• Peter: I have a date, too.
  • Wade: Who? What's their name?
  • Peter: Their name is not important. What's important is that they're better than you in every conceivable way.
  • Wade: Damn, Peter, that could be anyone!
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Voltaire Wade-Greene presents: actual cookie monster Thayne Jasperson [v x v x]

  • Peter: I'm a nerd, I've never fit in. If we'd met in high school, you wouldn't have even noticed me.
  • Wade: Yeah, that's just because I didn't go to class. I wouldn't have seen you.

Ron: Aw man! I thought this was going to be historic. 

Kim: It will happen someday. 

Yeah, sure. Someday. In twenty years maybe. 

Although seriously, I expect that at some point, probably the last episode, Wade will show up in person, and everyone including me will be like “HOLY SHIT!” despite how mundane an event it is for us. (Seeing Wade through just one screen instead of two. Ooh, how exciting) 

Wade: You know, I keep thinking, I have now killed every single thing in the Marvel Universe. But the list never seems to end.

Peter: You haven’t killed me yet.

Wade: Don’t tempt me.

for hire. [deadpool x reader. soulmate!au. part 3.]

Title: For Hire.

Pairing: Wade Wilson x Reader

Summary: You never wanted to meet your soulmate. You already knew that you wouldn’t like them; that’s what your abilities were for, and they never lied. They told you that you were better off this way. [Soulmate!AU feat. Psychic!Reader.]

Warnings: Canon-typical depictions of violence.

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