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Read this if you were at Dodie's London show on the 18th

Hello! I’m really hoping I can find this beautiful girl I saw at the concert? If you are reading this and did go to Dodie’s o2 Islington concert in London did you look like this?
-A bright red duffle coat
-Hoop earrings
-Incredibly long eyelashes with just mascara, not eyeliner??
-Do you also have a bob cut (maybe just below your jawline?) which is light-dark brown and wavy?
Also I think that you were with a friend and an adult (parent?)
If you maybe are that beautiful human, I was the girl a short way ahead of you in the queue with a straight bob cut and wearing a dark denim jacket, with the sleeves rolled up, and a faded blue a white thinly striped scarf, light blue jeans, that were rolled slightly at the bottom, and black and pink Nike trainers. I was with a friend with auburn-ish hair and she wore an oversized denim jacket and a Troye Sivan “Fireproof” sweater with ripped black jeans. She had dark eye makeup and crimped hair. We were with her dad who is bald and very tall he was wearing a black hoodie. I also kept turning around and looking at you because you were literally so beautiful I couldn’t help it and you also saw me look at you like more than twice :D
If you do vaguely remember me then text me because I regret not talking to you because I am a small bundle of social anxiety :))

((Also if you are not this girl, would you mind sharing because I would really like to make contact with her as I’m lowkey in love with her?? )) xx


D: “There’s actually something I need to talk to you or tell you about.”
R: “Well, am I getting some details this time?”
D: “On a need-to-know basis, but yes.”

DAIR REWATCH ⇢ 4.17 Empire of the Son

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I LIVE for your snapchats especially if I've had a bad day I never fail to get cheered up by your stories.

i’m getting THE MOST EXTRA replies on my story today

OH MY GOD GUYS. So this morning I made the best freakin low carb, low fat, high protein waffles EVER. 225 calories for this entire (and adorable) plate, including cooking spray and sugar free syrup, with pretty sweet macros 👉🏼44p/10c/1f. The recipe? 2 scoops Six Star Lean protein, ½ cup liquid eggs, and some water for consistency. It’s really that simple for literally the best protein waffles ever.