wadanohara and the great blue sea

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okay so you guys know how you think chlomaki is tall for…..whatever reason

but look at this

sure you see this picture and go “yeah chlomaki is definitely taller than wadanohara”

yes you’re right, however, wadanohara isn’t very tall

wadanohara’s only like 4‘ 3″ and in that picture chlomaki isn’t very MUCH taller than wadda, probably less than a foot

and look at this

at first glance it might seem like chlomaki is kneeling so lobco can lick her palm, but if you look closer, you can see that she’s standing straight up

but ‘how tall is lobco?’ you might be asking yourself

so lobco’s like, about 5′ 6″?

so we know that chlomaki is taller than wadanohara but shorter than lobco, but exactly HOW TALL is chlomaki?

chlomaki is about 5′ 0″- 5′ 2″

chlomaki is rlly fuckin short pass it on

“You hear that, Tatsumiya?”

“Hear what, Lord Meikai?”

“The thousand of sharks that are trying to get laid.”

“Lord Meikai what?”

“Imagine all those thirsty sharks, Tatsumiya”

“Not this again.”

“Tatsumiya you must protect Wadanohara from those thirsty ass sharks”

“Lord Meikai i’m sure Wadanohara will be able to handle those sharks herself.”

“You want to bet?”

Years later


“Lord Meikai owes me 20 bucks”