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Wade Page was a white supremacist, mass murderer, and domestic terrorist. On the 5th of August 2012 Page entered a Sikh Temple and shot and killed 6 people, wounding a further 4. Page had strong ties to white-superamecist and neo-nazi groups, having formed a band called ‘End Apathy’ which featured prominently in the local white-power music scene. He had also previously been employed in the army, but was discharged following repeated issues with misconduct - including drunkenness and being absent without leave. 

The shop where he purchased the gun used in the shooting said that Page’s appearance and behaviour raised ‘no eyebrows’ and that nothing was flagged up on the background check. 

Page was shot by police in the stomach during the attack, however this was not what ultimately killed him. After being wounded Page put his gun to the head and pulled the trigger, completing suicide. There was outcry throughout the United States against this attack, and protests were held in India in response to the deaths. 


Mark may not know what’s going on in his own body, but he somehow knows deep down inside that that was a fucking pun…
and also, it Ethan!

I got a ton, it’s pages 20 and 21

Hired Help (Part 1/?) (Deadpool x reader)

Request: I haven’t seen Mr. Pool in a little while! I’d love if you wrote one where Deadpool is protecting you from a guy you dated and you develop a brother/sister bond.

Language, obviously

With a quick flip of a chair and a swung leg over its back rest, Wade dropped himself onto the seat in a grumbling heap, grabbing his crotch with a wince of pain from a leg not raised up quite high enough.  “Goddammit, that stings!  Why the fuck do you have chairs in a bar anyway?  They’re called bar stools for a reason.”

“Hey, that’s new!” Weasel whined in reply.  “Could you maybe not wipe your dick all over the furniture please?  I’m trying to run a business.”

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Deadpool meditating, drawn with colored pens on an old dictionary page containing the term “mercenary,” 8.5x11-ish.

also LOL the menstrual synchrony in the top left hand page

Given that the Quebec shooter was a right-wing, Trump-loving, pro-Israeli, anti-immigration, white-nationalist, anti-feminist lunatic [somewhat similar to Anders Breivik, Kyle Aaron Huff, Rusty Houser, Marc Lepine, Elliot Rodger, Craig Hicks, Jerad Miller, Robert Dear, Frazier Miller, Dylan Roof, Wade Michael Page, David Pedersen, James Brunn, Shawna Forde, Albert Gaxiola, Jason Bush, Keith Luke, Richard Poplawski, to name just a few] acting out his political views, I propose a ban and extreme vetting until we figure out what’s going on with these crazy white folk. They all seem to have their skin color in common, so we’ll base it on that, and some of the vetting questions can be “do you agree with Trump’s ban”, “why did we invade Iraq”, and “do you ever think about/fantasize walking into a school or theater or mosque or planned parenthood and murdering everyone you see or those who spurned your sexual advances?”

I mean honestly, it seems that a lot of this could have been prevented by asking these folk that last question alone, but hey, what do I know.

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The way you right has the sort of tone where it’s not snobby, but more comic book like if that makes sense? Also Boss is the goofy dorky girlfriend Hana deserves tbh ��

thanks, lol….ive been told my writing tends to be to-the-point and not too heavy on description, which I’m fine with bc I absolutely despise trying to wade through pages and pages of purple prose when I’m reading something. like get to the fucking point. lmao

and every time I write BossVa interactions I just think of this Missed Connections craigslist ad I saw one time