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Imagine a European train.. Y’all may pick and choose.. *goes to repent*

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Everyone showers Aaron Ginsburg with love (and rightly so) but he co-writes all of his episodes y’all. Aaron has never written an episode by himself, guys. Please also remember to thank and include Wade McIntyre in your “Captain of the Bellarke” ship praises guys!

CLARKE LEADS A GROUP TO SAVE A FRIEND – Jaha and Kane disagree over how to handle their grim reality. Meanwhile, Clarke leads a group to save a friend. Bob Morley, Paige Turco, Marie Avergopoulous, Devon Bostick, Lindsey Morgan, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Zach McGowan also star. Alex Kalymnios directed the episode written by Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre (#412). Original airdate 5/17/2017.

Episode synopsis for 4x12, “The Chosen”


Imagine Wade Barrett, Andrade Cien Almas, Jason Momoa, Drew Mcintyre, and Finn Balor being your boyfriends..

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Everything else aside, I have to hand it to my man Aaron Ginsburg (and Wade McIntyre). They pulled through with an amazing episode and even if it was brutal, it made my day 2432325543% better and put me in such a good mood and I totally needed that today.

I couldn’t watch live, I just finished the episode and it was amazing. Best of the season. All the delinquent feels, Bellarke accidentally killing someone and wrecking the rover because they were busy flirting, all of them going to save Raven, all my fave delinquents (wish Miller had been there) were in the same place, and in those crazy suits, and all of them looking to Raven Reyes to save their asses. 

That was awesome. Can @aaronginsburg  & Wade McIntyre write every episode?

From Script to Screen: Episode 302, “Wanheda, Pt. 2″  - Pt. 1

Hey, guys!

Thanks again for being such wonderful fans by watching live, tweeting with us, sending us your artwork, asking smart questions, and just generally being cool people.

As you may know, this is our last day of production in Season Three.  To celebrate, we’ll be posting TWO excerpts from last night’s episode (written by Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre).

First up: