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Breaking Magic Bonds (A Medieval Fantasy AU): Chapter 1

(This alternate universe work is dedicated to you, readers, for taking the plunge in clicking on this.

For once, I don’t have much to say on this, at least things that might not hint at a sequence of events. So, I’ll close this note for now, and hope you all enjoy!)


Wade’s dark oak eyes pierced the starless sky, fighting to hold back yet another wave of suffocation in his throat. Even the stars must have fled to mourn in solitude.

No, of course not. No one, not even his family, ever paid him heed. In this so-called ‘prosperous kingdom’, even the weakest of commoners were pushed into a battle of survival. Not one went through a day without great pain and torment crashing onto the people, darkening the world around them.

Wade Barnes had willingly entered that battle at a young age. He would muster up all of his energy, taking the absolute advantage of it in order to understand the world around him. He cherished the games he played with the boys who would glare at him in annoyance, he listened and spoke with the men and women, boys and girls within the town. They may have not had a heart for him, yet, he would be the good soul to show them kindness, in spite they should not have deserved it.

If only he realized it would all be in vain. Suppose he understood that peace and solace was a mere illusion, he could’ve saved his mother and father, his brother from being bankrupt of their last few bits of savings, and all of them stolen from him that night.

When Wade was abruptly pulled out of his sleep by that silent, hooded figure in black, he would shortly have the images of dancing fire, and the sounds of crackles, jeers, and screams, etched into his mind, scarring his spirit and stabbing his once brilliant optimism.

That mysterious man took the people and needs Wade once savored, on that night. Did the people hate him so much, as well? To the point where they would sneer at the agonized, blazing dancers that were his family?

Almost certainly, combining that with how they spat at Wade as the young man ran out of the city by himself, nothing to lose or gain in his hands. Not even the guards towering over the gate looked to him, or bid him farewell.

Here he was now, laying on a lush, green hill near a forest. He did not dare to come in contact with the kingdom of Hongor, etched miles behind him. It was better to leave what he had once called home, rather than revolt against the people. Fighting fire with fire could only hurt himself.

Now, he was with the world outside of that ‘home’, awaiting even the most uncertain of possibilities. The world around him was now a void; every other creature at least had something to fight for.

Wade did not. No one was coming to change that, either.  

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“Why are you acting like this Wade? You know damn well I don’t care about looks.” You told him for what seemed like the millionth time as you struggled to reach for his mask. 

“Well if you really don’t care then how come you keep asking to see my face?!” Wade asked he used one hand to hold you back and the other was hold his mask down.

“Because I’m the love of your life and I want to be able to kiss you without going through some complicated process.” You huffed and stopped reaching for his mask.

“If you really loved me you’d let me see under your mask.” You said trying your luck.

“Alright, first of all: that’s a hit below the belt, and secondly: that’s emotional manipulation.” Wade said. 

“Alright, fine, you bring up fair points, but I really don’t care what you look like under that mask Wade. I love you nothing’s going to be able to stop me from loving you, especially not something as subjective as what you look like beneath the mask.” You said placing a kiss on his cheek–over the mask, obviously–and walking away. 

“You busy?” Wade asked as he entered the room. You were currently reading up on current events. 

“Not really, I was just–” You paused as you turned to face a maskless Wade. 

“Feel free to run for the hills.” Wade said making you smile. 

“You give yourself too much credit, you wouldn’t even be able to scare a baby with that face.” You teased as you stood up and made your way towards him. 

“I could totally scare a baby looking like this.” Wade said sounding somewhat insulted. 

“Well how about we test out that theory later.” You said as you wrapped your arms around his neck. 

“Why can’t we test it right now?” Wade asked. 

You rolled your eyes and pulled him down so that his lips met yours. “Because right now we’re busy.” You said as you broke apart. 

“Yeah, we’re gonna be very busy.” Wade said understanding where you were going and pulling your towards the bed.

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Starting Over Part 10

Happy stood at the road side, watching the car burn. How was he going to go back and tell Sophia? How was he going to go and tell Quinn? Chibs was standing next to him, his hand on his shoulder.

“Take your time brother.” He watched Chibs walk away to his bike. Happy knew they should get out of there soon, they could hear the sirens coming, but he couldn’t leave; not yet.

He wiped a tear from his check, he didn’t even get the satisfaction of killing Wade. The bastard died in the car either on impact or when it exploded. Looking down the hill, he saw something move. He took a closer look, swearing, he took off down the hill.

He heard Chibs and Jax calling after him, but he didn’t stop.


As the car started to roll down the hill, Wade screamed at you. He was steering trying to get control of the car, you pulled the emergency break. The car shuddered and started to slow down, you knew it was now or never.

Opening the car door, you jumped out of the moving car. Your body hitting the ground with a thud, the air leaving your body. You lay there for a few minutes, trying to regain your composure, you hear the shattering of glass, the twisting of metal as the car slams into the tree.

Not knowing if Wade survived or not, you start moving, up the hill, each step is painful Your body feels like it’s been dragged through hell and back, there’s an explosion, and you’re knocked to your feet.

You lat there for a few moments, trying to recover, trying to figure out if you were still alive or trapped in some sort of hell on earth. Your ears are ringing, you push yourself up, and continue to climb up the hill, an inch at a time.

Sophia’s and Happy’s face are what’s pushing you to keep moving, get up the hill. Get some help, get to TM, to the people you love. The fight that you and Happy had that morning played back in your head.

If only you hadn’t been a bitch, no you couldn’t think that way. You were going to get to the top of this hill, get to TM, and tell him. You looked up seeing Happy at the top of the hill.

You thought you were hallucinating, thought you had hit her head, or maybe you  had died and this really was hell on earth. You watched as he descended the hill towards you, gently picking you up.

“Hap?” You touched the sides of his face, making sure he was real. Laying your head on his chest, you could hear his heart beating.

He carried you to the top of the hill, yelling out for Chibs and Jax. He sat you gently down, his hands cupping your face. “(Y/N), are you  hurt bad anywhere?”

You shake your head. “I’m sorry..” He leaned down kissing you.

“I love you, I didn’t think I was going to get the chance to tell you.” His hands were running over your body, Chibs and Jax were at your side. Chibs had his medic bag, cleaning some of your scrapes.

“I love you too Hap,” The emergency workers had arrived, and started taking care of the scene. The sheriff was questioning you as you sat on the back of the ambulance. You told him half truths, just enough to not make him curious.

Happy insisted that you go to St. Thomas to be checked out, other then a few broken ribs, and abrasions, you were fine. He took you home, Sophis was dropped off by Gemma.

The mother daughter reunion was precious, after the little girl went to bed Happy sat down next to you. His hands running up and down his arms, he looked into your eyes.

“This morning..” You leaned forward kissing him, stopping him from saying anything else.

“ All the matters is starting over a whole new life with you and Sophia.”

“To starting over.” He leaned in kissing you.


Day 83: Monsters of the Ozarks: The Snawfus

Probably my all-time favorite Ozark monster is the Snawfus. It’s described below by Vance Randolph in his “Fabulous Monsters of the Ozarks”:

“The snawfus, according to some backwoods folk, is just an albino deer with certain supernatural powers, puzzling to human beings but not dangerous. Some hillmen say that it can make tremendous leaps into the treetops; others endow it with great feathery wings, claiming that it can ‘fly through the timber, quiet as a hoot-owl.’ I have even heard that the snawfus bore flowering boughs instead of antlers. Leila A. Wade of Republic, Missouri, author of a serial entitled 'On the Trail of the Snawfus’ which ran in Arcadian Life magazine from 1936 to 1938, added her impression that the animal 'emitted spirals of blue smoke, which drifted away in delicate rings, and covered the hills.’ Miss Wade told me that, as a child, she never doubted that the glamorous blue haze which hangs over the Ozarks in the Autumn was due to smoke exhaled by the snawfus.”

The roots of the snawfus go back deep into time, back to our Celtic ancestors who brought their folklore to the Ozarks. The white deer, more specifically the white stag, is a symbol of the otherworld. In the Mabinogion, Pwyll sees the white stag when he enters into the otherworldly wood of Annwn. It’s said that Saint Eustace converted to Christianity when he saw Christ appear between the antlers of a white stag. In the Lais of Marie de France, the character Guigemar sees a hermaphroditic white doe with antlers which he shoots with an arrow and is then cursed.

The white stag often represents purity, but a mysterious sort of purity that might be used in a supernatural way. That is to say that the power of the white animal is its pure connection with the divine, and in this way the creature can be both a friend and foe.

Personally I’ve seen the snawfus a couple times, always out in the deep woods, always in the morning when the mist hangs in the hollers and snakes its way in between the trees. I begin to wake up, and as I slowly open my eyes I see the white stag through the mist and he sees me too. Then, turning away from my gaze he disappears back into the fog.