waffle bros

Something to lighten the mood:

  • Mahdi once came over to Evak’s place for a pre game, but Isak and Jonas and Mags were running late

  • Even wasnt feeling 100% that day and was a blanket burrito when he came in (Even had opened the door and buzzed Mahdi in but then retreated to his former place, sitting on the bed with his back against the head board)  

  • Until then, Mahdi had not seen Even be down or down-ish and at first it was very awkward bc Even didn’t talk and only gave him a tired and weak smile when he attempted to make conversation

  • So Mahdi decided to do what he always did as a child, when his mom was stressed and he wanted her to cheer up  

  • Mahdi made waffles

  • And at first Even didn’t feel like it but the heavy delicous waffle smell made his stomach grumble

  • So they ate (”Even, my man, dig in!”) 

  • And Mahdi noticed that Even relaxed when he talked but seemingly didn’t have the energy to talk back 

  • So he just rambled on

  • Which let to Even being the first person to learn that Mahdi lowkey wanted to become a chef

  • And when a few days later Even was feeling better, they discussed various recepies

  • And thats the story how every tuesday Mahdi comes over now, and the two of them cook together

  • (Isak is loving it bc FOOD and Even is so excited and well CUTE but of course rolls his eyes and joins in when Jonas and Mags drag their ‘dinner dates’)

Waffle Wednesday: Daniel Lutheran’s Homie Holidaze

Last month Daniel Lutheran decided to give back to the skaters in his hometown of Albuquerque by throwing a holiday best trick, jam sesh and giveaway. We caught up with our blonde ball of joy in the latest Waffle Wednesday to discuss his Homie Holidaze contest, giving back to the Albuquerque skate scene, and his game plan is for 2014