herrbismuth  asked:

AU where everything is the same but Samekicki is really upbeat and wears bright colors and Wadda is angsty and emo

Here’s an edit of my little emo child…she would most likely have more deep sea magic…maybe her magic is the same color as blue bioluminescence? Either way I love her.
I might do the Samekichi one later!

Here’s a version of the edit before coloring, I though it was kinda funny too.



Thank you so much for you wait.

@soshi185 @lady-in-black-523lady @lifeis39

Here are your prizes, the samewada, the eticalb and the daicosmea. These desings and poses were made by them, aren’t they beautiful?! *A*

I sneaked the sataivlis, the refisin and wodagrora ones by me. I really love the refisin one.

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