Waddlesworth passed away a few weeks ago.  After losing three rats in such a short period of time I decided to take a little break from tumblr, but I wanted to post about Waddlesworth even thought it’s a few weeks late.  At about 10 pm that night he crawled to the very corner of the cage and just sat there away from the other boys.  He was cold to the touch so I pulled him out and wrapped him up in a big fleece blanket and cranked up the heat in my apartment.  He died a couple hours later.  He was such a great rat; very patient and so good with all the babies that Kara and I brought home.  He wasn’t exactly the most social, but he was such a nice blobby boy and he had the best whiskers.  I already miss him so much.


Meet Julia’s Rats!! 

I know I’ve posted about them before but I’ve never done a formal introduction so here goes!

1. Badger: He is a black blazed variegated standard eared rat. He is the largest of her rats and is a giant ham. He is very sweet and loves to cuddle!

2. Cheerio: He is a fawn standard eared rex rat. He doesn’t like to be held but he loves people and he is sooo photogenic- I love him.

3. Templeton: He is a dumbo agouti rat. You may notice in some of his pictures that he is missing an eye. It got injured and most of it had to be removed about a year ago. He looks like a big toughie but he is super sweet and loves to cuddle. He is the dominant rat in the cage.

4. Gremlin: He is a hairless standard eared rat. He is relatively new so he is still coming out of his shell and showing his true personality. He is still timid in new situations and he prefers to stare and judge you from a distance. 

5. Waddlesworth: He is a black rex standard eared rat. He came to us as rescue at the same time as Piper. He is the only one of Julia’s that is neutered. He is probably my favorite just because he is so calm and funny looking. He has the best whiskers!!

Get ready for some serious rat spam!!


Waddlesworth is at least 3 ½ years old (and quite possibly older) and he is a REX rat experiencing normal hair thinning due to the rex gene and his age.  He is completely healthy with NO health issues.

So, I’ve been terrified to post any pictures of Waddlesworth because I’m afraid I’ll get a bunch of message about how he’s sick and I’m abusive and I didn’t really want to deal with it, but I realized that this blog is mine and I want to be able to look back at my blog and see my rats.