Signs as Gravity Falls Characters

(Based on their personality not birth date)

Aries- Grenda

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Taurus- Waddles

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Gemini- Mabel Pines

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Cancer- Bill Cipher

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Leo- Grunkle Stan

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Virgo- Candy Chui

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Libra- Wendy Corduroy

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Scorpio- Old Man Mcguket

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Sagittarius- Robbie Valentino

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Capricorn- Gideon Gleeful

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Aquarius- Dipper Pines

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Pisces- Soos

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why doesn’t a PHINEAS AND FERB/GRAVITY FALLS crossover exist!!!!!

Its a shame that phineas and ferb ended before the creators got a chance to make a crossover. Just try to imagine the awesomenes, just for a second, close your eyes and imagine:

Waddles being recruted by major monogram and becoming an agent alongside Perry:

Soos and Buford becoming best buddies

Buford hitting it off with Grenda

Baljit hitting it off with Candy

Robbie and Vanessa get together, and Wendy and Candace both being mad together. (Wendy mad because of robbie, candace because she cant bust her brothers.) and wendy giving Candace advice on busting brothers since she’s got 3 of them:

Mable and Isabella becoming best friends, Mable trying to set Isabella and Phineas together (since she is the world’s BEST match-maker)

Mable developing a crush on Ferb:

Dipper and Phineas creating a machine that knows ALL the secrets of the universe! or building machines to fight monsters and solve mysteries! and it goes terribly wrong:


Thats all the ideas i have, if you have anything to add, go ahead!


Jimin looking for Tae ISAC2017

You’ll see pure fear, and a baby wadling around to find his brother

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soufli spirits

Soufli, Evros, Greece, May 2005

Why can’t you take the leaf off your mouth?
Now that you have the facts on your side
Take a moment to reflect where you’re from
Let reason guide you,
See old tracks take you out from the dark
See old tracks lead you up to the stars  

Love, peace, happiness, eternity
All these walks with me

MORE MUSIC & VIDEOS FROM SWEDEN  https://www.tumblr.com/blog/superfreakvideos