wading through thorns

I wade through brambles,
Thorns and branches slice and scratch,
I can feel the sweat and blood,
As they mix with tears and trickle down.

The night grows darker,
Time crawls along behind me,
Slower than the memories creeping up,
Farther than the thicket pressing in.

I push and press forward,
Crying, screaming for reprieve,
This chase will never end,
And I begin to slow, little by lit,

Until I see you.
Waiting with open arms,
On the other side,
Hope, shining in the night,

Such a small flower,
But brilliant,
And forever in bloom.


Rescue Mission(ReaderxDean)

A/N: Guys this is a supernatural imagine/one shot. i have inspiration.. so yah. Also i’d like to say thank you to Winchesterimagine for following this blog!.Please dont spoil spn for me.. im only up to the second episode of season four.. im slow. 

Wordcount: 1681

pairing; ReaderxDean

Warnings: blood, swearing, another djinn, and i don’t know what else


You had been visiting Bobby for a few weeks. He was like your father and every chance you got, you visited. Right now, you were scouring the local papers for a case. You were humming as you circled words in articles, your feet propped up on the dining room table and your back was leaning back against the hard wood of the chair. 

Bobby was on the phone to the Winchester brothers ,he was telling them information about a case, reading the facts from his own journal.You knew them quite well, hunted with them a more than a few time and bonded with them easily. You stretched with a slight grunt as your eyes skimmed the paper. Your lips turned up into a satisfied smirk as wrote down the address you circled. 

After shrugging on your leather jacket, you slid the flask of holy water into your inside pocket. You hid a knife in your boot and your gun in the waistband of your jeans. You bounced over to Bobby and kissed his cheek. 

“I’m going to check this out, say hi to the boys for me” You whispered slightly, picking up the keys to one of Bobby’s cars.

He nodded in acknowledgement and diverted his attention back to the book, reading out more facts for Sam and Dean. 

After some time of driving around, you found the address. The house didn’t look too threatening..just run down..if the windows weren’t boarded up you’d think it was occupied. 

You snuck around the back of the house, wading through the thorn bushes. You had your left hand on your gun and your right had gently nudged the door ajar. 

Your eyes wend wide at what you saw. The creature was tying a knot in the binding that were holding up a limp body. The creature adjusted the blood drip before smirking. It was a Djinn… exactly like the one the Winchesters found. 

You silently crept into the room, your feet making light, delicate steps. You held your breath and cringed as your phone decided to blur out your ringtone. The Djinn snapped around and reached out for you as you grabbed your gun, you were too late. He put his hand to your head,a blue light emitting. No matter how hard you fought, your eyes failed you as they slipped closed and your body went numb and limp…

It had been roughly two days and Bobby hand’t heard anything from you. To say he was worried sick was an understatement, he had called you hundreds of times. 

Bobby looked over your research and nodded to himself. He knew who to call.He picked up his mobile and scrolled through the contacts, landing on Sam Winchester. He tapped his foot impatiently as it started to ring. 

Meanwhile, the brothers had just gotten in from a hunt. It was around 1 A.M when Sam’s mobile rang. Dean looked over in confusion as looked at the caller I.D.

“It’s Bobby” Sam mumbled as he clicked the green button and put the phone to his ear. “Hey Bobby..”

Sam listened carefully. “Sam, Can you get Dean to call Y/N for me.. see if she answers?” Bobby’s voice was rushed and it was evident that he was panicking. 

Sam looked up and turned to Dean. “Dean, call Y/N” He said with his eyebrows furrowed. 

Dean was sat on the edge of his bed when he dialed your number, getting no answer just like Bobby. He looked up and shook his head at Sam, he too becoming concerned.

“Bobby theres no answer, what’s going on?” Sam stressed. 

“She went on a hunt a few days ago, I haven’t heard anything since. I can’t track her phone but I have an address…Sam you gotta bring her back..” Bobby’s voice wavered slightly, he wanted you safe.

After promising Bobby he and Dean would find you, Sam stood and looked on the web for the address Bobby had sent. Both of the boys had started on more research, their plans to rest were long forgotten. 

“Sammy, I think I know how to get here..” Dean mumbled as he ran a hand through his matted hair.

Sam looked at his brother through tired eyes and nodded, “Dean, we can go after we’ve gotten some sleep. It’s not healthy for us” Sam snapped, standing to get ready for bed.

“No, we can’t. This is Y/N we’re on about,Sam!” Dean skimmed over various papers and froze, “Son of a bitch!” 

Dean’s fist hit the table, his cup of coffee spilling out the mug.

“What? You can’t tell me you still have a thing for her..” Sam teased, his eyebrow raising, not noticing his brother reaction until he snapped.

“It’s a Djinn..Sam there’s another one of those bastards! If we don’t go now, she’ll be drained!” Dean shouted as he stood, the keys to his baby in his hand. 

Sam nodded silently and began to grab the weapons. 

You knew what you had to do to get out of the wish-verse. You knew you had to try and wake yourself up..but you didn’t want to. You didn’t want to leave.. you felt safe. 

Your parents were there, John Winchester was alive still and most of all there was Dean. You hadn’t expected it at first but it was what you supposedly wished deep down. 

In the Wish-Verse, you had a family. Everything was perfect and no way did you want to leave. You knew you should wake yourself but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it…

Dean skidded the car to a stop outside the run down building. He wasted no time in grabbing his weapons as he rushed to the back of the house. Sam took one side and Dean took the other. 

“Please be here, Y/N” Dean whispered quietly to himself as he crept up to look through the door, it still being slightly ajar from where you pushed it just days before. 

Sam nudged his brother slightly and pointed to the floor boards. Laying there was your mobile, right at the bottom of where your feet dangled. 

Dean grimaced when he saw you. Your face was pale,lips slightly blue and your eyes sunken into your skull. Your arms were still raised above your head, the bindings on your wrists hoisting you off the ground. There was dried blood around the needle in your neck, the blood being syphoned into the blood bag.

Dean was about to make a move when Sam stopped him. The Djinn walked into their eyeline and tilted your head up as you started to flinch your limbs unconsciously. You were weak, if the boys didn’t get you out now you weren’t going to last another day. 

“There is something about your blood that’s so delicious” It mumbled, reaching for the bag.

That’s when the boys attacked Dean let Sam shoot the Djinn in the shoulder, causing it to kneel down, he then shot it between the eyes. Sam’s face was hard, his jaw was clenched as he shot it once more.

Dean shook you slightly, trying to rid you from your dream. Sam looked over, his expression sad. 

“Y/N, come on! why haven’t you woken yourself up already.. please.” Dean pleaded as he shook you harder. 

He reached out and flicked your forehead, hard enough to jolt you out of the wish-verse and back to reality. Your heavy eyelids opened slightly and you managed a slight twitch of your lips as you looked into Deans green eyes. 

“Y/N..oh god..” He frowned and quickly cut you loose, he pulled the needle from your neck, apologizing when you winced. 

Sam helped Dean catch you as you fell into his arms. “Dean we need to get her to Bobby.. fast!” He said hurriedly as he grabbed the bag of your blood.

Dean lifted you gently and nodded to Sam. “You’re driving” Was all he said. 

Dean sat with you in the back, checking your pulse every two minutes and stroking your hair. He wouldn’t look away from you. His calloused thumb brushing back and forth over your blue lips. 

Bobby had been able to fix you up, the boys had stolen supplies from the hospital to get your blood back in you. You were actually awake when Dean walked in and shut the door behind him. 

“Dean..” You smiled weakly, your energy still wasn’t back yet. 

Dean didn’t say much, he just sat in the chair next to your bed and reached for your hand. “You scared the hell outta me back there, Y/N” He whispered quietly.

You squeezed his hand tightly and nodded.

“Y/N, I don’t get it.. you knew what you had to do to wake up.. why didn’t you?” Dean looked up, his eyes were filled with unshed tears.

You immediately felt guilty, you didn’t want to admit that you wanted to stay in the wish-verse but you knew you had to. You let your tears fall, a sob trapped in your throat. It was everything you had ever wanted in that fake life.

“I didn’t want to wake up, I didn’t want to leave” The broken sob left you and as it did, Dean’s heart shattered.

Dean shuffled into the bed beside you and pulled you protectively into his arms. He stroked your hair and rocked you back and forth, trying to calm you down.

“Why? Why didn’t you wanna leave, Y/N?” He whispered against your hair.

You didn’t want to tell him that you had a family and that he was a part of it. You couldn’t bare his reaction. 

“Because I had everything I ever wanted” You whimpered as another sob rolled through your body.

“Shh…Shh..I know…I know what it does. Y/N, You,Bobby and Sammy…you’re all I got. Don’t make me lose you too..” Dean tightened his grip. “Especially when-” Dean stopped himself.

You looked up at him curiously. He looked down at you and gently took your face in his hands. You weren’t sure if you imagined them or if he actually said the words, they were so quiet.

“Especially when i’m in love with you”

Part two? just request it.