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Cheer Up Post #4704 - Waffles & Ice Cream Edition

Perfect pair.

Food Masterpost

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concept: every year for her birthday tim and cass take steph to a different restaurant in pursuit of the Perfect Waffle. they spend a whole year going to different places to find waffles they think are worthy. one year they drove almost two hundred miles, only to find the restaurant closed for remodeling. they went to ihop instead

The Signs at Breakfast!

Aries- Makes like the most intense protein shake with 5 raw eggs and an entire box of strawberries and a whole Papaya

Taurus- Puts chocolate chips and blueberries and bacon in the pancakes and eats all the food before anyone else wakes up /:

Gemini- Doesn’t eat because the two voices in their head can’t come to a decision

Cancer- Makes the most homemade breakfast to ever be made and spends hours cooking for everyone else and refuses to eat until everyone else has. *Cries into pancake mix.

Leo- Doesn’t really eat breakfast because they take too long to get ready !!!!

Virgo- Makes the most perfect waffle ever with exactly two strips of bacon and a cup of orange juice ( ¾ full) and then spends 4 hours cleaning the kitchen because “everyone else does it wrong”

Libra- Makes a really pretty breakfast and brings it to their bed to pretend they’re having breakfast in bed because no one does it for them

Scorpio- Just drinks the blackest of black coffee and eats nothing

Sagittarius- Eats breakfast on the roof and no one knows why ??

Capricorn- Oatmeal and a Latte. That is all.

Aquarius- Eats lucky charms in the car because they slept in too late and spills it all over themselves or makes a really weird intricate breakfast that NO ONE wants

Pisces- Eats cake and icecream for breakfast because normal breakfast is too boring!!!

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A day late but worth the wait! Since I didn’t get the cookie cat up yesterday as planned, I decided to just post the whole photo set! :D 

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5 super unusual ways you can cook food in your waffle maker! Perfect for college students making dorm food, or if you just wanna be clever ;)