wade where are you

  • Peter: [going out on a date with Wade]
  • Steve: Where are you going to be?
  • Peter: The library.
  • Tony: Make sure the "library" uses a condom.
  • Wade: [points to chest] You're right here, in my heart
  • Peter:
  • Wade: ...this is where you say something nice to me, I think?
  • Peter: What, like pointing out your heart's on the other side of your chest?

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Requested by @spiderzenslaya


Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has added Peter, Y/N, Steve, Thor, Natasha, Vision, Sam, Wanda.

Clint: Anyone up to watching a horror movie?

Natasha: Your face is a horror movie.

Natasha: And yes, I’d love to see a horror movie.

Clint: Awww I didn’t know you love seeing my face ;)

Peter: I’m in, if Y/N’s in.

Y/N: I’m in if Peter’s.

Peter: oh no

Peter: my message delivered first!

Y/N: dammit!

Y/N: Decide!

Peter: No, you decide!

Y/N: Do you want to watch a horror movie or not?!

Peter: Only if you’re there!

Steve: Oh for crying out loud, I order both of you to watch the damn movie.

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Imagine having to sit on Deadpool’s lap

“You gotta be kidding me!” You threw your hands up in the air in disbelief. The car that pulled up was an old blue Honda Civic and it was packed with your friends.

“She’s mad,” Matt stated nonchalantly from the passenger seat. He smiled in your direction, you could see your reflection in his red lensed sunglasses.

“Matt, you’re blind but you even know I can’t fit in the car!”

He grinned and shrugged, “You can sit on someone’s lap or meet us at the party.”

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Wade’s reaction to you always stealing and wearing his clothes.

••• Requested by Anon •••

“That is so sexy.”

Looking over your shoulder, you spotted Wade walking over to where you stood in the kitchen with a beer in his hand. 

“From now on you’re wearing my clothes and my clothes only.”

Snorting, you inspected the button up you wore - the fabric barely fell over your naked ass. “Who’s going to wear my clothes then?” You asked him, flipping over another perfect pancake.

“Me, obviously.” Wade exclaimed. “I look gorgeous in skirts.”

“Oh, I know.”

Wade finally reached you, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin upon your shoulder. You didn’t acknowledge him at all and continued making breakfast, at least until his hands began to wonder.

“I think the readers know where this is going. Better turn off the stove.”

Dating Wade Wilson Would Include

AN: This is going to be a bit more perverse than the other Would Includes because, hey, it’s Wade.

  • Being very confused when he starts talking to no-one and looking elsewhere tells the audience about how awesome and badass he is
    • You will get used to it, you have no other choice really
    • Sometimes you will also jokingly throw in something you want him to narrate (like how amazing you think he is or something that makes you seem wonderful)
      • This will always, without fail, result in Wade turning back to no-one the audience so he can gush about how wonderful you are

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dariarawr  asked:

me again, do you have any fics where Wade is a real badass but loves Peter so much so its kind of a touch me and boyfriend wil actually kill you kind of thing. Fics like the Madness (Our Love is) thanks, you're the best as always

oh tough request ;) here are fics you might like : 

Where. Is. Peter Parker.   by nicole135    

Nobody Hurts My Baby Boy by SedatedKoala     

Flawed by DarkSecrets3             

I’ll Always Protect You by WillowSong                  

Bad Ideas   by NotEvenCloseToStraight          

Wolves by Saucery       

If This Love Doesn’t Kill Me, The Sex Will by Spideypool is my weakness (CinnabunAngel)                     

Night Spider  by  Dakforest        

You Cannot Hide by  Spidey_Pool_99                                        

Cotton Candy

Pairings: Peter Parker x Wilson!Reader

Request: Hi! A request where reader is Wade’s sister and it’s Peter x reader, includes all the avengers. Thank you!           

Vision has created a chatroom.

Vision has added Peter.

Vision: Thor is hogging the kiddies rides. I do not know where Rogers is and I can’t find you and Y/N to help me stop him.

Peter: Cap is with Mr. Stark winning prizes.

Peter: And Y/N is with me on the Ferris wheel but it got stuck, we can see everyone from up here.

Vision: I can fly the both of you down, if you’d like.

Peter: No!

Peter: The view from up here is beautiful.

Peter: But it’s not as beautiful as Y/N.

Vision has added Y/N.

Vision: Your first date with Peter seems to be going well, quite romantic. Being stuck on the Ferris wheel, alone.

Y/N: It would be romantic.

Y/N: If my brother wasn’t in the seat in front of us.

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Imagine Wade Wilson introducing you to Matt Murdock

“Just don’t fall in love with him,” Wade pointed a finger at you.

You glared over at your best friend and scoffed. “Listen if I fall in love with him, I’ll give you 20 bucks.”

“I could use 20 dollars, haven’t been getting much work lately,” Wade started to stare off into the distance and you had to snap a finger in his face to get his attention back.

“Focus Wade,” you demanded looping a hand around his. The two of you crossed the street to some shitty dive bar and when you got to the door, Wade paused and looked at you.

“Listen you little shit,” he tried to harden his expression but a smile got the best of him. “I repeat do not fall in love with this guy.”

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Wade is doing an excellent job at being the guardian of two super kids, who had to improvise a bit with their disguises that donpt fit very well anymore, though spdiey´s spandex suit was useful enough.

Where did Peter get that t-shirt and shorts you ask? Wade´s room, that´s where, he was thrilled to find it.

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[Part One]

Listening (Ethan x FemReader x Tyler) aghast

Originally posted by rhinkydankiplier

(( gif not mine - I find it very appropriate ))

(A/n): This is sad wtf I don’t write sad things why

Request:  I loved your Ethan X reader imagine 😭 Can I request an Ethan X reader where reader and Tyler are dating and get into a fight and Ethan comforts her and maybe reveals his feelings but then Tyler apologizes And the reader is very conflicted? love your writing so much ❤️

Warnings: It’s kinda’ sad dude plus some cussin’ out AND I HOPE YOU KNOW I’M ABOUT TO MAKE TYLER A BAD GUY HOES


“Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to the arrow dodge challenge!” Mark grinned. 

“Back by popular demand with this lot,”

The brunette pauses to gesture to Wade, Ethan, Tyler, and yourself at the end.

“but Bob isn’t here; sad face.”

A chorus of sad looking expressions spilled within the group.

“He’s hanging out with his wife, since it is Valentine’s Day. But instead of being sad and weeping softly into our pillows, we just replaced him and moved on!”

Mark began to laugh and so did most everyone else.

You shook your head lightly and mouthing a solid ‘I’m sorry’ to the camera as it zoomed in on your face.

“You didn’t even introduce her.” Tyler scoffed, looking to Mark.

“Oh right–”

“Hi! I’m (Channel)! Or (Y/n)! Or beautiful Tyler’s companion.” you cheered, reaching a hand back to tap Tyler’s cheek at his mention.

Wade and Ethan giggled off to the right.

“What she said.” Mark offered to the camera.

“Well, in any case, (Y/n) is the comparative noobie, so she gets to get shot at first!” said the blue haired boy. He watched cutely as your face dropped the slightest, opting to pat your back in oily reassurance “Right, captain?”

You straightened your spine and snatched the safety goggles from Mark’s palm. “You guys’ are wimps anyway. This will turn for my favour, just watch it.”

“Suuuuuuure thing, (Nickname).” Wade slurred.

They all viewed you sauntering to the stage where you further readied yourself with a passive “Fire at will.” slipping your lips.

Wade volunteered to shoot first, stepping into the firing area.

“(Y/n), I’m sure Tyler loves you,” he aimed “But, will he still love you. After you have been shot. By many arrows. And have died.”

Wade’s words were drawn and choppy, focusing more on his ability to aim correctly.

He let go of his amo, having it just miss you knee. The speed of the arrow killed your confidence.

“Alright, shit, this is not a Katniss convention,” you spiked “Cool it down, assholes!”

The next shot from Mark was not any nicer. His barely sped past you shoulder. Mark groaned in response, offering you a weak humorous threat for next time.

Tyler stepped up directly after the shorter brunette had stepped down. He said “Ready, sweetheart?” with a taunt contorting his words.

“No!” the cry left your lips when he began to pull the arrow back a long way.

“Tyler I’m serious, please don’t.” you said again.

Mark was the first to agree “Tyler, it’s just (Y/n), go easy man..” he caressed his words with care.

Though, Tyler never did let up the force in which he used. He believed it would be funny. No one else in the group said anything more about it.

“Tyler–!” came the corrected call from your mouth before he let go. And when he did, it cut the air, hitting you squarely in the neck.

You were almost devastated, gasping for a breath immediately.

A string of chained noises rippled through the men. Ethan chose to cover his loose mouth with a quick hand.

“Fucking prick.” you rasped, venom laced you words in a direct attack towards Tyler.

“Holy shit, I’m so sorry.” Tyler breathed in a panicky haze. He dashed to you and tried reaching out to grasp your arm.

You were quick to flinch it away from him. Offering him a greasy glance, your eyes pushed onto Tyler a wild type of horror.

“You always do things like this, don’t you ever think?!” your accusation released itself with a series of coughs “This should be it, we should be over. That seems to be the only fucking way to get your attention!”

Tyler, and the rest of everyone else, was taken aback and held by shock. Your boyfriend went to say something, however you cut him off. 

“Get the hell away from me.”

❆   ❆   ❆

From there, someone offered Ethan to take you inside the studio. The rest stayed in the yard and cleaned up the arrows, the camera equipment, and harnessed awkward silence.

“(Y/n), it’s best to take slow breaths, right?” Ethan told you, in a low, solemn voice set “It get’s your mind in order.”

He guided you into the small kitchen area and prepared a glass of water, putting it into your hands with a shy smile.

You gave him a smile back and peered down into the slow liquid.

“Want to talk about it?” Ethan lulled sweetly. You gave him a quaint nod in reply.

“I didn’t want to expect Tyler to do something like that.” You began.

“But he is always so rough, you know? He’s a real sweetheart, I get that, he just seems so dangerous right now…”

As you went on, Ethan listened heartily. That is all he could do; listen. That’s where he found his ground with you.

Ethan wanted everything and anything more than that of course; he wanted to take Tyler’s place. He wanted to show you a proper and excelling relationship, not a tedious pairing where you get hurt more than you like to admit. Ethan wanted more for you.

“…I’m just, at a loss at what to do…” you finished your speech.

A sigh fell from your mouth and your eyes wandered up to Ethan’s sad blue ones.

“(Y/n) I..” the blue haired boy brushed his tongue across his dry lips.

“I don’t think it’s worth you feeling hurt.”

You nodded again to his words.

“I think maybe… you could give someone else a shot.” Ethan laughed nervously for a moment and then finished with “Give me a shot…”

You felt your eyebrows raise on their own and your hands tighten solidly around the clear glass of water.

Every word Ethan seemed say was suspended thickly in the air.

“This- is such a bad time, I just.. couldn’t…” He looked away and pawed at his arm. Ethan took a step back.

“I shouldn’t make you talk with your throat like that.” Ethan chuckled and turned to leave the room “I’m gunna’ go help the three idiots.”

He left.

❆   ❆   ❆

It seemed to be moments after Ethan had took his leave, Tyler replaced his warm presence. You gazed only into his eyes.

“(Y/n), I’m sorry.” he declared briskly. Tyler stood before your form that was leaning lazily on the counters edge.

“If- If you,” he started “want to break this off.. I understand…”

Tyler portrayed every syllable with justifiable hurting.

“Ethan explained why you are unhappy…. I respect that..”

You didn’t offer him any response, and he didn’t wait for you to give one.

“I just wanted to know that you are alright. I care.”

Without another word following his script, he left as quickly as he came. Leaving you to your collapsing emotions and challenging thoughts.

Spinning your eyes to the large french window that stood behind you, you watched the four men tidy up and give one another idle words.

“Who do I listen to.” you mumbled.


(A/n): Lmao, Ethan ending and Tyler ending? Part two? I don’t know what life is anymore, someone kill me

miniatureyouthgiver  asked:

do you happen to know any fics where Wade is really obsessed with Peter? Like really possessive.. Thanks <3

Misunderstandings and Crap by LPB5446 (Saccharine_Ghosts)      

He’s Not Your Boyfriend  by  Rainbow_Swirl        

The Body Remembers When the Mind Forgets by TheMadKatter13        

Should Have Locked the Door, Spideypool Smut by  Bottom_PeteParker    

You Haven’t Gotten Taller  by killerkitty15    

The Only One Who Knows by Vixen13                    

A Match of My Own by  beetle    

I Want It All by RisingQueen2 

Kitten by castielsass                        



Living with Wade Wilson

Dread consumed you as soon as you opened the door to your shared apartment. The smell for something burning wafted from the kitchen, a game of footie was playing on the TV and Wade Wilson, the infamous merc with the mouth, was no where in sight.

“Wade!” You called, kicking the door closed behind you with you foot before dumping the bags of groceries on the floor. “Where the hell are you?!”

The next second you found yourself almost shrieking at the top of your lungs, stopping yourself in time before any of your neighbours heard you by slapping a hand over your mouth.

Wade was rushing towards you at full speed. Or rather jumping as fast as he could towards you in the blood stained sleeping bag he was wearing, his arms sticking out where he had ripped holes along the sides.

“The fuck kind of kinky shit have you been up to?!”

Wade stopped mere inches away from you.

“Oh this?” He asked, looking down at the blood that covered his front. “It wasn’t anything as fun as that. Although it has given me a hard problem that you could help me solve.”

“Nah ah.” You said, side stepping him. “You can go find your unicorn and take care of yourself - in your room this time.”

“I can’t,” said Wade. “There has been a unfortunate accident involving pancakes, a chainsaw, and a very nasty man with a hideous goatee in there.”

The One Where Wade Steals Some Guy’s Phone

Author: Mikala

Characters: Wade Wilson x Reader

Word Count: Almost 1,900 

Warnings: I mean… It’s Deadpool, so… Read at your own risk, to be honest.

Author’s Note: I don’t write Wade Wilson, Wade Wilson writes himself. Also, apparently I’m naming all my Deadpool fics in the style of Friends episodes, so there’s that. I crave feedback. (Please love me.)

Originally posted by marvelheroes

“So, who is this guy, anyway?” Steve asked as the two of you made your way down to the briefing room.

“Not a clue. I just know that what Fury told me, which was that he ‘knew a guy.’ Someone who may be able to help,” you answered, running a hand through your hair before taking the hair tie off of your wrist and pulling it up. You kept your pace with Steve, glancing over at him for a moment. He was in his full suit minus the helmet, his shield secured tightly on his back. He’d be heading straight out on a mission once you all met this mysterious newcomer, along with Natasha and Tony.

You looked down at your own outfit as you reached the door to the room you were heading into. Sweatpants and an old t-shirt, pretty much standard attire for you. You didn’t usually go out on missions—you were almost always the brains behind the scene, controlling and overseeing communications alongside Nick and Maria. You and Nick had come to an understanding; you didn’t work well when you were uncomfortable, and his reaction had been, “I don’t care what the hell you wear, as long as you do your damn job.” Best boss you ever had, really.

Steve pushed through the door and you followed, taking it Natasha and Tony already waiting right inside the room, but your eyes immediately landed on a tall man covered head to toe in red and black. Even his eyes were hidden from view, concealed by an odd white material in his mask. The handles of two large katanas stuck out over his shoulder blades, crossing in an ‘X’ shape over his back.

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Bad Ideas (11)

Aw our boys are just head over heels for each other and it’s adorable!
But alas, into every life a little rain must fall… so a bit of drama this chapter and get to meet violent!Peter which I kind of love.

If you missed any chapters check the MASTERLIST to get caught up!
Enjoy this update! I’ve been loving hearing from you guys so feel free to drop by my ask box or send me a message if you want to chat about the story!

“Wade, someone’s coming up the drive. I just heard the bell go off.” Peter murmured, and Wade just hummed a little, refusing to let go of him. “Wade.” Peter tried again, and this time Wade huffed in annoyance.

“They can wait, baby boy. I’m busy with you right now. Why are you complaining?”

“I’m not.” Peter assured him, and scratched his nails over Wade’s rough scalp, bringing the man back against him. “Never gonna get tired of this.” he shivered when Wade’s teeth scraped his skin, when they closed over his pulse point and tugged lightly. “Not…ever.”

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