wad e

I managed to get through them by telling myself: “There is a big chance that Ordo, my child, my son who needs to be carried far away from Kal, will be in this chapter.”

Like, genuinely, it’s such an upsetting chapter. Absolutely everything Kal does to Etain there is the absolute PINNACLE of shitty behavior.

Also, RepComm where all of the Kal POVs are replaced by more Etain and Besany and Niner and Ny and Uthan, and we get Mereel and Atin and Obrim and Parja and Rav and Jaing and A'den and Kom'rk and Ruu and Maze and Wad'e POVs, or at least some of these. I don’t care if there’d be too many POVs. Like, just no more Kal talking.