Thoughts on Shardlight

So I finished Shardlight today. I found out about this game last year when I finished Technobabylon. The initial screenshots looked very interesting and I was eagerly awaiting this game. Like all Wadget Eye games, it had a gripping story and interesting characters. Had lots of fun playing the game. The start was a bit slow though. I have to admit, I fell asleep quite a few times playing through the first chapter. I was worried I wouldn’t finish the game and leave it half done but I’m so glad I didn’t quit. The game really picked up speed after the first chapter and it gets so good afterwards.

Shardlight takes place in a dystopian and post apocalyptic near future world. The world has been annihilated by bombs during a war and what remains is very bleak and depressing. Shardlight’s universe is vividly explained and quite detailed. 

There is a huge gap in society where the upper class are filthy rich and the lower class are so poor they can’t afford to eat three meals a day. The city is also riddled with a plague called the The Green Lung which is incurable but can be controlled through monthly vaccination. The rich have all the access to the vaccine but the poor have to do lottery jobs for the government to score a vaccine. What’s worse is that doing a lottery job does not even guarantee that you’ll get your supply of vaccine, it is what the name says, a lottery.

You play as Amy Wellard who through some circumstances end up working for the resistance movement against the Aristocrats. So the story is essentially you working with the resistance to bring down  the Aristocrats and restore balance and equality in society. There are other factors in the story too, like the Reaper cult and curing the Green Lung disease. Shardlight is also the most violent and brutal Wadget Eye game I’ve played till date. Even so it comes off being realistic as it shows the ugly face war and society.

Overall it made up for quite an interesting story and I also loved the ending. I’ve read a couple of reviews online saying that Wadget Eye’s pixellated style of game is getting stale now but I would like to disagree. The guys over at Wadget Eye come up with such amazing stories that it’s so hard to dislike them. The character development is so good that you fall in love with the characters. Also the art style and music is fantastic. I don’t see their style of game getting old anytime soon.