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Underfoot Swallows are dragons native to desert regions. They are known for their ability to hide in sand, burying themselves until only their nostrils and eyes are above the sand. From this position, they wait until somthing wanders in front or on top of them, before lunging out of the sand and swallowing them. Their broad, flat tops are great for soaking in the sun’s rays, and they’re rather sluggish when cold.

Their fire is very hot, but very low pressure, rolling out of their mouth’s more like a heavy mist than fire, and not reaching far outside. Considering their main form of attack is swallowing creatures whole however, that’s where its fire sees the most use anyways.

Their slow speed in the air and broad tops make them easy to move about untethered for dragon riders, but don’t provide many places to place a saddle.

I posted my “fur"sona before. Since then I have figured out that she is actually a shapeshifter and this is her true form 8U She takes a variety of ruffly squishy forms, mostly so I can have fun drawing her in a variety of shapes and really play with things but otter+jelly+octopus are the most common shapes to take from. Still needs a name. And a real ref sheet.  And for me to actually draw her more.

I finally made a fursona (who is completely lacking in fur.)

My patron animal is a river otter, but I stuggled adding stuff to their sleek form to make a good/distinguishable fursona SO TODAY I DECIDED FUCK IT AND SQUISHED IT TOGETHER WITH ALL MY FAVE SEASQUISHIES. She’s also a mild shapeshifter!

She needs a name however 936

Also a picture that isn’t poop

Paging shallow!


I really like the darkness and symbol stuff in all your stories and stuff and so I tried to make something cool and dark and symbolic but the SKETCHES WOULDN’T TURN OUT RIGHT and then I drew him silly and cartoony and with pokemon and it turned out really really good so heck it here is Bariyan as a pokemon trainer. I wasn’t familiar/comfortable enough to pick a specific universe to pick his team for so here is generic Bariyan team including:

Not a Khet (Spiritoumb)

Crow (Murkrow)

Unusually red centipede (Shiny Scolipede)

A well dressed but v poisonous flower (Roserade)

Tiny baby blue-eyed palidin that heals things it shouldn’t and people like to dismember for the exp (Audino)

and of course

Dead ghost with glowing red eyes and tears literally carved into its face forever and also always actually crying forever like a big undead baby and evolves into murdercoffin when angry (Yamask)


I’ll admit it, I’ve been folowing gingerhaze for a while now but I was completely ignoring her comic (for some reason that I will not admit is laziness) WELL AFTER SHE POSTED UP HER RECENT PAGE I DECIDED MAYBE I SHOULD FINALLY READ IT and I got really inspired and drew some fanart! I’ll probably line and color these sometime make em fancy and awesome e3e