wade parker

ryan reynolds: i want deadpool to have a boyfriend and i want spider man i want andrew garfield

marvel headquarters: yeahhhh we’ll think about it

ryan reynolds:

marvel headquarters:

ryan reynolds:

marvel headquarters: hoe dont do it

ryan reynolds: *kisses andrew garfield in front of dozens of cameras at the biggest ceremony of the year*

marvel headquarters: god dammit

  • Wade: You know what, Weasel. I can't do this anymore. I can't keep pining after Peter! I have to tell him. What have I got to lose?
  • Weasel: Your dignity? Possibly a couple of teeth.
  • [texting]
  • Wade: Hey babe, are you ready for tonight?
  • Tony: Hey Wade, this is Peter's father. Do you love my son?
  • Wade: Yes, of course.
  • Tony: Would you take a bullet for him?
  • Wade: Yes...
  • Tony: Lovelly, meet me at our house in the backyard in 10 minutes.
  • Peter: Don't say a word!
  • Wade: ....fergalicious.
  • Peter: I said no words!
  • Wade: Oh, I see how it is. Two weeks ago, playing Scrabble, it wasn't a word, but now it is. How convenient for you.