wadi el safi


Great Mawal with Wadih el Safi and Sabah

RIP Wadii El Safi, I’m seriously so shocked and sad because of the news. 

Yes, I know there are 100s of innocent people dying out there. But that doesn’t mean I can’t mourn this mans death. He was the king of music in Lebanon, grew up listening to his master pieces and influenced everyone with his music, not just musicians. 

He made people around the world fall in love with Lebanon, especially me. He’s who made people proud of their country and being Lebanese.
May your soul rest in piece.


Just one of those nights were you need some Wadih El Safi in your life. Wishing the best for my Arab brothers and sisters tonight.

Da’ bab el bayt alsikayt- Wadih El Safi

Wadi El Safi Has passed away.

Today is a sad day, one of my favorite composers and singers has passed away. A man whose words were like no other, voice strong like no other, has left us. Allah yerhamo. 

He who is successful, is one who can impact the world regardless of their presence. 

He is a success. 

My life and career companion is gone…gone. He was the mirror image of my soul and voice, the great Arab singer is gone, I swear he is a great loss. His voice is considered the most powerful and most important voice in the world. We were the first to sing the traditional Mawal, and we are the makers of the true Lebanese song and Halabi Mawal, which is the hardest form of singing in the Middle East.