Wade Desarmo.

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Concrete Skateboarding Magazine - #122

 The latest issue of Concrete Skateboarding magazine just came out and it’s one of our best. We took our time choosing the best photos and interviews we could ,some solid skating in there. Here’s a peek at some of the photos I shot in this issue and some extras from Montreal as well.

Wade Desarmo ,nollie 180 nosegrind

Mike Campbell interview

Switch frontside heelflip and backside lipslide

Frontside feeble and 360 flip

Montreal article with Josh Clark

Beaster backside smith , and Josh Clark nosegrind to fakie

Max Fine wallie backside tailslide, Adam Green wallie to backlip.

Nick Moore, ollie to frontside wallride, Zander Mitchell frontside 180 switch crook

Mitch Barrette halfcab crook to fakie, JS Lapierre backside kickflip

Josh Clark backside noseblunt, Andrew McGraw backside 5050

Additional angle of Josh Clark’s backside noseblunt

A still of Will Marshall’s 360 flip over the rail to bank

Additional angle of Nick Moore’s ollie to frontside wallride

Brian Shannon and Mitch Barrette

JS Lapierre, Mitch Barrette and Nick Moore

Josh Clark kickflip in a Montreal alley

Montreal voicing their opinion's 

Josh Clark taking a rest

Jazz taking a shower after a long skate day

Nick Moore backside 180