lady, now let me go!” She demanded before she swung her other fist at you.

With a bored sigh, you twisted her arm in a downward position, holding it in a way that made her yelp out and fall to her knees in pain. Her friends stayed put, not bothering to get involved as you had made their leader fall within seconds. “Apologize,” you scolded the girls.

“Fuck no,” the leader hissed before you twisted her arm once more. “Ow!!” She yelled before looking up to you, “Alright, fine. I’m sorry.”

“Not to me,” you interjected. “To her.”

She watched as your eyes diverted to the girl in the corner, “…I’m sorry.” The leader muttered, looking embarrassed as she kept her head down.

 “Good,” you approved just as the train came to a stop. “Now get out of here.”

Without another word, the bully and her friends obeyed your order – each exiting out of the subway but not without giving you dirty glares first, making sure you saw the anger on their faces before leaving.

As soon as the doors closed, you turned back to the victim, looking at her as she awkwardly stood in the corner. “You can have my seat,” you gestured, nodding in the direction of your now empty leather chair.

The girl merely nodded her head in return, almost as if nonverbally expressing her gratitude as she shot you a small smile and sat down.

“That was really cool of you,” a guy mumbled as you joined him in waiting near the door. As soon as your stop came into sight, you glanced back to him.

“It’s my job.” You answered with a grin before stepping off the train.

And indeed it was as you were an attorney – dedicating your life to defend those in need.

It was a risky job to say the least, being a part of such a prestigious firm – if you made one wrong move your head was on the chopping block. It’s a fast paced, highly intense type of work but you wouldn’t want it any other way.

But of course with power comes competition and amongst yours and the other firms in the city there were the best lawyers and attorneys otherwise known as the elites. However, despite the prestigious title, in this tight circle of people there were secrets and scandals everywhere you turned. Someone was always turning their back on someone and needless to say it was hard to trust the people amongst yourself.

But lucky for you, you found solace in someone.

A loud ding of the bell signaled your arrival as you entered through the narrow door. You were instantly greeted by the pleasant smell of comfort food as you wandered in, seeing the familiar sight of a jukebox and red and white checkered walls.

The classic tunes of Elvis boomed through the diner as you found an empty seat at the bar before being greeted by a smiling face. “Morning Y/N, you having the usual?” Your friend BamBam asked as he rolled up from the other side of the bar.

“Of course,” you grinned while removing your coat and leaving it to hang on the back of your stool. “Hey Youngjae! Y/N is here. Fix her up the usual,” BamBam shouted towards the back kitchen before tending to the other tables as the morning crowd kept the server quite busy.

“Got it,” Youngjae casually announced, grabbing some ingredients before noticing you in the front. “Hey Youngjae,” you greeted with a friendly wave as you watched him through the small open window of the kitchen door.

“Y/N!” He called with a warm smile, “Been a while since we’ve seen you.”

“Oh I know, it’s been what? A whole 12 hours?” You admitted and he laughed while finishing the final touches on your food.

It was a traditional favorite you had been eating since you were a child – homemade buttermilk waffles cooked golden to perfection. With every comforting bite you took, you felt like you were back home at your grandmother’s house - waking up every morning with a plate full of waffles just begging to be topped with maple syrup.

“So what have you been up to? Anything exciting this week?” BamBam asked, sliding across the freshly mopped floor with his leather shoes. “Nothing lately, cases have been pretty slow.” You casually answered while Youngjae came out of the kitchen and set your plate down.

Your eyes lit up at the sight of your food, looking more appetizing than ever while paired with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. “Thanks,” you grinned at the cook before he leaned over the counter beside BamBam. “Ah, you never let me down. These are delicious, Youngjae.” You complimented after swallowing a piece of waffle.

“Only the best for the greatest attorney in the city,” Youngjae added, pretending to bow down to you before BamBam teasingly pushed him. “Oh stop it, you’re going to make my head swell up.” You laughed before the bell chime rung again.

You kept your attention on your breakfast, not bothering to look up as BamBam greeted the newcomer. “Welcome,” he routinely greeted. “What can I get you?”

“Just a coffee, please.” The newcomer’s voice responded. From the deep tone you could tell it was a man nearby as you could feel a newfound presence to your left at the bar. While taking another bite of your waffle, you heard BamBam towards the back bustling around and pouring a fresh cup. “Cream or sugar?” The server asked before you finally decided to look up at your surroundings.

And just as you did you laid eyes on the newcomer beside you.

He was tall and handsome – donning a head full of dark hair and a classic suit. He looked like an established young business man of some sort. His features were broad and sharp, giving him a captivating look like no other as he casually stood there against the bar. He was an eye catcher, far too good to look away from before you suddenly caught his eye.

And it was at that moment he had to take a double look – eyes now off the phone and attention purely on you before BamBam asked, “Cream or sugar?” once more.

“Black,” the man simply repeated while still keeping eye contact with you. He seemed in a daze as you slowly looked away, causing him to crack a smile before his coffee arrived. The man took a few sips of his drink before his phone began to ring again, causing him to inwardly huff a little before answering the device.

“Hello?” He answered into the speaker as you rummaged through your bag to fetch your credit card – needing to quickly pay before you were late for work. However, the man’s conversation was soon tuned out as you started to panic, internally freaking out as you opened your wallet and your credit card was missing.

“Shit,” you inwardly cursed before rummaging through the tote once more. “What’s wrong?” Youngjae asked, looking over at you with a raised brow. “Umm…I can’t seem to find my card,” you admitted as soon as you remembered you left it at home.

Your words had garnered the handsome man’s attention nearby, causing him to look at you once more as both BamBam and Youngjae both told you not to worry about it this time.

“Here,” the man announced, stepping forward and coolly taking out a platinum card out of his pocket. “It’s on me,” he added – shooting you a quick smile in return. BamBam nearly gasped at the gesture, grinning between the two of you before nodding and taking the man’s credit card before he returned to his conversation on the phone.

Not wanting to interrupt his conversation, you mouthed the words thank you to the kind stranger, making sure he saw you before you bid your two friends goodbye and headed towards the door. BamBam shot you a disapproving scowl from behind, sneakily nodding his head towards the stranger as if telling you to stay and talk to him.

You shook your head, almost laughing aloud until you continued towards the exit.

The cool air hit your skin as you found yourself outside, casually running a hand through your hair before you were suddenly called from behind. “Hey!” A voice called, making you turn around and face the kind stranger from before. He was no longer on the phone but instead walking towards you.

Raising your brows, you stayed put, curiously looking until he stood in front of you. “…Hi,” you greeted - wondering why he was looking for you in the first place. “You forgot this,” he soon declared before handing you your peacoat.

Your eyes widened, mentally scolding yourself for forgetting it in the first place. “Ah, today is just not my day,” you humbly mumbled. “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” he replied, holding back a grin from within as he looked down at you.

“And listen – about the food, I’ll pay you back immediately-”

“No need,” the man interjected. “Don’t worry about it.”

You blinked a few times, completely surprised by such a nice deed. “Well thank you…again.” You added with a small smile before noticing he was still eyeing at you. His gaze was intimidating at first but you noticed there was a sense of warmth within the way he looked at you. It was charming in a way, almost drawing you in as he held this sort of alluring presence about him.

You felt your cheeks heat up before tucking a chunk of hair behind your ear – quickly snapping yourself out of this trance. “Uh…well I- I’m going to be late for work so I have to get going…” you awkwardly announced. “Nice meeting you.” You added before turning to leave once more.

“Wait-” The man called, making you turn around as you were now a few feet away from him.

“Yes?” You answered.

“I never got your name,” he confessed, staying where he was as he held his coffee in one hand.

“Y/N,” you casually stated.

“Y/N,” he repeated in an appealing tone. “I like it…I’m Jaebum by the way.”

Jaebum. The name had a familiar ring to it as it sounded much more common to you than you realized. Where have I heard that name before? You mentally asked yourself – trying to uncover the mystery. However, you couldn’t put a finger to it as he didn’t look the least bit familiar.

“Well Y/N…I hope to see you again soon,” Jaebum admitted. “Maybe you can let me take you out sometime.”

“Ahh that’s nice, but I’m not too sure my fiancée would like that.” You teased before throwing up your hand and showing off your engagement ring.

Jaebum looked intrigued by the large diamond, raising his dark brows as his lips twisted into a smirk. “Fiancée you say?” He questioned before taking a sip of his coffee. “Lucky man.”

“Indeed he is,” you answered, causing Jaebum to chuckle in response. “Well I’ll see you around then Y/N.” He concluded. “Have a good rest of your day.”

“You too,” you replied before continuing on your way to your office. It was a block down from the diner but with crowded sidewalks and busy streets, you still ended up being late to work.

“You’re late,” you immediately heard as you raced down the hall towards your office – making you halt and turn towards the room you had passed. You were now faced with a demeaning glare, looking at you up and down as you entered the office.

“Sorry, I had a weird morning,” you admitted – closing the door behind you and leaving you two alone in the room. Your heart fluttered as you eyed the man in front of you, admiring how sexy he looked in the new suit you bought him.

“That’s not a good excuse,” he commented, cocking a brow at you as he leaned back in his large leather chair.

You smirked before setting down your tote and making your way towards the handsome man. “Maybe you can let me off the hook just this one time,” you suggested while coming inches closer to him and sitting at the edge of his desk.

“Hmm… I don’t know,” he playfully hummed, eyeing your legs in front of him.

You bit your lip as he slid his hands over them, caressing the smooth surface of your thighs as you spoke once more. “But Jackson, I promise I’ll be good next time.”

“I don’t think so,” he teased, looking up to you with those charming eyes you loved so much.

“I will.” You assured and a ‘tsk’ left his mouth. “How will you convince me otherwise?” Jackson asked.

“Hmm I have my ways,” you giggled before leaning down to your fiancée and grabbing him by his tie as you whispered, “Just wait till we get home.”

He showed his pearly whites as he cracked a mischievous grin, completely satisfied by your choice of words. “I look forward to it.” He purred before moving in and capturing your lips in a hot kiss. You held him close as your lips collided, quickly beginning to turn into something more if Jackson didn’t stop you when he did.

“I had one of the secretaries put a new case on your desk, it was supposed to be mine but I think it might put you out of your boredom.” He announced with a short laugh before you gave him one last peck and straightened out your pencil skirt. “Thanks babe,” you blew a kiss, earning a wink from him in return. “You’re welcome…now get to work,” Jackson ordered before you smiled and exited out of his office.

You plopped down in your seat as soon as you saw the familiar manila folders stacked onto your desk. “Let’s see what we got here,” you whispered to yourself as you opened each one, getting excited just like opening presents on your birthday.

And just as you did, you found the case you had been assigned. It was new and a high profile murder case awaiting trial soon.

But this was no ordinary murder case – no. It was one much different compared to anything you’ve ever tackled before as there, written in plain black letters was the name of the infamous Park Jinyoung.

MBTI Types As Waffles

ISTP: Toaster waffle
ISTJ: Perfect Belgian waffle
ISFP: Happy waffle
ISFJ: Disease-curing waffle
INTP: Nerd waffle
INTJ: Printable waffle
INFP: Warm, straight from the iron waffle
INFJ: Character waffle you’d get at Disney
ESTP: Questionably made waffle
ESTJ: The beautiful fake waffle on the menu
ESFP: Waffle with whipped cream
ESFJ: Homemade waffle
ENTP: Waffle batter
ENTJ: Cooked perfectly evenly waffle
ENFP: Instagram-worthy aesthetic waffle
ENFJ: Chocolate waffle

Cheer Up Post #4704 - Waffles & Ice Cream Edition

Perfect pair.

Food Masterpost

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lunaaltare  asked:

married samsteve + domestic fluff + dramatic pancake vs. waffle discourse

Sam pokes him in the chest. “You are dead wrong. Admit it.”

“Absolutely not! Waffles have been better than pancakes since before you were born!”

“Oh and you’d know. Since you’re like, what, 107 now?” Sam grins when he says it, teasing.

“I am ninety-nine, thank you very much.” Steve informs him. He uses a fork to pry the waffle out of the waffle maker. It’s perfect- nice and golden brown. Steve once managed to make chicken so disgusting that Sam made him sleep on the couch for a week, but he knows how to make a waffle. He places it on a plate and hands it to his husband. “Breakfast is served. Or is it dinner? I can’t remember since I’m so elderly and frail.”

“You’re a pain in my ass, that’s what you are,” Sam tells him. “A pain in my ass with bad taste!”

“Is that why I married you then?” Steve can’t help but smile at his comeback. He smiles even harder when Sam’s rendered speechless for a moment.

“No, you marrying me was the best decision you’ve ever made. Now making waffles instead of the much superior pancakes? That’s your bad taste showing.”

“What do you have against waffles, huh?” Steve adds more batter to the machine and closes the lid. When he looks over to Sam, he’s got his hip rested against the counter, bending over it to cut his waffle up properly. “What did waffles ever do to Sam Wilson?”

“They weren’t as delicious as pancakes. Never have been, never will be.” Sam takes a happy bite of his waffle despite his trash talking.

Steve ambles over to him and leans over to press his chest to Sam’s back lightly. “You take it back,” Steve tells him. He wraps his arms around Sam’s middle, feeling much sweeter than his tone portrays. “You’ve betrayed me.”

“If anyone’s the traitor in this marriage, it’s you,” Sam says with a mouth full of food. He twists his head around to probably insult Steve again, but Steve stops him with a little kiss instead. “You’re using unfair methods to gain your advantage and I won’t stand for it!” Sam leans in to kiss Steve again, deepening it a little. His mouth tastes like syrup as his soft tongue slides into Steve’s mouth. Steve can’t help the pleased hum that he makes at the feel of it. After a minute, Sam breaks them apart. His breath is hot against Steve’s lips when he says, “Your waffles are burning.”

Steve swears and rushes to the machine. He’s already started enough kitchen fires for one (very long) lifetime.


Request: Celebrating Fathers’ Day with Soonyoung and his three little munchkins
Requested by: @keshuasd
Word count: 2,020 
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Way. Too. Much. Sugar.

A/N: Okay, this was originally Admin Jihooned’s request… Somehow, I ended up writing basically 90% of it. But anyway, HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY! A huge thank you to all the fathers/father figures of us Carats out there, for tolerating with all the nonsense their children had put them through. THANK YOU FOR RAISING US! WE LOVE YOU!


Hi guys! So this request was supposed to be handled by me initially but I got so caught up with the dwc series so admin wooed pretty much took over! So a big big thanks to her! And happy father’s day to all the fathers out there!

(Btw imagining Hoshi as a dad makes me so so so soft on so many levels i nearly died reading admin wooed’s writing.)

- jihooned 😶

Originally posted by kwonsposhi

Soonyoung wasn’t sure what woke him up that morning at 7AM. The curtains were closed to prevent the sun rays from entering the room, the roads outside their apartment on the 14th storey were quiet for it was a Sunday morning, and his entire family was snoozing peacefully beside him.

Oh, his entire family of five… Now he remembered. A smile began to spread across his drowsy face as he recalled that it was a Sunday: Fathers’ Day. His three precious angels had thrown their tiny bodies onto the bed promptly at midnight, tackling him against the sheets while wishing him a happy Fathers’ Day before accidentally falling asleep in the master’s bedroom, but he hadn’t really minded or bore to wake them up.

Truth to be told, he never really cared for an occasion like Fathers’ Day. He’s always believed that the appreciation for your loved ones should be evident in everyday life and not reserved for a special occasion.

And with his family, in which he’s blessed with a loving, supportive wife and three wondrous offspring, every day feels like Fathers’ Day to him.

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Tony x Reader- "Is this okay?"

Hey guys! So this is following a request from a number of people, who wanted a first kiss fic of Tony x Reader. It’s a short fic, not one of my longer ones, but it’s all fluff and dare I say, pretty cute. So enjoy!

Recommended drink pairing: Hot Chocolate

(Y/I) = your initials

I’ve assumed that Tony is bisexual in this fic, to make it accessible for any gender of reader

“And then Carla says, you sing so well, Andy,” Andrew said, sipping his sixth cup of coffee of the day. “She doesn’t see that there’s more to it than just music.”

You rubbed your eyes, giving him a weak smile. As per usual, your emo-punk singer boyfriend was telling you all about his “kickass” weekend playing at a benefit in San Junipero with his post-apocalyptic blue steel slight metal alternative indie pop band, Kruger Hoosier. No kidding, that’s actually what they referred to themselves as.

“That’s nice-” you tried to cut in, but Andrew had already jumped onto the next topic in the spiel of self involved talks he had with you.

“And these faux-mood bands like Pink Apocalypse just take the scene and pretend they know about what music really is when it’s all just drums and smashing,” he said, rolling his eyes. You had to hold your tongue to stop yourself telling him that his band was just whining and screaming with splashes of “lost” and “turbulent” thrown in for artistic flair.

“And I was saying-” he began again, but you were saved by the sound of Tony blaring the horn of his rusty old Mustang outside the cafe window. You got up, relieved, and grabbed your stuff.

“I have to go,” you said, leaning in to place a quick kiss on Andrew’s mouth. He tasted like coffee and stale smoke, and faintly, pure utter pretentiousness. “I’ll see you Monday.”

He groaned petulantly as you scooted out of the booth, taking out that broken, torn black notebook, probably to write more fake-angry lyrics. Once you were outside, you saw Tony waiting in his car, music on full blast.

“Hey, stranger,” you said, sliding in. “Where are we going?”

Tony looked at you with his dark eyes, smirking.

“You choose, Y/N. Coachella?”

You nodded, knowing full well you would end up at the old waffle place you had been going to every Friday night for dinner since you two were in middle school. It had always been like that with you and Tony; endless conversations and banter over warm, syrupy waffles and coffee, the feeling of being able to tell each other anything without having to think. Best friends was too cheesy; you’d yet to come across a label that described you two.

“So,” he said, when you got to the main road. “How’s eyeliner boy?”

“He’s good,” you grinned. “He got another gig last weekend and now he won’t stop talking about it. I mean, to the point where Kruger Hoosier is the only thing on his mind.”

Tony raised an eyebrow at you as he swerved.

“When hasn’t he been talking about that band?” he guffawed. “It would make sense if it was actual good music instead of just random wailing and “turbulence”.“

“That’s exactly what I said!” you said excitedly, then frowned. “Well, I didn’t really say it, per se..”

He grinned.

“Appeasing the enemy hasn’t worked since the Second World War, Y/N.”

“Who said he’s the enemy?” you asked, turning up the volume on the speakers.


“And Clay just will not ask her out,” you said, rolling my eyes. “The chemistry between them is obvious.”

Tony nodded, taking another bite of his perfect brown waffle. Clay was one of your main frustrations, as he was obsessed with this girl in your grade, Hannah, and just would not make a move.

“Sometimes it’s hard,” Tony said, running a hand through his wiry black hair. “They might mean a lot to you..”

“He should still take the chance!” you snapped, angrily spearing a strawberry.

“It’s not as simple as that, Y/N,” Tony sighed, rubbing his eyes. “Sometimes they’re taken, or they don’t see you like that.. sometimes they’re too important to you to ruin things with.”

“Its not like that,” you said, and then noticed Tony’s faraway look. “Hey, is this about you?”

He rolled his eyes, snapping back to focus, but stayed quiet.

“You like someone!” you laughed, grabbing his arm. “Tell me!”

“I wasn’t talking about me,” he said gruffly, shaking you off, but you grinned.

“Was it the coffee shop girl? Or the one guy at school who always stares at you in home room?”

“Not my type,” he said dismissively, and gestured to the waiter for the check. “And can we stop talking about it?”

You shrugged, surprised at his aloofness. Tony always told you everything.

“Do you.. do you want to go for a walk or something?” you said hesitantly. “I mean, it’s up to you-”

“Let’s do it,” Tony said, giving you a smile.


“This place looks so different,” you said as the two of you made your way to the woods behind the waffle place. “I haven’t been here in years! Remember when we first discovered this as kids?”

Tony laughed.

“We thought we were the most amazing explorers ever,” he said. “You always said we would be famous for finding treasure here someday.”

“We spent a whole summer looking,” you smiled as you thought of the two of you digging around the old woods, muddy and messy. “All we found was that old broken necklace.”

“We carved our initials on the tree where we buried it beside,” Tony said, running ahead. “It was right about…. here.”

You both ran up to an old oak where you carved your initials in third grade; T.P and (Y/I) with a crown on the top.

“This tree looked a lot bigger in third grade,” you smiled, running a hand over the letters. “It’s changed.”

Tony sighed.

“Lots of things have changed,” he said, suddenly serious. “Especially us.”

“Tell me about it,” you replied. “There was no Andrew, no mystery person that Tony likes..”

“There’s no mystery person that Tony likes, full stop,” he said, looking at you. “It’s not very much of a mystery.”

Your breath caught in your throat as you stopped cold. There was.. he didn’t.. it was you that Tony Padilla, your best friend, your other half, liked?

“I- I had to tell you, Y/N,” he said, his words clipped and short. “I’ve always loved you, since the first time we met at school in second grade. It’s not easy, seeing you with Andrew, but I don’t want to get between you and I know you don’t feel like that-”

Before you could think, your mouth was on his, as he held your face in his hands and you looped your arms around him. It was the kiss they had in the movies, sweet and soft, and he tasted of caramel and your childhood. As you pulled away, he looked at you, eyes wide.

“I, Y/N, are you sure this is okay?”

“It’s probably not okay,” you said, looking up at the face you’d known all your life but never seen as close as you were now. “But it feels right.”

And with a grin, Tony leaned in again.

-Maya ( @thirteenreasonsfics )