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Dating Wade Wilson Would Include

AN: This is going to be a bit more perverse than the other Would Includes because, hey, it’s Wade.

  • Being very confused when he starts talking to no-one and looking elsewhere tells the audience about how awesome and badass he is
    • You will get used to it, you have no other choice really
    • Sometimes you will also jokingly throw in something you want him to narrate (like how amazing you think he is or something that makes you seem wonderful)
      • This will always, without fail, result in Wade turning back to no-one the audience so he can gush about how wonderful you are

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Bad Ideas - Fic rec

It’s fanfic recommendation tiiime!

Bad Ideas



Peter Parker isn’t Spider-Man anymore. No, he left his suit and that life behind after Gwen, and Harry and everything else in his life went wrong. So he packed his bag and took off, looking for someplace that doesn’t remind him of New York, where he won’t see Gwen’s ghost on every corner, someplace where he won’t have nightmares every night.

Wade Wilson isn’t Deadpool anymore. No, he told a client to fuck off when he’d been sent to end someone who… didn’t deserve it So he left, packed his bag and headed for a place, where the voices in his head don’t scream at him, where he can have a little peace.

When Omega Peter ends up in Alpha Wade’s life, Wade tells him to keep his distance, not to ask about his scars, and to not bother him with his heat. Their arrangement works, each of them living with their own secrets, orbiting around each other but not to each other, until the Alpha starts staring a little too much, and the Omega starts needing some company.

When Wade’s past catches up with him unexpectedly, when Peter has to come to terms with the Deadpool side of his Alpha, it nearly tears them apart. But Peter still has a secret of his own. And he isn’t sure how Wade will react to that at all.

abo, heat cycles and biting, angst, fluff, smut, strangers to friends to lovers, canon typical violence, plot, 46k words
omega!Peter  alpha!Wade
Unique: Strong, capable, sometimes hardcore Peter despite being an omega. Wade still shows submissive tendencies despite being an alpha. The voices and Wade’s insanity was written somewhat differently and I really liked how it was done. Heat was not used as sex pollen and both men talked about things in order to make sure everything was consensual and feels happened prior to sexy times. No mpreg. 


I highly recommend this fic so pop on over and check it out! <3


ELLIE: “I hope they decide to act like actual adults though, and sit down and talk this out. I see more mature fighting going on at my school.”

MOD: Good luck to everyone in @earth-9319 participating in the event! And I have no idea how Ellie knows about it. Deadpool 4th-wall-break genes? … Deadpool 4th-wall-break genes.

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The one time Wade Wilson went to the Avengers for help.

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Request - Where Wade and the reader are working together on a mission and the reader gets hurt pretty badly (like tortured or something) And Wade starts freaking out and takes her to the Avengers to try and get help for her because you’re really good friends with them too? 

Pairing - Wade Wilson X Female Reader

Wordcount - 1,758

Warnings - Blood, Violence, a lot of swearing, Wade panicking, a confession, nudity. Over protective Wade. 

The mission had been fairly simple to Wade. Break into the Hydra swarmed building, kill all of the baddies, go home, share a beer with his bestie and laugh about all the stupid people who tried to get in their way. A totally straight forward mission in which Wade got to take down a lot of bad guys who would do very bad things to you if they got their hands on you. Which relieved would have Wade’s worries about you going out and fighting crime and all of the bad people on a daily basis?

Notice the words would have. Wade’s fall proof plan didn’t go to plan. It went the total opposite and Wade’s worst fear was realised.  

You and Wade had gotten separated after Wade had distracted a group of Hydra agents leaving you with five. He knew you could quite easily take them down. As Wade disappeared from sight further down the corridor, he hadn’t expected another group of Hydra agents to burst into the corridor. You kicked and jabbed, stabbed, attacked all of the agents with all your might yet no matter how you hard you tried you were unable to beat the large group of agents. They beat you down and left you bleeding on the cold stone floors. Thankfully the agents were far too stupid to check for a pulse. Maybe it was the pool of blood that tricked the Agents. Man, you were tired. Maybe you could just lay here for a while. 

“Hey doll face, how many people did you take down, I bet you hadn’t beaten me on how many stupid baddies I’ve taken down today- what the fuck- sweet Jesus.” Wade looked down at your unconscious body surrounded by a pool of your own blood. 

“Y/N, this better be some sick joke.” Wade leant down shaking your body, trying to get you to wake up. To yell boo or something. But when you didn’t Wade began to get fearful. 

“Shit, shit, shit. What am I going to do? Think Wade, think. Avengers! I’ll take Y/N to the Avengers, she knows them. They will help. The things I do for you going to the stupid fucking Avengers for help, Y/N, you better not fucking die on me!” Wade scooped you up and fleeing for Avenger tower. 

Wade rushed into the Avengers tower, pressing every button he could on the elevator. 

“Mr Deadpool sir, I am afraid you have been banned from this building. Mr Stark was not pleased the last time you came to visit” The stupid computer voice spoke. Wade rolled his eyes. 

“I don’t care what the tin man thinks. Y/N is bleeding to death and this is the only stinking place I can think of. Does he really believe that I want to be in this shit hole either!” 

“Very well sir, I will send you right up to the infirmary, Dr Banner will be waiting for you.” Wade stepped into the elevator, holding you close to his body. 

“Finally! You, people, call yourselves Y/N’s friends as you let her bleed out! If Y/N wasn’t so fucking fond of you, I would blow all of your fucking brains out right now. Count yourselves lucky!“ The elevator finally stopped and Wade stepped out of the elevator and met with Bruce Banner or the jolly green giant as Wade liked to call him. 

“Here place her down on the bed, I’m going to need you to leave, so I can attend to Y/N.” Bruce carefully began to try to analysis on your body, Wade wasn’t going to leave you. No freaking way! 

“I am not leaving my best girl!” Wade raised his voice very slightly. No way was Jolly Green Gaint telling him to leave you alone. Bruce was not in the mood to argue with Wade so he simply nodded pointing a nearby chair. See that wasn’t so hard. 

Wade sat in silence, with his paper and crayons. He thought you might like it when you eventually work up. It was a picture of you and him kicking all the baddies ass. Wade was sitting there rather peacefully until Tony Stark sauntered into the infirmary. 

“Was I not entirely clear when I told you more than once that you are banned from entering my tower! No matter the circumstances! We will look after Y/N but you need to leave and leave now!” Wade rolled his eyes, this is what happens when you get rich and fly around in a suit claiming you’re some top notch superhero. Wade stood up, a smile on his face, not that old tin man could see. 

“Listen here tin man. There is no fucking way I am leaving my best girl alone while she bleeds to death! I don’t give a flying monkey’s ass what you tell me to do or what you think of me! But until Y/N is staring right at me with those beautiful Y/C/E. I am not leaving. So go back to playing soldiers and leave me the fuck alone! Oh, and by the way, I don’t want to fucking be here any more than you want me to be, but Y/N needs you and I’m going to have to put up with you until she’s awake.” 

Wade slumped down into a chair and continued to draw. He was going to make this perfect before your eyes fluttered open. However, Wade was counting down the hours, until you woke up. Spending time with the Avengers was not something Wade ever wanted to do again.  

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Ok, but imagine cablepool high school au where Nate is mute and befriends Wade (him knowing sign language being canon and all) but instead of signing to Nate he just replies reaLLY LOUDLY and they’ll be sitting in the cafeteria or st and people will get super annoyed because all their conversations are like “wOW SHE SAID THAT??? om g ur hilarious Nate” and no one ever knows what they’re talking about

“You…” Peter’s mouth is so dry that it might as well be the Sahara, and he feels like the world’s biggest creeper because he can’t stop staring. “Wade, what are you wearing?”

“What, this?” Wade looks down, takes in the ensemble like he’s just now noticed it, then shrugs. “Everything else is in the wash.”

And because Peter’s known Wade for a while now, he can maybe see how this makes sense–like, maybe Wade has a thing about going commando and just happened to have an old girlfriend’s panties lying around, one thing led to another…but…

“And the bra?” Peter croaks.

Wade just gives him a look, like Peter’s grown a second head or toads are falling out of his mouth or something. “It’s a matched set,” he says. “What was I supposed to do, just not wear it?”

Yes, Peter thinks faintly, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do, and he has no idea why this is fucking with him so badly. It’s not like he hasn’t seen Wade in various states of undress before. For someone who’s so skittish about his face he’s shockingly immodest when it comes to the rest of his body, and Peter’s just quietly accepted the fact that having Wade hang around his apartment means there’s going to be a lot more scarred skin and muscle on display than usual.

Which is cool, really. It’s not like Peter looks or anything.


- baby i’d victoria your secret any day by ghostsoldier

When you give a person with disability as much love as you can you show them you love and care. don’t feel bad for them, enable them to do better, Regardless of disability. autism, bipolar disorder, alcoholism and addicts all need direction and love, not to be felt sorry for.

I usually don’t say this, but don’t swallow

—  Wade Wilson
Writer For Hire - Marvel Oneshot Series


So, as most of you know, I started a series called ‘Writer For Hire’, where I’ve been accepting Marvel prompts and turning them into oneshots. I figured I’d collect my fics into a single post, just to keep them together.

You Do Know Liebe Isn’t An Insult, Right? - Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr -  T
Charles is beginning to wonder if Erik actually knows how to speak German. Because, Schöner wasn’t an insult. Liebchen definitely wasn’t.
Then why on earth was Erik spitting them at him like they were?

You Give Love A Bad Name - Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr - G
Charles swears he didn’t so much push the hot guy into a stack of nonfiction books, so much as accidentally fall into him after the guy insulted his taste in books.

Sure Sign of Sanity - Steve Rogers/Tony Stark - T
Steve’s a shifter. And sure maybe a Golden Retriever isn’t the fiercest animal out there to be able to shift into, but he likes it just fine. And the cute brunet at the park seems to like it too. Now if only he could just get up the courage to speak to him in person so that Bucky will stop laughing at him.

Adventures in Babysitting Boyfriends - Spider-Man/Deadpool - G
Sick superheroes never sleep - even when their overprotective boyfriends want them to.

(Not Really) Blackmail - Spider-Man/Deadpool - E

“You. Can’t. Tell. Anyone.”
“What will you give me for it?” Wade said, his mouth working without any input from his brain, which had probably fried with Peter’s hotness. He was too hot.
[Hot damn]
“Have sex with me.”

Communication Error - Spider-Man/Deadpool - T
“Have you seriously been doing this bit for a year now?”  
“Bit… what bit?” Wade looked at him, confused.  
“This,” Peter waved his hand, “the ‘we’re dating’ bit.”  
There was a pause, and then suddenly, it was like Wade’s whole body imploded.
“Hahaha, yeah, the dating bit.” He held up the wine. “One year of one really bad, horrible joke.”

The Dead Pool Motel - Spider-Man/Deadpool - T
Wade’s motel caters to a particular clientele. The rude, violent types. Which is fine, just what Wade wants. But when a cute, hard-working Peter Parker rents a room, Wade can’t help but fall for him.

Guns for Sale - Spider-Man/Deadpool - T
“Give me all your money.”
“I…I’ll do you one better.”
“Better?” Wade examined him.
The man was nodding, seemingly to himself. “I’ll buy your gun.”
“W-what?” This was not how it was supposed to go. There were rules goddamit.
The man nodded again. “I’ll give you my money. You give me the gun.”

I Heard A Sound - Spider-Man/Deadpool- E
The walls in Peter’s new apartment’s bathroom are pretty thin. Luckily the guy next room over is funny and charming and likes Disney songs. Till one day Peter comes home late and overhears an entirely different kind of song…

Pre-Adoption Jitters - Spider-Man/Deadpool - G
Adopting Evan would go a lot smoother if Wade didn’t keep trying to back out every twenty minutes.

Whatever’s More Socially Acceptable - Spider-Man/Deadpool - G

Would you like a drink sir?”  
Peter jumped in surprise and turned to the stewardess, a guilty look on his face. “Um, water please.”  
“And what drink does your daughter want?”  
Peter blinked. “Oh, no she’s-”  
Peter fell short when the sleeping man wrapped an arm over his shoulder. “She’ll have apple juice, thanks,” the man said brightly.
(In which Peter just wanted to take his flight in peace, and the single father next to him won’t stop flirting.)

If They Had A Choice - Cable/Deadpool - T
“Wade Wilson, last reserve.” Wade scoffed. “No deal.”  
“I’ll pay you.”  
“I may not have dignity, or honour, or self-respect, but I can hold a grudge.” He turned his back on Cable. “Which I’m doing now.”  
Cable sighed and closed the distance between the two of them.  
“I need your help Wade,” he said solemnly.  
Wade hmphed.  
“The universe needs your help.”  
Wade made another noise and stepped forward.  
Cable changed tacks. “I thought we were friends.”  
“Friends don’t let other friends get tortured.”

Memoirs of an Asexual - Taskmaster/Deadpool - M
Wade and Tony have been dating for a while now, but have never gotten further then kissing. Wade tries to change that, but finds out something about Tony instead.

Days of Future Deadpool  - No pairing - T  
The future is falling apart. Sentinels rule the land, mutants are dying out. The X-Men have one last hope, sending a person back in time. Unfortunately, Wolverine is unable to be found.
Which leaves only….

Interesting Party Guests - No pairing -  T
When Bucky asked to invite a friend to the party, they hadn’t been expecting..uh..Deadpool.

A Devious Duo - No pairing - G  
Wade and Bucky being friends they could handle. Wade and Tony….that was hell.