Hey guys! Nice to meet ya’ on this foggy & cold weekend! This Sketchurday’s theme is one of my favorites: “musrhoom” , sketching six compositions of different types of mushrooms in an 8 minute timelapse video.

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The Happy Goldfish

This pieces I was looking for pictures of smiling fish to simply amuse myself, but after looking at many goldfish on the interweb I thought it would be nice to draw my own.

For this I just used my Wacon Bamboo tablet and Sketchbook Pro6, using these tools:
Copic Marker

You can see it’s quite sketchy which was the look I was going for :]

Watch on rose-agosto.tumblr.com

My quick Paint Tool SAI sketch

Using Wacom tablet
#paintoolsai #wacombamboo #Wacom #digitalart #speedsketch #FioreRose

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