waffle happy

in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you

He could smell the warm scent of coffee and the purr of the cat that laid on his side. Opening his bleary eyes, he saw the too-bright sunlight that cascaded through the colorful curtains. Long and shallow breaths brushed against his shoulder, and he wiggled closed and wrapped an arm around the one breathing. His lover groaned, and a wedding ring-clad hand reached up and fiddled with his snow-white fringe. 

“Your hair is always so soft..” Lance’s voice was low, almost graveled with sleep. 

“Well you always look gorgeous no matter what.” Shiro’s voice wasn’t that far off, thrumming like a base. 

He felt the brunet smile against the crook of his neck. 

“What time did you get up to make coffee?”

“Like and hour ago but then I came back and have decided it’s too cold to go back for it.”

Shiro chuckled, “I’m guessing that means I have to go and make it?”

“Of course. Coffee is the only good thing you can make without setting it on fire.”

Lance was right, being married five years wasn’t going to change the fact that Shiro is a kitchen disaster. He still pretended to hum in consideration.

“Will I get anything if I go and fix up our coffee?”

“I will give you a kiss.” 

“I need more than that though.” Lance was huffing with laughter, heavy breathing tickling Shiro’s neck.

“I never told you what I would tip you with.” Like that, Shiro was swiftly sitting up and crawling out of bed, dropping a kiss to Lance’s temple before scrambling to the kitchen. He loves when Lance ‘tips’ him, because it’s always different. The said brunet was laughing loudly, and the sound echoed like bells through their apartment. 

Last time Lance tipped him, it had been with crepes for breakfast. The time before that, cuddling on the couch, and before that had been pictures of wrinkly dogs, etc etc, because some tips are too naughty for him to think about this early in the morning. 

“Oh yeah and Shiro, don’t forget my caramel this time!” 

Today was going to be a good day. 

I’m officially diagnosed with autism and getting a service dog! The dog I’m getting is the one sitting in my lap and his name is Waffles! I’ll probably be posting updates about him so stay tuned for that :)

Image description:
{A slender, trans masculine person with black short hair, black circle frame glasses, a light blue short sleeve t shirt, and black jeans is sitting on the grass with his legs crossed outside on a sunny day. In his lap is a 4 week old english cream golden retriever puppy and there is another one in his arms.}

Jaspar 2017

idk about you but I feel like I can breathe a massive sigh of relief about Jaspar this year

since they moved out it feels like we’ve all been hanging onto every little tiny bit of interaction between them, anxiously waiting for Jaspar moments. hoping. speculating.

but now when we see them hanging out it’s the ‘norm’ again and I personally have faith that plenty of iconic Jaspar moments are just waiting in the wings. bound to unfold. inevitably.

calm and serene. that’s how I feel now. relax and enjoy the bromance. or whatever it is that those two adorable clowns have together.  laugh and smile with them as they make each other laugh and smile. their bond has bound them together so tightly. eternally.

and I can enjoy the other bromances that they both have even more. safe in the knowledge that Jaspar is forever. they will always come back to each other. in the end.

and, yeah, I’M EXCITED TOO! :D

Happy 80th Birthday to Madeleine Albright!

First female Secretary of State and former Ambassador to the United Nations, Albright appeared in the final season of Pawnee’s documentary, Parks and Recreation. Today, she still serves as chairwoman of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.

From the Pawnee Journal Staff, may you eat many more waffles!