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I still can’t believe how amazingly accurate Send Them Off! is in describing the layers of Othello’s jealousy regarding Desdemona. I think it’s amazing that Dan wrote a whole song based off of a Shakespearean play. Dan, you are such a poetic freaking English lit nerd.​

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(Same Anon as before) After he kissed me he just smiled so bright, we kissed for a little then turned up the music and just talked. He said he had a crush on me for a while, but he was scared. He knows he doesn't like girls but his parents are super homophobic so he just pushed it aside. The next morning he kissed me awake and we made waffles!

AWWWWWWWWWW. Dude this is literally the cutest. I hope he’s okay and safe at home?

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Nice Cream, Potato Chisps, and Last Dream!

**very long post warning**

1) Nice Cream: What’s your favorite line and who said it?

another hard question

ok I’d decided ! 




2) Potato Chisps: Who’s your favorite Undertale fan-artist?

ok this’s even harder than the first question!!


-basically mostly everyone I’m following in tumblr and twitter

but maybe I will try to list someone that I would scream every time when they post sth

- the sin squad or waffle house dudes XD / potipopo / dayuh / bossmonsterbani / g0966 / eachiwaii / houdidesu / koyashaka59 / lu-audrey / semi_kon (twitter) /etc etc.

actually…. you are also my favourite Undertale fan-artist!!

@vanthefirstdoodles XDDD


/here me tried to draw flowey like yours

3) Last Dream: What’s your favorite Undertale AU?

Storyshift ! (by ut-storyshift)


moreover Chasriel in this au is cute as hell !!! my heart!!! AAAAAAAAAA

More Gravity Falls sentence starters

“Now, who wants to put on some blindfolds and get in my car?”

“Follow me into this dark and dangerous alley.”  

“Avenge me, kids! Avenge meeeee!”

“Darn beautiful men. Always eating out of my trash… wait, what?”

“Who would sacrifice everything they worked for just for their dumb sibling?”

“_____ is the worst. And that’s not just jealousy talking, I would say that to his/her face.”

“You’re the worst.”

“Oh, I’ll hold my horses. I’ll hold them. You monster.”

“It’s like if coffee and nightmares had a baby.”

“Kids! I can’t find the remote, and I refuse to stand up!”

“Hot Belgian waffles!”

“Dude, you’re laying on my bra.”

“Disco girl, coming through. That girl is you. ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh.”

“You’re never gonna see it, Kid. Never. Gonna. See it.”

“Watch the shop for a minute, _____. I need to go find a melon-baller and pull my eyeballs out.”

“I believe in you, Goober.”

“I’m gonna find you, Kid!”

“And here we have Rock That Looks Like a Face Rock, the rock that looks like a face.”

“It’s just like my life… in a way.”

“Don’t come in! Don’t come in!”

“Nah, come on. Everyone’s seen a bicycle-riding bear. No, no. I’m going to teach this bear to drive.”

“And the yellow light means ‘speed up’.”

“Okay, you undead jerks. You ready to die twice?”

“The only wrinkly monster who harasses my family is me!”

“Everything hurts.”

“Would it be wrong to punch a child?”

“Woah! Children fighting. I can sell this.”

“Well, I learned nothing.”

I made waffles last night for dinner and my children were debating which was better, waffles or pancakes. They were giving all their points, and in the middle of my youngest sons argument in favor of pancakes, his older brother yells “DUDE!! WAFFLES HAVE TINY CUPS TO HOLD SURYP IN!!!” And that was the final point that ended the debate.