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ella-animine  asked:

Ok, a Kolivance idea if you like? Lance and Kolivan both sharing typical social interactions of their species/culture, bc neither would really know. But they kind of fudge the truth a little bit to get closer to each other. Wether or not it backfires or they figure it out is up to you, but I think them kind of pining and stuff this way is cute. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (hope that's kinda somn you were maybe looking for?)

 “And nowadays,” Lance says, sounding a little out of breath from laughing and with his cheeks adorably flushed, “nowadays courting on Earth is… pretty much different from what it used to be?  And different from what you’ve described the galran courting process to be.”

 “Is it?,” Kolivan hums, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips as well.  The human looked… positively adorable with his cheeks red, and he knew the image presented before him was one he’d adore for years to come, “How do humans court nowadays?”

 “Weeeeell,” with a grin, Lance licks his lips quickly as he leans closer to the taller (gods, he was a sucker for tall people, wasn’t he?) male, casually brushing Kolivan’s knee with the back of his hand, “nowadays, we just… flirt a lot.”


 “Yeah! Like,” and then Lance chuckles again, the red of his cheeks turning brighter as he looks at Kolivan in the eye, moving to be sitting even closer to the other, “Are you from outer space? Because your body is out of this world!”