I made a couple of comparison images to show the difference in a scared dog versus a cheerful dog. The first one is very exaggerated, and the second one is a little more “normal.”

Feel free to save and redistribute these on other sites if you want. No credit needed as long as you don’t claim they’re yours and you link back here if someone asks where they’re from.

Lastly, under the readmore is a cheat sheet for reading his body language. (Disclaimer: I may have missed stuff. I am only a year and a half into “reading” fearful dogs!)

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Me, when I have to adult and I’m not ready...

Idea that once Sora and Roxas are separated, they go their separate ways (Sora to DI and Roxas to TT with Lea and Xion), and Roxas has this brief identity crisis because sometimes he feels this awful little tug in his heart, and a lot of times he finds himself wishing Sora was there with him. And it just eats at him because it reinforces every terrible thing DiZ told him about Nobodies at the beginning of KH2, that he has no right to exist and that he really belongs with Sora, that he’s nothing but an extension of his Other and should never have separated from him in the first place.

And he angsts about it for a while and finally confides in Xion and Lea about what’s bothering him.

And they’re all quiet for a minute until Lea goes, “I think you just miss your friend, dumbass.”

And it turns out that’s all it was.

Somehow I had literally never noticed until the Rebels panel at SWCE that Hondo’s hat is damned tricorn. 

Well played, Hondo. Well played.

It’s less obvious in his TCW helmet (it’s distinctly more a helmet than a hat, though both are hybrids, really), but those same principal lines are there:

I guess he’s just that much more of a pirate now. Or desperate to give the most piratey impression possible now that he doesn’t have a jazzy fall collar. Which is probably very much the case in reality as the budget is so limited in Rebels that all costumes are fitted and streamlined (except for, y’know, Vader. Thanks Vader.) In TCW Hondo’s entire silhouette screamed pirate with the boots, the high-waisted bell-bottomed trousers and was effectively an armed cutaway frock with the hugest fall collar a pirate could buy. Now, they have to cut that down and find the quickest and most direct visual marker to say ‘pirate’. And so, they took his helmet and flattened it out to create more of an overtly tricorn space hat helmet thing. (Also character appropriate since he’s lost everything. Good job, Hondo. In TCW he was a pirate, but they were almost militaristic in their piracy like, y’know, when he attacked some farmers with a tank.)

Crown of Midnight Game Night Teaser!

Here’s a teaser quote!

“I’ll marry whoever I please, whether she’s a scullery maid or a princess or a slave. And it’ll be none of your damn business.”

Alright folks, who said it! Reblog with your answers!

Remember to tune in Friday at 9pm EST for this weeks Throne of Glass Game Night; Crown of Midnight Quote Game!

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What happens in my head whenever a guy asks, “Are you on your period?” just because I’m cranky...

Like, what? I can’t be cranky without PMS? Does that mean when guys are cranky they’re having their “man period”? *smh*

summer with(out) you - a letter
summer with you was different. yeah, it wasn’t like this - it was that orange tank top i always wore. i forgot how much i loved orange. it was you loving my red hair and us talking about writing songs, but never writing them. it was me crying and you calling me when you needed something. it was a lot of red eyes.

what i’m trying to say is: i thought i wouldn’t be fine (and on some level i’m not), but mostly i am. mostly i’m breathing. and i spent the week with my sister, and i went to the beach with my family, and you weren’t there for any of it. it hasn’t been anything like summer with(out) you, you know?

when i think about summer with you i realize just how much we have changed, and i think just how messed up were we?

and now, now i’m getting ready to do things that terrify me (things like college and leaving) and i’m trying to remember you telling me that i’m strong and that you love me, but i can’t. your voice keeps getting softer.
and now, that’s how i miss you.

i miss the things i can’t fully remember; it’s been so long, i miss remembering more than i miss you sometimes.

and now, this is what it feels like: it feels like there is no ending. i loved - love - you in a very real and scary way. in a way that i don’t always want to. in a way that makes me want to call you almost everyday and say look at me, baby, i’m alive i’m here i’m breathing thank you for sticking by me, thank you. but i don’t. i don’t ever do that. that’s what i’m afraid of.

i think i believe that writing all of this will make you remember how much love we had in our hearts when we were young and it was summer, even if you never read a word of it. i think i believe that writing letters and not sending them is enough for you to know how much you mean to me. i think i believe in us that much.

we were a lot of things, you know; we were confused and in denial, mostly. we left a lot unsaid. but underneath all that, we were love. we were overflowing with love.

i don’t want to forget that. i don’t want to forget how purely you loved me. i don’t want to forget the moment i learned to love you. we had so much, so much love

and now, it’s the middle of the night and it’s july and i don’t know what to do. because i still love you, i miss you in the worst way, and i’m terrified that we’re on our way to forgetting. i’m terrified because there is a lot that i don’t think i’m ever going to be able to tell you. i don’t know how to deal with that.