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Valve HQ Visit 6/28/2016 (TF2) by MR SLIN

Big shoutout to Dave Riller, Wade Schin, and the TF2 team for taking time out of their busy day to give me a tour of the office and showing me the behind the scenes stuff for my favorite game. They answered all of my questions, showed me as much as they could, and shared their love of the game with me and I can’t thank them enough for the amazing experience.

I want to make it absolutely clear that Dave was nice enough to let me visit on super late notice and they didn’t ask me to make this video – in fact they told me not to talk to about a lot of the stuff I saw lol. I just wanted to tell you guys about a cool experience that I had and share it with my community + the larger TF2 community.

Also thanks to my mom for taking good pictures while I was there :D 

ESEA-IM Medic & Youtube and Twitch content creator MR SLIN visited Valve earlier in the week and runs it back. He also reveals the content of his Valve ™ goodie bag and that’s pretty neat too.

This 7-inch customized figure is a mashup of Kevin Smith’s character, “Silent Bob,” and Boba Fett. It was designed and created by Washington based artist Wade Schin. It was showcased at “Crazy4Cult5,” an exhibition at Gallery1988 in California during summer 2011. More than 100 artists tackled popular culture in this unique show.