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Title: An experiment gone right

Pairing: Phan                                                                  

Rating/Warning: NC-17; messy, hilarious, hot sex plus feels in every sense of the word                                                            

Word Count: 10,500                                                      

Summary: At a party, Phil suggests an experiment to test if he and Dan really are 100 percent platonic. What, after all, would happen if they kissed? 

A/N: Sequel “The Morning After" here 


“Phil!” Dan dragged the word into two syllables, calling into the expanses of their flat. He was in the process of shimmying into a pair of trousers, his newly straightened fringe threatening dishevelment from the exertion. It wasn’t like Dan was all that large  –  despite his severe allergy to the gym  –  but it seemed that suspiciously purchased foreign jeans always came two sizes smaller than marketed.  Dan let out a triumphant “Ha!” as he finally fastened the top button and pulled the zip. Then, he slumped back onto his comforter and took a deep breath.

“PHIL!” he shouted again, on the exhale, “Have you seen my shirt?”

“Can you be more specific!” Phil’s voice echoed in return.

“The black one! With the things!” 

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“Six” part 13: Chains

You meet Steve at the Boscolo in Milan, and hard decisions are made.

Spin-off of the Mayday series.

Steve x Reader

Warnings: Feels, fluff, brief implied love scene

Steve was nervous. He wasn’t sure why, but he was. It had been two weeks since Six had lit up the night sky for him and let him know she was alive; it was now the first of the month, and he was in Milan. He was at the hotel that Six had told him about. The Boscolo. “I’d check in under the name Fiona Lanton. If anything happens and I can’t contact you, look for me there on the first of the next month.” Her words played back in his head. This had been her plan all along; she’d prepped him for it without him even realizing it.

He had checked into the hotel three days ago, and every couple of hours he had called or personally gone to the front desk, asking for a Fiona Lanton. So far, she hadn’t been there. He’d called again this morning, and been met with nothing except the guy who worked the front desk Monday through Friday seemed to be really tired of being asked about Fiona Lanton…

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anonymous asked:

Why is Phil deadpool? Personality? I think job wise Dan would be deadpool(violent thoughts) but idk

Because Wade is a self-conscious sweetheart who talks about weird stuff with all these jokes, puns and sexual innuendos and he is kinda childish and really kind when he is not angry and he is really underrated by others
Sounds like Phil to me

Peter is a sarcastic nerd, that’s Dan
also Peter is younger than Wade and Dan is younger than Phil

also if we are talking about phan and like fanon spideypool just imagine Dan telling Phil how beautiful he is despite all the scars and also Dan being always ready to punch anyone who calls Phil ugly and also Dan calling out others who don’t appreciate Phil
also imagine Phil calling Dan all these stupid sweet nicknames like he does now with “Danny”

“Six” pt 7: At the Dark End of the Street

With Steve and Bucky in tow, you travel to meet an old associate. New information about your past comes to light. Finding yourselves exhausted and stuck in France, you crash at a safe house for the evening, and things with Steve take in intense turn…

Spinoff of the Mayday Series

Captain America x Reader

Warnings: Violence, language, feels, fluff, FINALLY A LOVE SCENE WOOHOO!!!

It didn’t take long to get to Paris, since we were already in northern France. We landed in a practically deserted air field. Wade had called someone, Dan most likely, on the way there, and there was a nondescript tan hatchback waiting for us when we arrived.

I eyed Deadpool. I was nothing if not cautious and suspicious. “How do I know we can trust you?”

He picked up his swords and climbed out of the jet. “Honey, you shot me in the head. If anyone should have a lack of trust here, it should be me.

“How did you survive that? I know I didn’t miss. You were dead. I checked.” I followed him out.

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In the spirit of Halloween, here is an amazing stop-motion short created with entirely with an iPhone and my favorite camera app Hipstamatic!

“Halloween” by Kay Lande and Wade Denning; Directed by Jason Willis