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All the youtube ones have been audio blocked for copyright BUT I FOUND ONE THAT WASNT THANK

Dipper Pines Aesthetic 🌲

Mabel Pines Aesthetic 💫

Imagine surprising Chris when he comes home from filming. He felt terrible leaving his little family for so long, but you reassured him you’d send photos and videos every day so he wouldn’t miss anything. There is one thing you’ve kept hidden - your baby boy took his first steps on his own. Instead of making Chris feel like he missed the big moment, you get ready to surprise him when he walks through the door. Instead of carrying your son, you steady him on his little feet until Chris opened the door. You tell him to go get daddy as you record the moment, capturing Chris’s face as his little peanut waddles over to him.

Original imagine by: painfullythickimagines

“I don’t want to go,” Chris whispered into your hair as he squeezed you tight.

“I know, but you gotta.” Chris nodded before scooping up your son, Peter, who was playing with some toys on the floor.

“I’m going to miss you, and I’m definitely going to miss this little guy,” Chris confessed before blowing a raspberry on Peter’s belly causing him to scream in laughter.

“I promise I will send you tons of videos and pictures. It will be like you never left.”

“And FaceTime?”

“And FaceTime. Every night.”

“Okay,” Chris sighed.

“Now, you have to leave or you’re going to miss your flight,” you told him. Chris sighed again before pulling you in for a kiss. He then placed a kiss on Peter’s forehead.

“I’ma miss you, Peanut.” You followed Chris out as he got into his cab and stood on the front step.

“Can you wave bye? Say ‘bye-bye, daddy,’” you told Peter as you both waved until Chris was gone.


You kept your promise to Chris. You sent him hundreds of photos and videos everyday, and you facetimed him every night. Peter had even said his first word (dada) on one particular night.

There was only one thing that you hadn’t shown Chris: Peter had started walking. It was few days before Chris was due back when it had happened. You had been washing dishes when Peter had indicated that he wanted a toy across the room.

“If you want it, then you have to get it yourself, Pete,” you told him. Peter whined for a minute or two before he let go of the table. You watch him out of the corner of your eye to see what he would do next. He took a small wobbly step and then another. You could see the confidence grow in his little face. His steps grew a little steadier as he waddled over and grabbed his toy. You immediately rushed over to him.

“Oh my big boy! I can’t believe you took your first steps! Wait until daddy sees!” You knew that Chris would be ecstatic at the news, but he would also be devastated. He had tried with all his might to try to get Peter to walk before he left even though you told him it was much too early for that. That’s when a wonderful idea came to you. “We’ve gotta keep this a secret, okay, Pete?”


You waited by the window, impatiently looking for any sign of Chris. You were about to call him when you finally caught sight of him coming down the road.

“Alright, Baby, let’s go surprise daddy,” you instructed as you went to stand in front of the door with Peter hanging onto one of your hands. You heard Chris’s keys on the door, and you fished out your phone and got it ready.

“Honey, I’m home, Chris announced as he opened the door. You started to record on your phone as you faked gasped in surprise.

“Peter, who is that? Is that daddy?” Peter just laughed and pulled at your hand. “Go get him. Go get him, Peter,” you told him. Peter shrieked in delight as he waddled over to his father.

The shock and joy on Chris’s face was priceless, and you were glad you got it on camera. when he was finally close enough, Chris scooped Peter up and swung him around. 

“Oh, my little man! You are getting so big!”

“Say, ‘Yep, mommy’s already had to baby proof the whole house because I love to get into everything.’ And I mean everything.” Chris wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you in close. 

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too,” you told him before kissing him.

Here’s a sketch of the fluff I’ve been working on.  I have to work several 11 hour days in a row starting tomorrow so I probably won’t be posting anything else for a while.  If anyone wants to play with adding color to this or whatever, I’d love to see what you create.  If not, it will be a while before I can get back to it again.  Anyway, hugs to everyone.  Stay safe!

*When Waddles doesn't appear in an episode*
  • Me: Hey... do you think... maybe...
  • Everyone: Dude just shut up.
  • Me: Maybe Waddles was actually *character of the day* Waddles' original form before they turned into Waddles for safety?
  • Everyone: That is literally the dumbest-
  • Me: Maybe Waddles' was off trying to find the book because HE'S the author!?
  • Everyone: What is with your obsession with that pig.

omg just think, in the future, high school history classes will be teaching people about things like the feminist movement. Also things people did for the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, one of them being that Beyoncé made an album dedicated to it. Also the battle for LGBTQ+ equality and the day (that is still to come) when history was made because same-sex marriage was legalised everywhere THERES SO MUCH SHIT GOING ON AROUND US THAT WE DONT EVEN REALISE IS GONNA BE SUCH A BIG DEAL WHEN OUR GRANDKIDS ARE WADDLING AROUND

The Swing set!

In the past few months, there have been several fan theories related to the short, “Abaconings” in “Little Gift Shop of Horror.” Mainly in that, the story Grunkle Stan tells could actually be based on the story of Stanford and Stanley. A parallel is drawn between Mabel and Waddles, and the “Original Mystery Twins,” as one gains intelligence, and ends up leaving the other to work on some form of crazy futuristic technology. However, my sister and I were rewatching the episode, and happened across this wonderful frame, that may be the best piece of evidence to support this theory!

Here we can see the machine is being built using the base of what looks like a SWING SET!! 

However, there ARE NO SWING SETS AT THE MYSTERY SHACK! I think that because this story is being told by Stan, the fact that the machine is built upon a swing set specifically is an important detail to note, as it is symbol for Stan, his brother and his past.

The swing set has been shown as a representation of the Twins’ past and memories, growing up in Glass Shard Beach. It’s the only scene in which we see the two twins together, and is the representation of their connection. If Waddles and Dipper really do represent Stanley and McGucket, they are (metaphorically speaking) TEARING APART THE TWINS’ CHILDHOOD by building this great machine meant to change the course of human history and unlock infinite knowledge.

In Stan’s mind that machine, the portal, is what destroyed their sibling bond, and tore apart their past.