Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 11

A/N: I’m sorry I took so long to upload this! This chapter is pretty bittersweet and kind of a filler, but it gave me some closure lol. Enjoy!

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You carried the turtle into the living room, putting it inside the tank. It quickly went into the water, waddling around. You grinned at how cute it was being. Alexander walked into the living room, rolling his eyes.

You bought the stupid turtle. It was still alive, after all those weeks of being in that small cage. No one bought it, thankfully, so you could bring it home. It was a red-eared slider, one of the most common ones you could buy.

You hoped that John, where ever he was, was happy.

“Y/N, please don’t tell me you got that stupid turtle,” Alexander sighed. You frowned, holding up the reptile in your hand.

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Sidon follows link along what's supposed to be an easy trip to gather materials for links trek to the next divine beast, but they unknowingly end up stumbling into a lynel spawn plain and sidons a literal fish out of water that's not meant for running and links gotta distract the lynel long enough for sidon to get to safety

“We could dive in the lake,” Sidon says, very much out of breath as Link tugs at his arm and flees for higher ground. “We could—We could hide under the flooded ruins. How long did you say you could hold your breath?”

Link has no time to sit down and mime out the simple recipe of water-plus-electricity-arrows-equals-fried-shark-and-Hylian but he does shoot the talkative Prince Sidon a glare over his shoulder. Sidon, for all his grace in water, does not notice. He is far too busy attempting to drag his fins across raindamp grasslands and waddling over slick rocks.

A giant literal horse-man trots hot on their heels. He raises his bow and—

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I'm going to hold off scenarios for now since I know you already have a few but how about some headcanons for daruk and yunobo with a pregnant s/o, finding out and their behaviors with said s/o??? Pretty please :)????

Finding out s/o is pregnant and how they react


  • Has the biggest grin for ages and after hugging s/o tightly, the whole village knows.
  • Does his best to help- but sometimes forgets just how pregnant his s/o is. So he’ll ask if they can help lift a boulder and they have to gesture to their belly to remind him that that might not be the best idea.
  • Very enthusiastic! Every night or cuddle session his ear is to their belly wanting to hear the baby and telling great stories to the baby so that “they come out knowing how awesome their dad is!”
  • When s/o starts waddling, just starts carrying them because he doesn’t want them to trip.


  • I’m gonna be a- what- really?!”
  • Is happy, really- but the shock going through his system leaves him paralyzed for a while until he snaps out of it and hugs his s/o and start bawling. He’s gonna have a fmaily with the love of his life!
  • So nervous about being dad- asks so many questions to his friends and elders about how to be a good dad, gets a range of advice and is constantly asking s/o if they think he’s gonna do a good job about it.
  • Worries about the s/o so much. If s/o doesn’t clarify some things he might overwork himself into a fit of passing out. Will carry them everywhere unless they tell him not to, and even then he;s constantly by their side like an overly-doting dork.

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Now that you're a proper fat girl, what sort of everyday stuff has become harder for you?

Hmmm walking up stairs can give me a little trouble, I waddle, and i walk even slower than I already do. woooops


Post 50k waddle @smilesfromalex (at Bonneville Salt Flats)

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Two's Company - Stiles Stilinski - Part 3

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinski.

Originally posted by stilesstilinskiandlydiamartin

You’ve become a stereotypical pregnant, raging, hormonal, bitch. It’s not like you can help it, you just had two aggressive little boys inside you. The only person who could stand to be around you was Stiles. That was because you’d become extra clingy with him. Noah had said Stiles’ mom was the same way, so Stiles expected it. You never got 10 feet away from him. You slept in the same bed, went to class holding hands, you even sat in the bathroom while he showered. Noah told you it was because of the whole werewolf thing. He said it was because you knew he’d had a near-death experience before.

You waddled up to Stiles at his locker. He smiled and pecked you on the lips. “How are you?”

“30 weeks pregnant and hating it.” You groaned, giving your boyfriend a sarcastic thumbs up.

You started wearing maternity clothes, which in turn made your stomach even larger.

Stiles said goodbye to Scott and the two of you took off down the hall.

“How about we skip? I’ll take you out.” He smiles at you.

“You have no idea how much I’d love that.” You lean up and kiss him. He leads you out the double doors and helps you into the Jeep. He hops in on the other side.

“I love you. I’m sorry you’re going through this but..I love you.” He smiles before patting your belly.

“I’m glad I’m going through this. I mean, we’re in high school yeah…but I love you too, and from the moment I met you I knew I wanted to have kids with you.” You reach over and pat his thigh. “Also, I could go for some Chinese.”

“Let’s go get you some Chinese then.” He puts the Jeep in gear and pulls out of the parking lot.

You arrive at the restaurant. “Baby, can we just get takeout? I wanna go eat in bed.” You smile at him.

“Of course, princess. I’ll go order and come back out. You want the usual?” You nod and he goes inside. While he’s inside you get your phone out, responding to Lydia’s text. You feel a sharp pain in your lower stomach, causing you to double over. The pain stays for awhile, subsiding when you spot Stiles coming out.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He looks at you as he gets in. “Babe..” He looks down at the crotch of your jeans. You follow his gaze, gasping when you see a wet patch on your thigh.

“I think I’m in labor.” You look up at Stiles slowly.

“I uh..what? Right now? You’re in labor like now?” He says frantically.

“Yes! We need to get to the emergency room. Oh my god, I’m not due for nine more weeks. Oh my god.” You begin rocking in your seat, quietly repeating ‘oh my god’ to yourself.

You’re so wrapped up in the pain and worry that you don’t realize that Stiles has pulled up in front of the hospital. He jumps out and runs around to your side, leading you inside.

He spots Melissa at the front desk. “Her water broke!”

Melissa hops up and wheels a wheelchair over. “She’s not due for nine more weeks..”

“I know.” You sigh. “Is everything going to be okay?”

She nods. “Twins are almost always born early, and it helps that these boys have two incredibly strong parents.”

Melissa takes you upstairs and gets you set up in a bed. They put an IV in and begin monitoring you.

Stiles sits beside you, jiggling his leg furiously.

You reach over and place a hand on his knee. “Stop. I know I’m early and I’m scared too..but it’ll be fine. I know it.”

“We don’t even have names picked out. The cribs aren’t put together, we haven’t even painted their room.” He doesn’t look at you. Instead he stares at the ground.

“We’ll get that done, no matter how long it takes. We can name the boys right now.”

“You pick one, I pick the other?” He smiles and you nod. “Personally, I like Alexander.”

You smile. “I like Alexander too. We talked about it before. What about Benjamin?” You turn on your side, scrunching your face up during a contraction.

“Ben and Alex.” He smiles wide. “What about middle names?”

“What about…Mieczyslaw for Alexander?”

“Honey, that’s a mouthful. Alexander Mieczyslaw Stilinski.” Stiles smiles.

“It sounds like an important name. It sounds like the name of a groundbreaking surgeon.”

“It kind of does have a ring to it…okay. Let’s go with Mieczyslaw.”

“You pick Benjamin’s middle name then.”

“What about Noah?” He says quickly.

You nod and smile. “I think it’s perfect. There you go, there’s one thing off of the list.”

“What list?” Lydia walks in, her arms full of bags. Scott trails behind her.

“Lydia I told you so you wouldn’t worry, not so you’d skip school and come up here.”

“You didn’t get your baby shower so I just brought the gifts over. What list?”

“Oh, Stiles was just worried because we haven’t bought cribs or painted the room.”

Melissa enters the room, smiling at Scott. “I’m just here to check your progress.” You nod and she examines you quickly. “It’s time to start pushing.” She pokes her head up.

“Already?” You look at Stiles.

“Time goes by fast, huh?” She smiles. “I’ll go get your doctor.” She leaves the room.

“Scott and I will go sit in the waiting room.” Lydia smiles and follows Melissa with Scott on her heels.

Your doctor arrives and preps you. You spend about 10 minutes pushing on baby number one.

You see them pull him up, he’s screaming his head off and there’s tears running down your face. They let Stiles cut the cord before handing him to you. You examine the tiny baby’s face. He’s got a head full of hair and little tiny moles splattering his face, just like his daddy. They tell you to give the baby to Stiles when it’s time to push again. You push for less time and the sit the baby on your chest. He’s identical to his brother, he’s just missing a couple moles.

After you’re cleaned up, they give you both of the babies, Noah walks in, smiling widely. You’re admiring their little faces, amazed at how much they look like Stiles.

Noah walks to the side of the bed. “God, they’re identical to Stiles when he was born.” He shakes his head, cooing at the babies.

“I thought the same thing.” You smile, thinking back to the baby pictures you’d seen of him. You lean into Stiles, he’s climbed into the bed with you as soon as everyone had left the room.

“What’re their names?” Noah asks.

“This is Alexander Mieczyslaw Stilinski.” You nod towards the boy on your left. “And this is Benjamin Noah Stilinski.” You nodded to the boy on your right.

Noah smiles proudly, “Those are strong names.”

You nod, glancing up at the door when the doctor walks in.

“It looks like we may have a problem.” She says seriously. “The babies seemed fine but the tests from their exam just came back and it seems they have some underdeveloped organs.”

You and Stiles exchange the same worried glance.

“Now, it’s nothing to worry about..they will just have to stay in the NICU until they’re fully developed. That would be about four weeks.”

“Four weeks?” You sit up. “You’re telling me you’re just going to stick my babies in a plastic box for four weeks?” Tears start to well in your eyes.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. It’s the only option. We’ll send someone for them as soon as possible.” She left the room and you looked at the two small boys. You just gave birth less than an hour ago and you’re already so in love. You’re not quite sure how you’re going to cope.

A nurse came in and took the boys, you watched as she wheeled them away, crying silently. Noah had left the room to give you some time. You glanced over at Stiles, who was back in the chair. He had tears rolling down his cheeks too.

“I know we haven’t even taken them home yet, but now we won’t get to for another month? It’s not fair, Y/N.” He wipes his eyes and you sigh.

“I just want to go home with them. They’re going to discharge me and I’m going to go home empty handed. I’m going to have to come during visitor hours to see my kids. That sucks, Stiles.”

He sighs. “It does…but we’ve got each other, right? We can do this. You gave birth to two strong boys.” You looked over at him and he’d sat up, tears still rolling down his face. You hope he’s right.