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Got7 Reaction to Your Bikini Top Loosening while at the Beach.

(Guys, I tried my best for this one, writing this was certainly a roller coaster from start to finish. Forgive me.)


While playing around in the water at the beach, there wasn’t a lot that was on your mind besides trying to run from Jaebum, who was trying to splash you with the cold water. Before you knew it, you felt your top slowly loosen from around you, and just in time you caught the front before it could fall and expose you completely. I feel like Jae wouldn’t completely overreact, but he would be surprised, for sure. He would help by tying the back for you, though, to make sure the accident wouldn’t happen again. What a kind man.


Like Jaebum, you both would be having a grand ol’ time being in the water playing miscellaneous games which require quite a bit of movement. At one point, Mark would come up from behind you and bear hug you trying to drag you down in the water with him (savage, I know). Somewhere in between that and hitting the water you must have completely lost your top. When you two would come up from underwater you immediately sunk back under to where your shoulders were barely showing. Right beside you, casually floating in the waves was the top you lost. Mark would probably just blush, apologize profusely, and turn away until you got your top securely on again.


Upon seeing your top slowly loosen while walking slightly behind you on the beach, he would probably treat it like some kind of emergency. “WOAH, JAGI WAIT…” He would yell while grabbing the strings to re-tie them, being super sure that they weren’t going to come untied again. He certainly wouldn’t be shy about the situation, but he would feel embarrassed for you.


You both would just be chilling and wading in the waves of the ocean when your top slowly loosened from around you. Luckily, your ladies were under the water and weren’t seen by anyone, but I feel like Jinyoung (upon noticing) grab your top for you and hand it to you before turning away. He would be polite about it and probably a little shy and try not to bring up the situation after that.


(Does he know what boobs are, should we tell him?) Nah, I’m just kidding, but when your top loosens in front of him as you guys are playing around in the water, he would probably let out some kind of scream and cover his eyes, waiting until you tell him that it’s okay to look again.


You were running from him in the water as he was chasing you with a water gun (as per usual), and while you were running as fast as you could in water, you lost your balance and fell. (You know where I’m going from here c’mon.) As you came up from underwater, your top loosened and fell off, causing Bam to produce a screech and run away in the opposite direction. Luckily, you had the water to protect you from indecency, and had enough time to grab your top and tie it back on without anyone else noticing, but poor BamBam would probably have that image burned in his head for the rest of his life.


I feel like Yugyeom is that one guy who always challenges his friends to handstand challenges underwater, like we all have a friend like that, don’t lie. So, you two would be on your second or third round of the contest and he lost, so he was above water first. As you came up, your top came off, apparently, and upon seeing Yugyeom’s shocked expression you knew exactly what happened and covered yourself up and ducked back into the water. He would hand you your top and probably help you tie it again, but he would be blushing the whole time because he’s probably not used to being in that kind of situation all the time (correct me if I’m wrong, though).


Song Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: Yes,  Hiiiii! Just wondering, can you please make a songfic about ReaderxPeterPan? The song is “Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me.” Thanks! And I love your works, btw!

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Warnings: Swearing | Short | Sexual Themes 

Note: I based this off of how one of my friends’ act. She’s literally the definition of this song. 

Summary: What is he going to do with you?

I pick all my skirts to be a little too sexy

Pan watched as she trotted around the camp, her hips swaying from side to side, her chin high in the air as her baseball bat rested on her shoulder. He knew this outfit was new, he made it for her. But, it was for his eyes only. And here she was…her ass practically out for every lost boy to see. 

This made his blood boil, as cat calls and whistles filled the air every guy she passed. Her smirk was prominent, she knew what she was doing to him, and she loved it. Once a few more comments were tossed around, that was the final straw.  Getting up from the little meeting he was having was Felix, he practically charged at her. Grabbing her by the arm, he drags her back to his tent. You know, just to show her exactly what her little game did to him. And to let everyone know: Off. Limits. 

Just like all of my thoughts they always get a bit naughty

It was dinner time when Y/n decided to play her little game once again. Sitting on one of the logs together, she took the opportunity to lean in close and whisper things into his ear. 

“You wanna hear a secret?” 

Raising a curious eyebrow, he swallows the food he had in his mouth. Not even turning his head, he nods slightly to let her know she could speak. Leaning in yet again, she could barely keep the grin off her face, soft snickers escaping her mouth. Noticing this, Pan’s jaw clenches, as well as his hands. What was she up to? 

“I’m not wearing any panties~” 

Even though he already swallowed, he felt like he choked on his food. Coughing multiple times, and trying to not draw attention to the two, he glares in her direction. With a mischievous glint in her eyes that he’s grown to love so much, he couldn’t stay mad for long. Especially with this new information. What man in their right mind could possibly stay mad after being told that?  Go ahead. I’ll wait. 

When I’m out with my girls I always play a bit bitchy

“Why are you always hanging out by this damned water? How many times have I told you, the mermaids are dangerous!” 

“Fuck off.” 

Now Pan had been told a lot of things, been called stuff, cursed at, you name it. But, for his own lover to not even bat an eye and say that? He was caught completely off guard. He didn’t know if she was on her period, or didn’t eat, or whatever. But, it didn’t matter. Who the hell did she think she was? 

“Excuse me?” 

“I said: Fuck off. God, you’re always on my ass. These are my girls, they’re not going to hurt me. Maybe, if you would get some more girls on this God forsaken island, I wouldn’t have to be associate with these sea demons. But, no. There’s no girls allowed, all except for me, of course. I wonder why that is?” 

“Because I love you.” He crosses his arms, surprising himself that he hadn’t ripped her head off yet. But, to be honest, he liked the bitchy side to her. Secretly. That statement seemed to being her out of her mood, as her eyes softened slightly and a slight ‘aw’ falling from her lips. 

“That’s so sweet, baby~” She replies, skipping over to him and hugging him tightly. The mermaids just hiss in their direction, while Pan just glares at them, practically growling. 

“Why the hell are you like this? It’s literally been a day with this nonsense. You’re bipolar, I swear, love.” 

She chuckles slightly, snuggling into her lover. “Oh, Peter. That’s who I am, and who I will always be. You want me to change, getchu another bitch.” Shaking his head, he wraps a single arm around her waist, directing her back to the camp.

“Never in a million years.”

Can’t change the way I am sexy naughty bitchy me

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TW: Self-harm, depression, blood, anxiety attacks, mentions of suicide, and swearing

Lance inhaled a shaky breath trying to calm his racing heart as his tears streamed down his face. He rubbed his eyes with the balls of his hand, streaking tears across his face in a desperate attempt to make them go away, but to no avail.

The words his teammates said to him rang through his head as he sat in the bathroom, making it hard to think of anything other than their constant annoyance from his presence. ‘Am I that bad?’ he questioned to himself

He tried to return his breathing to normal but every time he thought he was fine, the words would tumble back into his mind and the knot in his throat would return. Why was it always him who screwed up?

The team was off celebrating their latest victory. Meanwhile, here Lance was having a panic attack and falling apart “how pathetic” he muttered to himself.

He picked up the blade sitting next to him and dragged it across his skin. He watched as the blood trickled down his wrists and thighs, little droplets sprouting along his skin. He let out a sigh as the pain calmed his nerves and at the same time built up the anxiety inside. The pain took over and the panic attack slowed. If this was the only way to make the terror stop he would let it consume him for now.

He could hear blue in the back of his mind trying to calm him down, but his thoughts and insecurities were just too much at the moment.

Lance slid the blade across his thigh one more time before rinsing off the blade. He could hear blues cries of sadness at her cub hurting himself, she wailed at him to stop through their link and he blocked her out as he hopped in the shower and watched the blood lazily flow down the drain. Once the water stopped coming out red, he turns off the shower head and got out, pulling on his robe. He made his way out into his room and searched through his drawers for a pair of pants that wouldn’t chafe the fresh cuts along his thighs. He pulled them up slowly being careful not to touch the wounds. Once his pants were on he threw on a t-shirt and his jacket to cover the scars on his arms. Sighing he looked at the mirror and wiped his face, preparing for a long day.

He stood in the bathroom looking at his reflection, and he practiced his award winning smile for a solid 5 minutes before he was ready to go out. He wandered the halls looking for his teammates, he checked the kitchen looking for the yellow paladin with no luck. He checked the hangers for Pidge and the training room for Keith but just couldn’t find anyone. Lastly, he checked the common room where he saw the whole team including Allura and Corran talking and having fun without even realizing he’s there. He felt a pang of jealousy and sadness watching them laugh and be happy just reminding him of the obvious, he isn’t wanted or needed.

He turned on his heel and walked out, walking swiftly down the halls looking at his feet. He bumped into someone. It was Keith, looking at him with a scowl. “Watch where you’re going. Find something useful to do instead of staring at the ground.” Keith mumbled. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, mullet, it was nice bumping into you too. You must feel blessed by my presence.” Lance forced his signature shit-eating grin and let out a chuckle, before turning to walk away quickly, he couldn’t deal with the emo teen right now, his feelings for the boy always got in the way when Keith made jabs at him, and in his already fragile state he couldn’t deal with the little needle of every insult jabbing into his heart.

Lance hated how cocky he sounded to Keith. He didn’t mean any of it, he was just tired, not physically tired that could be solved with a few hours of sleep. He was mentally tired of himself and all of his bullshit that he put up with to make sure that none of his teammates suspected something of him.

His pace picked up into a sprint, he needed blue. Blue is the only one who understood his feelings. Lance sprinted into her hangar, to his lion, her calming voice and the waves of affection rumbling in his mind and immediately calmed him down.

He curled up in her cockpit and let out a tiny whimper, before the calm and the soothing voice of blue lulled him to sleep. He waded off into a dreamlike state, completely peaceful until there was a figure standing over him. It was Hunk, shaking his head with a look of concern.

“Spill it. You only fall asleep in Blues cockpit if something is wrong. What happened?” Lance let out a sigh, why did Hunk have to know him so well?

Being friends with him for years, telling Hunk most of his darkest secrets, and being one of the seven people on this God forsaken ship, you’re bound to notice when something is wrong with someone who’s usually ‘happy’, “I- I don’t know, to be honest. I guess I’m just homesick.”

Lance knew he wasn’t telling the full extent of his thoughts or feelings and felt bad for lying to Hunk, but he just really didn’t want to talk about it.

“Are you sure that’s it? it seems like more than that, you’ve been really distant and I saw you walk out of the room earlier today. Plus Keith said you made a really really bad come back and then ran to Blues hangar. There’s no way that you’re just homesick. Please tell me? I’m your best friend, you can say anything you want to me and I’m here to listen.” said Hunk frowning in concern.

Lance felt his heart stop. Hunk must have his own theories about what was going on, but he didn’t know for sure. Forcing a warm smile on his face, Lance patted Hunk on the back, “Could I ever lie to you, buddy?”

Hunk didn’t accept his answer but knew not to press any further so instead, he told Lance “When you feel like talking I’m always here for you buddy.“ with a soft and warm smile.

Hunk scooped up Lance bridal style, in a bone crushing hug, in an attempt to make Lance feel better, Lance winced as he felt the cuts slide open a tiny bit. The hug worked slightly as Hunk gave good hugs and Lance knew the bigger male cared about him and his feelings. This made him feel a little better, so he gave Hunk a small smile and waved to Hunk as he left the hangar. The slight sting of the wounds did not bother Lance, as he curled back up in Blue’s cockpit and took another short nap. This time he was awoken by a finger poking his face. He opened his eyes to look at Keith staring intently at him."Why are you still in here?” Keith’s brow was furrowed and his lips pouted out a bit “Blue is comfy.” Lance murmured still half asleep and stretched out. He heard Keith make a small squeak of horror and looked quizzically at the small male. “Lance,” Keith’s voice was suddenly very hard and angry, but at the same time held so much concern and was soft, “What. the fuck. is THAT?” pointing to Lance’s blood stained pants. Lance immediately knew what he was talking about and let out a sigh of defeat.

“It’s a wound.” Lance deadpanned.

“How the fuck did it get there?” Keith’s face continued to deepen in concern.

“I put it there? But you can’t tell Hunk, EVER!”

Keith stared at Lance’s leg, that had red bleeding through his pants. No, not staring, more like glaring at it. He hated the thought of the way it broke Lance’s perfect skin and how- okay, okay, that’s enough of those thoughts about Lance,"Fine I won’t tell Hunk unless it gets worse. Anyway, it’s dinner time and we’ve already started without you. If you want something to eat at all, I recommend you go now.”

Lance groaned but felt another pang of sadness, they forget about him and started eating. Lance composed himself best he could but Keith could see through the fake smile when Lance got up to walk away Keith grabbed him by the wrist “You can tell me if you aren’t okay” Keith says softly, completely unaware he reopened the slits on Lances wrists.

Lance winced noticeably and quickly pulled his arm away. Keith grabbed his arm gently and rolled up the sleeve, revealing scars. Some were long slashes, others were tiny little scratches, some looked like Lance had gripped his arm until it bled. Keith gasped as his hand went over his mouth, tears threatened to fall from the shorter boys face.

“ Lance….” the black haired boy whispered he looked up into the brunette’s eyes. The brunette looked away, but turned back startled when he felt something press against the scars on his skin, it was Keith, kissing every scar and scratch, avoiding the fresh ones but kissing around them with butterfly soft kisses. Keith looked up at him and said the nicest thing Lance had ever heard Keith say to anyone, ever.

“You’re beautiful” Lance felt tears rush to his eyes and his felt them slowly slip down his face. Keith pulled him in close and stared up at the blue paladin, before leaning in and kissing him on the lips gently. The brunette pulled the smaller male closer, enjoying the fact his crush liked him back. Sitting down he pulled Keith onto his lap before yelping and pushing Keith off. He had forgotten about the cuts on his thighs.

“Lance, you gotta stop doing this to yourself. I know you’re probably told this a lot but we care about you and if you need to talk, just talk.” Lance didn’t know what to say as Keith talked to him in a soothing voice,

“Now, are there any more cuts?” Keith knew that there were more cuts, but he didn’t want to push Lance, he needed to tell him on his own.

Lance sighed and gave in, to Keith’s surprise “ I have never been told that. Ever, by any of you…If we go to my room I’ll show you” Lance says softly, turning away with a blush.

My Cubs about to get laid! he can hear blue saying in the back of his mind. This only adds to the embarrassment and Lance’s face turns red as a tomato.

Lance pulled on Keith’s arm as he rushed through the halls to his room, making sure that Hunk didn’t see him, or his slightly bloody pants. Once Lance was in the safety his room, with the door locked, he began to take off his clothes, one garment at a time, until he stood in only the skin tight underwear the castle had provided them with. Lance turned around to face Keith and he stood there shocked. Lance had deep gashes up and down his thighs, a few still oozing tiny drops of blood out and over Lance’s beautiful skin. The cuts ran up into the Cuban boy’s underwear and all the way down to just above his knee on both legs. Lance’s arms had scars and cuts everywhere, from down by his wrists all the way up to his elbow, all around his arm, what made Keith most upset was the deepest gash that ran down Lance’s arm instead of across, it started at his wrist and went halfway up his forearm. The left arm had fewer scars, but more new cuts.

“Oh my god…” Keith let out a shaky breath and rushed to Lance pulling him into a big hug and snuggled into the crook of his neck. Lance’s face turned red as Keith brushed up against his soft spot. Lance let out a noise when Keith brushed over it again and the smaller boy turned to look at the tan male standing in front of him. He pulled away from Lance and smirked at his super red face, letting out a soft chuckle.

Lance put his arms over himself defensive and embarrassed.

“Lance… my sharpshooter. Everything will be okay now.” Keith pressed a soft kiss against Lance’s lips.

Lance could feel his face turn an even deeper shade of red if that was possible. He felt like a tomato. Keith gently kissed Lance on every single scar on his body making Lance’s body tremble and shake, the deeper scares the black haired boy paid more attention to and he graced over Lance’s fresh cuts with soft lips that made Lance feel more loved than he had felt in his entire life. Lance felt warm on the inside, bubbly, and Keith’s kisses made him feel just as good, if not better than Hunks hugs did. He knew this boy loved him, otherwise, he wouldn’t be here. Keith slowly worked his way along every scar nibbling on a few and making Lance giggle. Keith came back up to Lance’s mouth and kissed him passionately, letting the blue paladin know that he had been wanting him for a while. Lance began to kiss back with as much passion as he could muster, telling the red paladin that he wanted this more than anything in the world.

They finished their make out session and went to go get Lance food. When Lance got to the dining hall, Hunk gave him a bowl of food goo that tasted like lasagna. Lance moaned he felt like he would melt right there on the spot. Keith’s face was red, redder than the tomato colored goo or the red lion that he piloted.

Lance winked at him, making a promise that it would happen later. Keith blushed the deepest red Lance had ever seen. He felt better, now that he was with Keith, more complete.

Hunk noticed the wink and looked between Keith and Lance, smirking. “Okay guys, pay up! Shiro, Allura I know you guys bet against it.”

Keith and Lance watched in confusion as Shiro and Allura handed over a tiny bead with a look of shock.

Pidge and Coran gave each other high fives as Pidge whooped.

Pidge ran to her computer and started typing, pulling the camera feed that she had installed in Lance’s room up on the holo-screen, while Lance was in blues hangar earlier that day. She was looking through the feed in Lance’s room. It started with Lance pulling Keith in his room, then slowly he took one article of clothing off at a time. At first, Pidge thought they were going to have sex so she went to close the projection, but she was surprised to find that Keith looked shocked and sad. She zoomed in to see what Keith saw and started crying.

She watched in horror as Lance stripped down to his underwear, she saw the self-harm marks that littered his body and then he turned around she gasped at the burn marks on his back. Lance just watched in horror from the side of the room as everyone looked at the paladin they thought was upbeat and happy. Except for Hunk, Hunk looked like he had seen someone’s ghost.

“I thought you’d stopped…” Hunks voice cracked and he began to cry. Lance just sunk down the wall. This wasn’t supposed to happen, he couldn’t breathe he felt himself start to hyperventilate, he curled up into a ball on the floor to hide from his teammates voices as he dealt with the second panic attack of the day. He couldn’t breathe. He choked out sobs and rocked back and forth freaking out because now everyone was terrified, stepping closer to help the boy. Lance let out a choked sob, moaning, and scooted away, he felt trapped and cornered. The closeness made it worse, they we’re too close and Lance couldn’t catch his breath. This was one of the worst panic attacks he had ever had. Hunk was crying for his friend who had chosen self-harm over talking it out and he hadn’t been able to help him. Pidge just sat in shock, the person who was the happiest out of all of them, who she saw as a big brother, felt so much pain on a daily basis and she hadn’t done anything but make fun of him and yell at him for getting in her way.

Shiro stared at the Cuban boy huddled on the floor, he wore the jacket that Shiro had never seen him take off, except for missions, and he wore loose pants that were probably so that they wouldn’t chafe the cuts on his legs. Shiro was horrified by the video. Lance had more scars all over his entire body than Shiro, even when the older male’s arm was gone. Shiro looked closely and saw the one mark stretching up instead of across and felt his heart break. This boy was so unhappy he had tried to kill himself. The boy who always smiled no matter what, who cracked jokes in a serious situation to make the others feel better, yet the tan male couldn’t do the same for himself. Shiro felt tears welled up in his eyes and he covered his mouth, this boy that he considered a brother, a son, family, was so unhappy, he felt the need to hurt himself instead of telling the team, tell him. He felt like he had failed as a leader as he recounted all of the times Lance’s smile was actually a wince of pain when someone had touched one of his cuts.

Shiro sat down next to the boy and put a hand on the boys back, slowly and gently rubbing circles up and down his spine to soothe him, Lance sobs turned into soft gasps as he struggled for air. Hunk came up to the boy and pulled him onto his lap hugging the lankier boy tightly to his chest. Quieting him with soothing words. Lance was still struggling though until Keith stepped up and kissed Lance, he kissed every part of his face he could get his lips on, making Lance look at him. Lance slowly began to breathe and his muscles stopped convulsing in terror.

The entire time this had been going on, Allura was in full blown shock, she couldn’t hear what was happening around her as she stared at the screen which showed Lance standing there, scars running over all of his limbs, in places just hidden enough that no one would be able to see. She stared in horror at the scar from the explosion running across his back, they had never even thanked him for saving Coran. They had not thanked him for his cheerful attitude that had kept the team from collapsing, she had never thanked him for his terrible jokes and pick up lines that boosted her confidence and made her feel special even when he used them on other aliens too. Her vision was blurry with tears and she swayed from the weight of this new information she had received on her blue paladin.

She sat back on a chair in the dining hall and put her hands on her face, wiping away the tears.

Next, to her, Coran was a wreck, he cared for Lance like a son, he cared for Lance so much, and this poor boy had been dealing with the great weight of war and his personal battles all by himself. Never asking anyone to save him from the demons that had lurked under the boy’s skin. The boy who was drowning in pain all the time. Coran wanted to go back in time and protect this poor child from the demons that tormented his Lance’s mind into wanting to slice his skin and bleed. He saw the blast marks on Lance’s back from when the boy had almost died saving his life from a galran explosion. His tears flowed freely as he remembered he never got the chance to thank Lance for this act of chivalry and selflessness. Lance had been brave and strong and Coran hadn’t told him that he thought of the boy in that way. Coran felt his heart break at the sight of all the scars that covered the boys body. Coran looked over at the real Lance and was shocked to find him lying on the floor hyperventilating, with Hunk and Keith and Shiro surrounding him. The boy was sobbing and the tears fell freely and at full force down his face, Coran noticed the calm look Lance took on when Coran too joined them on the floor.

“I’m sorry boy I seem to have forgotten to tell you something of utmost importance.” the orange haired altean choked back tears. Lance tilted his head in confusion and curiosity.

“Thank you, Lance. For saving my life and making jokes with me. ” Coran smiled

“Thank you for being you.”

Lance managed to look up at everyone, his face red and puffy with tears, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” The sorry’s faded away as everyone hugged him and told him it was okay, and now that they were there surrounding him with support, he would be.

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blease,,,,,,,MiriTama first date/first kiss.......I need 2 know how u feel abt this in fiction form. Pls

If there’s one thing Togata Mirio is certain of, it’s that Amajiki Tamaki will always come through in a crisis, despite any fears or insecurities that might try and stop him.  

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“Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.” and spideypool

slushies are for EVERYONE! 


Peter groaned. He knew that voice. More importantly, he didn’t like that voice. He turned around and saw Deadpool running towards him at full speed. 

“Spidey! It’s me! Deadpool!” he shouted, then spread his arms, looking suspiciously like he was intending to hug Peter.

Peter held up a hand and shoved it into the center of Deadpool’s chest, effectively stopping him before he could succeed with his hug. “Not a chance.”

“Aw, but why not?” Deadpool whined.

“What do you want, Deadpool?” Peter asked, crossing his arms and ignoring his question.

“To hang out, duh!”

Peter rolled his eyes. This happened about once a month. Deadpool just showed up, usually at a very inconvenient time, and refused to go away. He was like the world’s biggest tick. “We aren’t friends.”

“But we could be.”

“But we’re not.”

Deadpool pouted and slumped over. “You’re not fun.”

Peter felt the urge to roll his eyes again. Deadpool really wasn’t capable of not being annoying, was he? “Yeah, I know. Now go away.”

“But I wanna fight crime! Kick some ass!”

“Then do it on your own time.” Peter replied, preparing to swing far away from him. It was around the end of the night anyway; he was planning on just going home.

“That’s boring, spidey! I need some action.”

Peter frowned. “I’m sure you’re more than capable of finding some on your own.”

“Well yeah.” he said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “but that’s no fun. I wanna fight with you! Alongside the best of the best!”

Peter sighed. He could be here all night telling him why that statement was wrong. “I’m done with my patrol for the night, Deadpool. Go home.”

“It’s not even that late!”

“It’s almost three in the morning. I’m going home, and you should do the same.”

“Go home with you? Hell yes!” he shouted, trying to walk up and hug Peter again.

Peter rolled his eyes and shoved him off. Once again, Deadpool was proving hard to get rid of. Peter still wasn’t entirely sure why he had gotten stuck with him in the first place. “Go home to your own place, Deadpool.”

“You can call me Wade, y’know.”

Peter paused. He’d forgotten that he actually knew Deadpool’s name. “Wade, go home. Please.”

Deadpool–Wade–grinned at him, then said, “No.”

Peter briefly wondered how far he could throw Wade away from him. “I’m going to leave now, and you’re not going to follow.” he said, starting to truly prepare to web away.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Wade shouted, jumping in Peter’s way.

“Wade, move.”

“Can’t we just hang out for a little bit? Pretty pretty please?”


Wade groaned. “I’ll buy you food.”

Peter paused. Food did sound really good. “Really?”

Wade nodded. “Anything from…there!” he announced, looking around before pointing at something over Peter’s shoulder.

Peter turned and saw a slightly-shabby convenience store. He snorted. This was unbelievably Deadpool. “Wow, going all out, are you?”

“Yep.” Wade said, then marched off towards the store. After a second of deliberation, Peter sighed and followed. He was slightly worried that Wade would just steal whatever it was he wanted.

The bell above the door dinged when he walked in, and it looked pretty much exactly as he expected. Bad lighting, lots of artery-clogging snacks, and Wade filling up a cup with every flavor of slushy possible.

Peter watched him for a minute, snorting when Wade started to grab a second cup and do the same thing, but this time in rainbow order. Wade caught his eye on the color green and waved him over.

“Spidey! Want a slushy? I’m buying!”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Pass.”

“What? Think slushies are just for kids? Don’t tell me you conform to society!” Wade teased, waving his cups at him.

Peter laughed, then gave in. “Slushies aren’t just for kids. Fuck society.” he announced, then grabbed his own cup, filling it with cherry.

Wade cheered. “Hell yeah!”

Peter rolled his eyes again and finished filling his cup, topping it with a domed lid and sticking in a neon pink straw. Wade joined him soon after with four cups, then went up and paid for all of them. After, they headed out and started walking down the street.

“Dude, why do you need four? Are you trying to freeze your intestines?” Peter asked, laughing as Wade put two straws in his mouth at once. He had his mask pushed up only enough to get them in.

“Nah, I just like slushies. Who doesn’t?”

Peter shrugged and sipped his own. He had to admit, it’d been a while since he’d had a slushy, and it was good. “Stupid people.”

“Exactly.” Wade agreed.

They walked in silence for a while, until Peter was almost done with his and Wade had moved on to his third.

“So, how much time did this buy me with you?” Wade asked, seeming genuinely curious.

Peter raised an eyebrow. “I’m not a prostitute.”

Wade whistled. “Shame. You would make a killing off that ass.”

Peter smacked him. “Too bad. Time’s up.”

“Aw, what? I bought you a slushy!”

“And it’s empty.” Peter said, showing him the empty cup. “But if you ever wanna buy me another one, let me know.” 

“Aw, Spidey!” Wade whined as Peter turned to leave. “It took so long to find you!”

“Not my problem. See you around, Wade!” Peter called, webbing away.

“Spidey! Spidey!” Wade whined behind him, but Peter ignored him and landed on a rooftop across the street. He prepared to jump off and start heading home, but Wade sounded so pitiful behind him.

He sighed and turned back, where Wade was standing and waving his arms like a lunatic at him. When he saw Peter turn around, he ran over to the bottom of the building.

Despite the fact that it was a bad idea, Peter crawled down the side of the building, stopping about five feet from Wade. “You’re very needy.”

“I get that a lot. Come back down!”

“Nope. Got work tomorrow. But we should do this again.” Peter said, half-meaning it.

Wade grinned at him. “Really?”

Peter shrugged. “Sure. I’m gonna leave now. Don’t follow me.”

Wade seemed to struggle with that idea, but stepped back. “Aye-aye.”

Peter smiled back and went back up, then headed off into the night. 

And maybe he noticed Wade following him for nearly ten blocks, but the guy bought him a slushy, so who was he to say anything?

I Thought You Were Different: Book 5 (Part 11/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 10

If you had been told not so long ago that you were creating a very unlikely friendship in Sam and Wade when they had joined you on your mission to find Tony, you never would have believed it.  They were nothing alike, and their egos and attitudes were certain to clash at every turn, and they did.  But despite that, something between the two of them worked and they had a mutual respect for each other despite their manner together; so much so that Sam had called on Wade to meet for a very specific reason.

“Alright, my aesthetically inferior friend,” Wade smiled, “when’s the big day?”

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Beach Day

Here’s another gift for @strikecommandher because I’m a ridiculous sap and love trying to help people feel better ❤

Same deal as last time, I’m still approximately 5.7 billion light years away from a computer so enjoy this 1.5k word post without a -read more-

It wasn’t very often that people found time to relax at the watchpoint- between training and meetings and missions, they barely had enough time to eat and sleep. But sometimes, when the planets align and the sun is shining bright and the water is warm, a group would just say ‘fuck it’ and head down to the beach.

The beach wasn’t too far from the watchpoint, just down a steep set of natural stairs carved into the cliffside. You could hear the alarms and base-wide announcements easily enough and if not, everyone kept their communicators with them anyway. If they were really needed back at base for anything, it was just a five-minute walk away. But being down in the sand with the waves covering up most of the usual din from the base, it was almost like being in another world, a peaceful world.

So it was with a smile that you found yourself stretched out across a towel on the beach today, basking in the sun and soaking up your friends’ laughter. It was a rare sound, especially when it was so genuine. A few people were splashing around in the water, a few were building sand castles, and a few more were just resting like you. You were all regular agents, nothing particularly special in the ranks of Overwatch, though you had to be special to get here. There was something pretty amusing about a group of incredibly intelligent, deadly people spending a day on the beach playing like children.

Around noon when some people were getting hungry and considering sneaking into the kitchen to steal some food back out for the rest of you, you spotted a lone figure walking down the stone steps towards the group. They cut a striking figure, but it was their hair that gave them away. Without the long blue coat, Commander Morrison was hard to recognize and you wouldn’t have known it was him until he got closer except for his hair, shining bright gold in the noon sun. You two were pretty close, in your humble opinion. He talked to you outside of missions, outside of meals even. You two could spend time in the rec room silently reading or something on the same couch or talk for hours about everything that came to mind, and you have. He was a good friend, and not one you expected to make with the difference in your ranks.

Most people paused their activities when he got closer, freezing in fear of being caught and expecting a stern lecture about professionalism. But you knew better. You could see the amused sparkle on his eyes, the smile he was trying very hard to conceal, and the easy gait with which he walked. He wasn’t upset, he was here to relax like everyone else. When he sat down next to you and waved his hand in dismissal, everyone went back to what they were doing before, low murmurs of confusion just heard above the sound of the ocean.

“Well, well, look who decided to join us finally.”

You poked at his side gently and sat up, looking at him with a smile. This was a pleasant surprise.

“I figured I could join my team for a little bit, show ‘em I know how to have fun too.”

You both laughed before you stood and held out a hand to him to help him up.

“Come on. You gotta get in the water if you wanna show them you’re a fun guy. I don’t think reading silently with them for hours on a Sunday night will win many over.”

You said this with a smirk but your tone was gentle. You appreciated him spending time with you like he did and didn’t want him to think you found it strange or unnecessary. He laughed, picking up on the joke, and took your hand to stand. But he didn’t let go of it when he started walking to the water. You were glad you were already flushed from the sun so your blush wasn’t too obvious.

He laced his fingers with yours and looked over to gauge your reaction, his smile growing when he saw your small smile. He stayed quiet until you got to the edge of the water, the waves just barely lapping over your feet. Some people were looking at you two with curious expressions, most likely wondering the same as you: Why was Strike-Commander Morrison holding your hand?

You wanted to ask, but worried he would let go. So you just took a couple steps further into the water and tugged on his hand so he would follow. When he did, you ran into the water at top speed, pulling him along with you with a breathless laugh. You ran into the waves until they reached your waist and almost made you lose your balance. He caught you but spun around and let the next wave wash you both over, making you fall into the water and get completely soaked. You hopped back up quickly with a shout.

“Hey! No fair!”

Your words had no heat behind them and your smile was too wide to hide now. You splashed at him and he splashed back, getting some people nearby wet too. Your laughter and games were infectious, and soon more people joined in the water in what became a splash war, trying to get everyone else as soaked as possible.

Jack managed to drag you under a few more times, wrapping his arms around your waist and dropping gracelessly. A few times, he kept ahold of you after you both stood again, making your blush return. You wouldn’t have pegged him as a tactile person before today, you two had barely even hugged before, but you certainly weren’t complaining.

It was a while later before someone spoke up asking about food again. Jack’s surprise arrival and splash war distracted everyone from their growling stomachs but they could ignore their hunger no longer. Jack looked at his watch then back up to the watchpoint like he was debating something before shrugging to himself and turning to address everyone.

“My next meeting isn’t for three more hours. If you can all dry off quickly enough and come help me get the supplies, we can have a barbecue down on the beach!”

Everyone cheered and ran to shore for their towels, ready to keep their beach day rolling. You started for shore too, wanting to help so the cooking could start sooner, but you felt Jack’s arms around your waist again holding you back.

“Nope, not you. I’ve got another job for you.”

Just as you turned to complain about the unprofessionalism of favoritism, Jack tilted your head up with a hand under your chin and kissed you. You let out a surprised squeak but didn’t try to pull away. You had thought Jack was only interested in friendship; even in your wildest dreams when you confessed your deeper level of attraction, he politely turned you down and your friendship kept going. You never would’ve imagined your feelings were reciprocated.

Just as you reached up to wrap your arms around his neck, you heard cheers and clapping from the beach. The sudden reminder that other people were still here made you stop your action and jump back,falling into the water again. Jack laughed and helped you up, holding onto your hand again as you both waded to shore.

“Well it’s about damn time,” your best friend said, clapping a hand on your back.

Your confused expression sent them into a fit of laughter, and it took another of your friends to explain that everyone assumed you two were more than friends already since you spent so much time together. Jack didn’t spend a lot of personal time with anyone unless he was finishing extra work, but you were the one exception. The explanation made you blush again, feeling shy. Your first kiss with Jack was in front of all these people, and you didn’t even realize it was coming when they all did.

“Hey, what did I say? If you want lunch before your afternoon training, get your asses moving!”

Jack barked the orders in his usual Commander Voice, but his smile didn’t fade yet. They all laughed and gave lazy salutes along with very a sarcastic “sir, yes, sir” before running off to the stairs. You and Jack sat down on your towel and leaned against each other, watching the waves come and go, your hands still clasped together with your fingers laced.

This was an unusual beach day, but it was definitely the best one yet. You could only hope Jack would join you more often, and you were definitely looking forward to the new kind of quality time you’d get to spend together.

Bucky’s Girl |Series| 2/?

Originally posted by bartowskis

Summary: You’re dating Bucky Barnes, it’s good. It’s beautiful. Steve, his best friend has had a crush on you, wayy before Bucky returned. (Series)
Warnings: Angst/ inspired by that one story in Love Actually but kinda not/
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Negasonic, Colossus, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Peter Parker & Sharon Carter.

Inspired by the song Jessie Girl - Rick Springfield

Part One * Part Two * Part Three * Part Four * Part Five

(Gif credit to owner - I tried finding the original but couldn’t)

Luckily for Steve he had a mission and didn’t have to deal with seeing you all happy with Bucky. He knew what you’d both be doing alone but the distraction of working, plus having Natasha alongside him was enough for the few days. He knew Bucky would get hold of him eventually, ask him what’s up with all the back to back missions, he was just bidding time to think of a good enough excuse.

“Steve, now really isn’t the time to be in your head,” Natasha’s frustrated voice rang through his ears, pulling him back to the present.

They were currently surrounded in a tiny Hydra bunker, suspected to be abandoned but it was a trap, just their luck. They had called for back-up which would take as long as twenty minutes, meaning they had to make sure they survived that long. It wouldn’t be difficult for Steve, he may not know his limitations but he could withstand worse, Nat, however, wasn’t as indestructible as him.  

He looked over to see the infamous Black Widow panting, covered in sweat and mud, on the floor with her stingers beside her. He was sat opposite her, his back against the door they were sealed in, using his body weight to make sure no-one could get through.

“Tell me, what’s on your mind?” He locked eyes with her green eyes, a frown settling on his face.

“Now isn’t a good time for that, Nat.” He tried to chuckle but it came out strangled, she lifted one shoulder as an indication that now was good as any, they had nowhere to go and for all, they knew it could take longer for back-up to arrive. “It’s not something I want to really talk about… just yet!” he sighed finally.

Natasha knew instantly what was wrong. She was as observant as one could get, she had the eye of Clint when it came to reading people; it was attuned and discerning, perceptive and insightful. She could know someone’s thoughts, feelings and the past just from looking at them, it was a skill Steve admired but hated. He was an open book, although he refused to admit that sometimes, he wore his heart on his sleeve.

Steve was a good person. He won you over with his charm and old-fashioned morals, yet when you dug a little deeper, he was just as sarcastic as Stark and witty as Scott; if not more. Anyone who had the pleasure of being graced with Steve in their life was inherently better after it. The fact he wore his emotions on the brink of his cuffs meant Nat watched as Steve fell for you; she also watched as you fell for Bucky.

“Is this about what happened three days ago?” Her voice was soft; hardly audible over the guns firing and explosions of Hydra trying to break back into their own bunker (she had done a good job at trapping them inside) but Steve still heard, his enhanced hearing made sure of that.

He gave a little nod and thought back to that day.


Steve returned home late from another mission, he’d been going on them a lot, especially since you ‘moved in’. It wasn’t official but you had a whole chest of draws that Bucky cleared for you, plus all your feminine bits in the shared bathroom. All your favourite foods were constantly restocked and Steve, whilst loving you, hated you being around so often. It only increased his adoration.

“Steve is that you?” Bucky’s voice called through the Brooklyn apartment, he didn’t reply as he shrugged off his jacket with slight discomfort and he hadn’t even gotten changed from the suit, he refused to go to the med-bay… he just wanted his bed.

He just wanted his home back.

He just wanted you back, not that you were ever there with him but he just wanted you.

“Wow, you look like shit!” Bucky chuckled as Steve walked into the kitchen; he grunted as he grabbed an ice pack and then began to unbuckle the straps to the top half of his suit, “strip tease in the kitchen in front of my fiancé, Rogers?”

“Well, it is my home, last I checked.” Steve snapped and he was fumbling with a strap till the words hit him like a truck. He felt the blood drain from him and surely he was joking, he was joking, right? Bucky’s bright grin along with you waving your fingers told him otherwise. “F-fiancé?”

Bucky nodded with a bright grin, “I did want you there, Sam and Sharon was, but you’ve been so busy with those missions with Nat that I just went for it and decided to surprise you now with the news.”

Steve opened and closed his mouth a few times, unable to form a sentence as the reality of this ‘news’ settled in. He felt cold, colder than when he crashed into the ice. Bucky had proposed? Wasn’t that a little fast, of course, it was, you two didn’t know anything about each other and he proposed?

“Isn’t that a little… fast?” Steve asked, both Bucky’s and your faces fell, looking at one another. “Are you even at that stage? Do you guys even know anything about one another? Do you even know how much wedding’s cost in this century?” The spiral of questions, “I’ll tell you, over twenty thousand dollars.”

“Tony said he’d help, least he could do,” Bucky shrugged and all but chuckled at his friend’s reaction like it was funny. “Let us worry about all of that punk; we love each other, isn’t that enough?”

“No.” Bucky frowned, now a little aggravated with Steve boldness and clearly, not a happy attitude to the news. “I didn’t mean like that, I just-don’t think its right to be jumping into something so… fast.”

Bucky sighed and patted his friend’s shoulder lightly, as to not his obvious wounds there. “I know you care about me, I know you’re worried over me but you don’t gotta be anymore,” Steve smiled timidly back; it wasn’t Bucky he was worrying over. “So, thank you and I know I shouldn’t ask, I already know the answer but will you be my best man?”

And Steve’s heart plummeted because he never imagined being the best man at your wedding; he always pictured himself as the groom. He meekly nodded.

“Of course, jerk,” Bucky grinned hugging him tightly.

“With me till the end of the line, right punk?” And Steve didn’t answer back.


“This is complicated,” Nat muttered and Steve chuckled lightly at that. “If you love her Steve and if he is your best friend, you won’t ruin this for them,” Natasha told him gently, “you’ll play the part of the best man that is happy for his best friend because that’s what needs to happen.”

“I know that,” Steve exhaled softly.

It’s another ten minutes of Natasha trying to comfort her friend, trying to make him laugh. Not many people knew her funny side, she could turn it on with a switch, and then again Steve knew all her covers. How easy it is for her to just be whatever people need her to be, he hoped that wasn’t always the case.


As if Steve hadn’t already had a tiresome day, Deadpool decided to drop by. Literally. He fell from the roof, along with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead after him. Steve gave a simple questioning glance at the three, it was never a boring moment when Wade showed up, and his… eccentric and different perspective on life was something that irked but intrigued Steve.

“Wade? What’re you doing here?” Steve filed the Intel, Nat somehow managed to retain from the bunker, away as Negasonic looked around with Colossus’ beside her.

Deadpool gave a shrug as he looked over Steve’s shoulder at the computer, “I’ve come back to give you another reason to let me join the Avengers.” Steve refrained some smiling, he didn’t know if it was actually a joke, the first time he met Wade was in the wreck room where he was making toast and then started to tell Steve his ‘special skills’. “I’m known to be a good dancer-”

Steve wasn’t paying attention, he looked over the screen to see you and Bucky giggling over something, you were holding up what looked to be different templates for wedding invitations.

“Ooh, who’s the girl we are creepily staring at?” Steve jumped at Wade’s voice close to his ear, “Is Captain America pining after his best friend, aka Bucky Barnes, THE Winter Soldiers, fiancé?” Steve flushed with embarrassment, “Well, that sure as hell won’t happen in any of the movies?” It’s comments like that, that make Steve wonder what he is talking about and to whom.

Steve turned the computer off, “I’m not, I’m happy for them.”

“You’re terrible liar,” Wade tells him, funny Nat said the same thing once, and he thought he was improving. “Okay, team we need a plan to help Cap here win the girl!” Steve looked to see Negasonic blankly stare at Wade, popping some gum. Colossus crossed his arms and shook his head, “c’mon, this is Captain America, the over ninety-year-old virgin… we owe it to the country to help him!”

Negasonic laughed, “Is he really?” And Wade nodded as Steve rolled his eyes, shaking his head from behind the red-suited man. 

“Wade, seriously no.” Steve stands up.

“I got it!” He yelled and clapped his black gloved hands together, slinging an arm around Cap’s shoulder, “You’re his best man, are you not?” Steve nodded with a frown. “Well, you’re also living with them; you’re going to be in the middle of some wedding disagreements. You have the chance to peg them against one another, to show her what she’ll be faced with for the rest of her life.”

Steve frowned and nodded slowly, that was true. He could do that. Only that would be wrong, to come between you and Bucky, to make it so you’d argue against one another. He couldn’t do that, that’s his best friend and he shouldn’t let a girl come between them. Only he already has.

“I couldn’t do that, he’s my friend.” Steve shrugged the arm off his shoulders as Wade sighed. “How would I even go about that anyway?” He asked curiously and Wade, despite Steve, couldn’t see was smiling.

“This is not gonna be good.” Colossus groaned. 

(Let me know what you think, if there’s anything you think should happen. Hopefully, this was good. - Rosalee)

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the-dweeb-life  asked:

School au please 🙏🙏 Like seeing each other for the first time or peter getting bullied and wade saving him ✨✨ I also just want to say I absolutely love your drabbles they give me the energy to get through the day 😊👌😊

I love posting like a year later and letting everyone down. thanks though!

Peter carded his fingers through his hair, feeling sleep pull on his eyelids. It was only second period, but something about waking up too early combined with Mr. Brian’s boring math’s class had Peter’s brain mixing up his desk with his pillow.

He yawned and briefly glanced at the whiteboard. Easy stuff, he could do that in his sleep- which coincidently, is how he planned on spending this lesson.  He pressed his face in his arms and tried not to look like he was snoozing.

He heard the classroom door open, but let his mind doze. This was a safe class, he could relax, even just a little, he was always on guard, and it really took its toll on his mental health. He heard a scuffle before his shoulder got bumped, making his eyes fly open. His heartbeat kicked up, but he told himself to relax. It was just an accident, just someone walking past. The bell had gone and everyone was in a rush to leave. He turned and froze at the sight of a stranger smiling down at him.

“Oh please, don’t let me stop you, sleeping beauty.”

The boy was gorgeous, big bright grin and cheeky eyes. He started a wildfire in Peter’s stomach. The guy laughed, apparently he had started a wildfire on Peter’s face too, he could feel it heat up in a telltale sign of blushing, and oh my god. This totally cute guy just caught him with drool on his face.

“I’m Wade.” His smile stretched impossibly wider, he held out his hand, and Peter shook it tentatively. He noticed that everyone else had left the room except for the teacher.

“And you’re Peter right? I heard the teacher call your name a few times, but then he gave up. You’re a deep sleeper, huh?”

Peter felt like squirming but forced himself to stay still. He didn’t know what to do or say, he didn’t have conversations with people for this long. His silence went for way too long, but somehow, Wade didn’t make it awkward.

“Well, you’re my first friend here. Congratulations! I decided to pick you because you look like easy prey.”

“Oh…are you…sure?” Peter mumbled in surprise. “I’m not really popular”

“Puh-lease! I don’t care about being popular! Don’t you see this leather jacket? I’m obviously a rebel. And you have this whole hot ass nerd thing working for you…”

Peter stood up, holding his books close to his chest. He could feel Wade’s eyes checking him out.

“Rebels and nerds are meant for each other. Our native tongue is sarcasm and we both feel too good for this place, stop me if I’m wrong.”

Peter smiled a bit. Wade pointed at his grin and laughed. “See what I mean? Best friends already. Show me to the cafeteria?”

Peter loved Wade. He was edgy, funny, witty. He was smart, but didn’t care about getting good grades. He didn’t care what people thought of him. He liked both boys and girls. He smiled at Peter when he told stupid jokes and didn’t feel put off by Peter’s own sarcastic sense of humor. He liked similar music, thought Gwen Stacy was hot, but not that hot. He told peter that he was cute when he helped him with his homework.

Wade was well liked. Whenever he was with Wade, people didn’t laugh behind his back, people even spoke to him, remembered his name instead of the nasty nickname he had been stuck with since middle school.

He liked Wade a lot. He didn’t want to mess things up. Wade liked him too though, it was clear from all the unsubtle comments and compliments. They had an unspoken agreement that they wouldn’t discuss yet, but they liked each other.

Days without Wade sucked. Especially days without Wade, when Flash was in a grizzly mood.

His bullying died down a lot, but he was still terrified every time he had to walk past flash.  

He was alone in the hallway when he heard a knocking on a locker nearby his. He felt anxiety flood him. He knew before he turned around that Flash was standing there, waiting for him to be alone.

“Puny, it’s been a while. Having a good time sucking your boyfriend’s balls?” Flash snickered and stepped close, big and threatening.

“I bet you like fingering his dickhole.” Flash said, and Peter forced himself to take in a breath. Don’t reply Peter. Don’t make him angry. He wanted to bite back but he swallowed his words.

“You don’t finger a dick, Flash.” Peter heard a voice behind them both. “You would think you’d know that since you watch so much gay porn.”

Flash spluttered, turning to look at Wade angrily. Peter choked back a giggle.

“Now you had better step away from my boyfriend. I don’t want to hurt him when I kick your ass.”

Flash glared furiously. He let go of Peter and stepped close to Wade, fist raised. Before he could do anything, Wade pushed him hard against the locker, pinning him down.

“Look, Flash, it’s just like in your search history. Should I kiss you now?”

“Ew, fuck off. You’re a fuckin maniac.”

Wade held him harder for just a second, close in his personal space. “Don’t make me hurt you next time. I am bigger than you, stronger than you, and angrier than you. I have a shitter backstory. Trust me, I won’t hesitate to knock out all your teeth. You mess around with Peter, I’ll do the exact same thing to you, but ten times worse.”

Flash looked horrified. Peter felt horrified, but also slightly turned on. What was wrong with him seriously?

Wade let go of Flash, and he booked it, running down the hallway and out of sight.  Wade turned to Peter, walking over to him and scooping him up in a hug.

“Are you okay?”

Peter blinked, breathing in Wade’s spicy smell. “You called me your boyfriend.”

Wade froze up slightly. “Uhhhhhhhh, well…that’s because…you are my boyfriend…?”

“Since when?”

“Since…now?” Wade pulled back and smiled hopefully. Peter laughed and pinched his bicep, trying to hide how happy he was.

“On one condition, the only person you hold against a locker from now on is me.”

Wade grinned, boxing him in, hand pressing him against the locker gently.


Jackson Wang//Best Friend’s Brother - Part 5

It’s finally the summer, and that means you and your best friend are determined to go crazy and have the best summer ever - but her older brother’s come back from his gap year along with a couple of his friends, and they want to join in on the fun…
Scenario: fluff, angst, comedy, romance, smut in later parts
Word Count: 4,612   

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 6  Part 7   Part 8

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Mellifluous - Ch. 3


Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut in future chapters
Word Count: 1,814

Prev Chapter

You are not even inside yet but you can already hear the music and loud voices from Sehun’s apartment. You are about to ring the doorbell when Jihyo grabs your hand and squeezes.

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Happy Halloween!

AO3 Link

“I still can’t believe you volunteered us for this,” Zack complained.

“C'mon, Zack, it’ll be fun,” Kim said, trying to cheer him up.

“My brothers are excited,” Trini admitted.

“Pearl, too,” Jason smiled.

“No, my idea was fun. This is gonna be work,” Zack pouted.

“…Your idea was to sneak to the farm and carve all the pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns of varying faces and spread out the guts to make it look like they were eating each other,” Billy stated.

“See? Fun!” Zack said, grinning at just the idea, man the looks on peoples’ faces woulda been priceless.

“You gonna complain the whole time? Cause then it won’t be fun,” Trini said, glaring at him.

“I just don’t get why we gotta work on our day off,” Zack grumbled.

“Actually, your plan would have involved considerable more work than this will,” Billy pointed out.

Zack groaned.

“He’s got you there,” Jason laughed, clapping Zack on the shoulder. “C'mon, it’s just a few hours, then I’ll do whatever you want.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I'd request a scenario where Soldier, Mccree and Mei (the most "scarred" characters imo) meet (one by one) a young, naive looking Water Nymph in a lake, where she tries to befriend them, maybe seduce them, and then ask to end her loneliness by bringing them to "her world" through a leap of faith: drowing in the water. If they accept or not, and how things end up going, I'll leave it to your creativity. (Bonus points if the Nymph also knows of the current loneliness of the protagonist)

(I added a break since this was gonna be long)

Soldier: 76

He had never noticed such a pretty girl sitting out by the lake before. The most he usually saw were herons and turtles, but never a naked girl with long hair reaching down past her bottom. Jack questioned if he should approach her, maybe ask if she was lost or needed help. After all, it wasn’t entirely warm out, and she must have been cold. Letting his chivalrous side win over, he trudged over to the lake where the girl was.

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Coming out to the Avengers would include:


  • The uproar they caused when they’d found out you got bullied because of it.
  • “Do is it still happen now? I hope who ever it was works scrubbing toilets.”
  • “Tony you can’t say that! Seriously though, do they work cleaning zoo pens?” - Clint Barton 2016.
  • You didn’t even need to talk to Clint and Tony because they were so angry people upset you over it they were just making fun of them.
  • Steve feeling a bit emotional because despite the pathetic bullies, how far the world has come. 
  • Maybe Tony went a little over board when he threw a party for you due to your bravery of coming out and standing those miserable bullies when you were younger. He made sure to only invite the people you loved and respected.
  • Pride festivals are so fun. Sam once painted his wing rainbow and flew over the crowds spraying colours of pride.
  • (See pride festival day aesthetic)
  • Without an invite, Wade Wilson showed up.
  • Bucky let you spray paint his arm.
  • Banner was like food master, that man always had a hot dog in his hand.
  • Instead of celebrating, Thor was too busy asking people about their sexuality and educating himself. It was so uplifting to see that no matter what people where he was supporting them.
  • Even months after you come out, if you bumped into other heroes they’d always congratulate you on coming out.
  • When Fury was briefing you for a mission he said, “You’re going to inspire a lot of people (Y/N), always be proud of yourself. I’m very proud to have you working for me.”
  • Wanda was most excited for no apparent reason, she was really giggly and constantly giving you hugs and telling you well done. 
  • They all came together to make you a card (it was cute but Vision’s writing was so bad you couldn’t help but laugh). 
  • Scott lang let Cassie make you a card. She was so excited to give it to you.

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Vaseshipping Chronicles
Part Two

Mana was happy.
Glowing, even.
She was happy because for the first time in a long while, Atem had found some time for her before the sun set. That was a rare occurrence now. His throne room was a bustling hive of activity sometimes long before, and sometimes long after, the sun set. There were lots of times when he finally got away all he wanted to do was go to his own chambers and sleep. Or pace. The two sometimes mixed, unfortunate as it was.

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cammienray  asked:

snowbarry prompt: Barry finds out Caitlin never dresses up for Halloween and he makes her do a couple's costume with him.

Thank you for this prompt, this was actually really fun to write! 

Things got pretty heated pretty quickly towards the end. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Barry’s incredulous shout carried through the halls of S.T.A.R labs, bouncing off walls and echoing around corners. Caitlin winced against the loud noise, turning her head to glare at him.

“It’s stupid and meaningless and I don’t see the point in dressing yourself up or going asking strangers, who could be psychopaths, for candy.” She shoots back, and Barry throws his arms up in the air, exasperated. 

“The point is fun, Caitlin!” He sighs, then comes and sits down behind her, before spinning her chair around to face him. She begins to protest, but he puts a finger to her lips, ignoring her eyebrow raise.

“Alright, listen. Iris invited me to a party tonight, and I wasn’t gonna go because I thought it’d be lame and I didn’t wanna be the third wheel with her and her boyfriend, buut, if you come I won’t be and I can show you why Halloween is amazing.” Barry finished on a smile, seemingly proud of his little speech.

“Forget it Barry. I’m not coming.” She said, attempting to spin around in her chair again, only to let out an angry huff when he clamped down tighter on the chair.


“I’ll get you three caramel iced frappés.”

Caitlin stopped short, studying him with an analytical gaze.






“Hey, what I’m doing here, it’s called negotiation. Maybe you try it some time?”

Caitlin narrowed her eyes. “Seven.”

“Woah, alright, alright!” He sighed, shaking his head. “Six caramel iced frappé’s. Do we have a deal?” He challenged, sticking out his hand and raising and eyebrow at her.

Caitlin thought for a moment, wondering. “That depends. Do we have double cream?”

He groaned loudly throwing his head back. She smiled.

“Alright, fine, fine! Now do we have a deal?” She looked at his pleading, smiling face and sighed, turning her head to the side. What was the worst that could happen?

“Fine. Deal.”

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

There was no way she was wearing this.

Caitlin again looked down at the garments below her. She could tell from a single glance that they’d stick to her like a second skin, tight and clingy. She sighed, picking up the top between two fingers, twirling it around. It’s black, like the rest of the outfit, off the shoulders and low cut. The leggings below it are long, looking like they’d cover up to her hips (and cling and hold to them for dear life), with a slight shine to the legs. Below this is a fairly plain black belt, a big gold buckle in the middle, clearly meant to draw attention. And finally, a pair of bright red heels to compliment the otherwise almost completely black outfit.

She knew she shouldn’t have let Barry pick her costume.

But he’d convinced her, looking at her with those big sad green eyes (and the promise of yet another caramel frappe, with even more double cream but, hey! Those things were expensive, and as long as she was allowing him to drag her to a night of people in slutty costumes dry humping each other and leaving her outfit choice to him, she was going to get her money’s worth).

But, really? Sandy? From bloody grease?

He sure knew how to be original.

Her fingertips were just grazing the phone in her pocket when she stopped suddenly, thinking.

Those drinks were quite expensive.

And this costume did seem like it cost him a fair bit.

(And she really didn’t want to let him down, but let’s not focus on that.)

She groaned in frustration, yanking her hand away from the phone in her pocket. This boy was impossible.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

Caitlin smoothed down non-existent wrinkles in her too-tight outfit, studying herself in the mirror, trying desperately to give herself a little more room in the outfit.

She’d curled her hair, parting it on the side slightly, soft brown curls falling over her shoulder. She wore dark eye shadow, filtering in both dark and light tones, making her eyes stand from their normal, muddy brown, to something sharper, brighter. She hadn’t added much other makeup, using only mascara to accentuate her already long lashes, and a pale pink lip gloss on her lips.

The outfit, as she’d expected it to, hugged against the outline of her body. Trailing the curve of her hips and the length of her thigh, Caitlin felt exposed.

The shrill ring of her doorbell alerts her to a visitor, who she knew would be Barry, and pulls her away from a session of intense preening.

Caitlin trudges over the door, stepping like she’s wading through mud, and pulls to door open to Barry.

Or, to be more specific, Barry’s back.

The first thing she sees is black. Because that’s basically all he’s wearing. A leather jacket hangs around his shoulders, with a large white ‘T’ at the centre, next to it some crudely drawn birds, and then below, the animals are labelled.

Oh god, he managed to find a leather jacket that said T birds.

He wears black jeans, not nearly as tight as hers are, and from what she can see from the back of his head, his brown hair’s been gelled back in a truly Danny Zuko style.

In short, she’s glad she’s not the only one that looks ridiculous.

He spins suddenly, and what was she saying about ridiculous?

He wears a tight white shirt that hugs to everything, his abdomen on display for her eyes to rake, and dark sunglasses that cover his eyes from his view, grudgingly she thinks they probably look as good as the rest of his does.

A cigarette dangles from his lips, unlit, and she can’t help but be drawn to his mouth, then catching her eyesight wandering, she raises an eyebrow at him.

He pulls his cigarette from his lips suddenly, beginning to speak.

“Why, this car is Auto-matic.” He pulls his glasses from his eyes, whipping his head to the side without turning to look at her.

“It’s System-matic.” His head goes to the other side, and they still haven’t made eye contact.

He turns to look at her suddenly, and her expression is the same, eyebrow cocked and head tilted to the side as she studies him with an analytical stare.

“Why, its Greased Lig-“ He cuts off suddenly, choking on his words. Caitlin rushes to his side at once, clutching to his arm and feeling his pulse.

“Barry, what is it? What’s wrong? Have you not eaten enough today? Because you know you need to-“

“No, no no.” He says, turning to look at her, his eyes studying her outfit, the way the material clings to her skin, the slight dip of cleavage the top exposes, and finally, her hair, her makeup, and her eyes.

He smiles such a simple smile and it’s still enough to make butterflies explode in her stomach.

“You look great, Caitlin. Really, really great.”

She smiles, laughs a little breathless laugh, but then rolls her eyes, going back into her apartment to pull on her own leather jacket.

“You still owe me those drinks!”

.     .     .     .     .

She may never admit this, but Caitlin actually has a lot of fun with Barry that night.

When she’d first arrived at the party, she’d felt awkward, out of place, and wanted nothing more than to desperately cling to the wall, and be a perfectly painted wallflower. But of course, Barry had insisted (and maybe reminded her that he was going to probably have to get a second mortgage on his house in order to pay for all those drinks) and despite her herself, she’d actually grown to enjoy the scene.

And sure, alcohol may have played something of a helping hand in that, but it wasn’t like she was completely wasted.

It wasn’t like she was laughing at Barry’s hair because she’d ruffled it so many times in the night it had now become dishevelled and reminded her of that of a baby hedgehog’s back. It wasn’t like she’d seen Barry post pictures on his Instagram account of her pulling a face that for some reason looked strangely pouty. And it definitely wasn’t like she had this really warm feeling in the pit of her stomach, that made her just want to jump around and dance.

She really wanted to dance though.

She tugs on Barry’s hand, knowing it’s a little childish when he’s engaged in a conversation with Iris, but he smiles still, asking her something along the line of ‘what’s up?’ but she’s not completely sure because the music is so loud in here.

She opts not for an answer but instead, drags him away from the conversation, and onto the makeshift dance floor, where sweaty bodies grind against each other. She frowns, deciding that this isn’t what she wants to do.

So there, in the middle of the dance floor, accompanied by a song that is in no way slow or sweet, she wraps her arms around his neck, and shifts so he can place hers against waist, and simply begins to sway.

It’s a little awkward at first, he doesn’t seem to know where to place his feet or hands, but beneath Caitlin’s arms, he they fall into a rhythm, granted one that doesn’t match the beat or the atmosphere, and really just doesn’t make much sense at all, but one that seems to fit them both quite well.

She doesn’t know how long they stay, just swaying and brushing carefully against each other, but eventually (and inevitably), his hands slip lower, falling onto her hips, only gently at first, just a light touch, but then she looks up at him and his eyes look so hungry and she feels so warm that she can’t help but move upwards to slant her lips over his.

It’s a clumsy kiss and neither of them know what they’re really doing, but it’s warm and for now, it’s enough.

.     .     .     .     .    

For later, it’s not.

They stumble back into his home, door ajar as he gently pushes her backwards, hands gripping on her waist. Her fingers tangle in his hair, gasping through their heated kiss, pulling away for only a moment, as he stretches a leg out to kick the front door shut.

His warm lips find their way to her throat and he’s so past being gentle, and he sucking and nipping and she knows she knows she’ll have the marks of their affair there tomorrow morning but it’s so good and she’ll be dammed if she’d going to stop now.

Her lips feel cold again, so she dips her head down to connect his to hers. She doesn’t know why she hasn’t done this before and she’s so lost in the moment, that she barely realises what she’s doing when her small fingers slip underneath his white shirt and his graze at the bareness where her top has ridden up.

He’s solid and firm and strong beneath her and she wants more and then suddenly his shirt is somewhere on the floor, lost and she’s so glad of it.

She falls back onto his sheets, not objecting when he begins to pull the tight material of her top away from her, glad to be rid of the thing, and moaning moaning when his fingers skim along her bare torso.

As his fingers dance along her belt buckle, and his mouth finds solace on her chest she finds herself gasping out,

“You so still owe me those drinks.” And she sounds breathless and husky, and she’s sure she probably wouldn’t believe herself but he just smirks and it’s just so in place in the darkness of the bedroom and he doesn’t even need to answer because his mouth does more than satisfy. 

Agents Septiplier

Septiplier - [Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] about septiplier. I know it’s not a real thing. It’s called fanfiction for a reason. Just enjoy the story and its characters. 

Summary: Jack And Mark are now partners? [WARNING: THIS IS A TICKLE FIC] Part of the Agents & Alternates AU

Series so far: Agent Jack And Warfstache | Agent Jack And Dark | Agent Jack And Anti | Agent Jack And Agent Mark | How Did We Become So Soft? | Dan And Phil; Punk And Pastel | I Want You To Scream

love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! THANK FUCK FOR @stargazingbear SHE HELPS ME EDIT THIS SHIT LIKE HOLY SHIT THANK YOU FOR HELPING MAKE THIS A GOOD STORY!

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Fuck, Stars!

Author: Skybloodfox

Title: Fuck, Stars!

Disclaimer: I do not own Peter Parker/Spiderman, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Bucky Barnes/Winter Solider, Steve Rogers/Captain America and many others. They all belong to the folks over at Marvel all of whom have a lot more money then I.

Chapter 10 of the Fuckin’ Hell Series

Note: There be plot!


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He’s just a boy–a phenomenal prodigy of a boy, but a boy no less.  The distance between them is chasmic–it always has been–and though Roy would have liked to close the space that divides them circumstances would never allow it.  So he watches him grow up, looking on from the outside in, a secret admirer writing love notes in code on the foggy glass (he’s a master of code and the covert).

He could have anyone he wanted; he’s a very powerful man, a vaunted and vindicated hero, and there isn’t a single set of lips on Amestris his name has not graced.  He’s a public figure with a hell of a lot going for him, and yet it’s that publicity that has put him on the sidelines when it comes to direct involvement in the Elric brothers’ lives.

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