vieuxtemps asked:

4, 6, 7, 9, 10 and tell me how you feel about Dagger being his NT captain officially :)

4. The footballer that I love that everyone else hates
Patrice Evra
I know pretty much the world hates him after ‘10 WC (like that was all his fault lol u ppl) but i fucking not care. Best left back in the world [dwi], he’s funny, smart, fucking loyal and dedicated to Man Utd [♥] and generally amazing.
Also, his BFF is Ji-Sung Park, there’s no way he is a bad person.

6. The footballer that inspires me the most
this is a hard one. i don’t have a football idol, or a idol at all. There is footballers i love to see playing and makes me love the game/team/them even more. hm, i think i’ll pick the boys of Man Utd Youth/Reserve team. Tunnicliffe, Pogba, King, Lingard, W. Keane, Amos, Johnstone to name a few. they are so skillful and dedicated. they make me think 'damn what i doing with my time/life’ is nice to see great people/players developing level by level. i really do love those boys.

7. My favorite bromance
G. Neville/Beckham or Lukas Podolski/Bastin Schweinsteiger

9. An actual legend that I love
Sir Bobby Charlton
so much respect and admiration for that man. i do love him more than i can put in words, that’s all

10. A footballer I’d like to have babies with
plus Luka is the cutest kid i’ve seen, i’d gladly adopt him.

tell me how you feel about Dagger being his NT captain officially :)