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here’s my hax! you see  this acetate sheet here?

it is a thick plastic sheets used for tracing in art schools/projectors. i use this to place on my tablet pad: like this EXCUSE THE DIRT I HAD THIS FOR 5-6 YEARS NOW:

this helps prevent my pen nibs to go blunt, i did not replace a single one!


the acetate sheets should be around 5usd for small amount on amazon!

digital Artists!! Are you tired of restarting your tablet drivers??

So as you should all know, if your Wacom tablet is acting up (pen pressure stops, it glitches, or just won’t work) then the first thing to do is: unplug, plug back in, and restart the tablet driver!!

Here’s how people usually do it:

But it’s a bit of a hassle to pull up the services app every time, especially if your computer is slow like mine, and can’t handle a lot of programs at once, the poor thing.

Here’s how you SHOULD do it:

1: Open up notepad (you know, the simplest program on windows?) and write these exact three lines. Simple!

Don’t be scared! This is basically just some simple code that will restart the Wacom tablet drivers!

 ((I have an intuos pro, so I’m not sure if the service name is different for other tablets. You can double check, but it should be the same. You can see that the service name in my text file is the same as the one in the first screenshot! Cool!)

2: Save that bad-boy as a .bat file, and don’t forget to set the type to “All Files” or else I’ll come to your house and slap you! :3c

((We want to save it as a .bat file, so that it can actually run the code!! And don’t worry, the name doesn’t matter!! Feel free to name it something silly :D))

3: Slap that sucker on your desktop for easy access, and give it a good ol’ double click when your tablet is being rebellious!! A lil black box should pop up, and voila! Tablet (hopefully) fixed!! 

This is so much nicer than waiting for the services app to pop up, and having to wait through a loading bar! You still gotta restart your art program (sadly), but this is just so much more convenient! I usually restart the drivers once every few hours while drawing, or just when it starts to get sluggish!

Have fun drawing with pen pressure, lightning speed, and all that good stuff!! <3

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I really like you're art! My question is whether you have always been doing it digitally and what do you use in order to make digital art. Also if I were to start doing digital art what should I use? Love you!~

Hi!  I’ve been doing digital art since late 2015 (see the pic below), but I’ve been studying traditionally for about 3-4 years now.  I use Photoshop CC as well as a Wacom tablet (Intuos Pen Small, about 8″x7″).

 I’d recommend that combo if you’re starting out (alternatively, substitute some free drawing program for photoshop if you want to)- mainly because they’re what I used when I started out and they’ve worked well enough that I continue to use them,

Also, from your questions, I suspect that you’re just getting into digital art.  Few things to note: it’s tricky to draw on tablets when you start out.  It’s normal if your coordination is messy even for 1-3 months after you get your tablet.  Here is an old ask with some advice for beginner digital artists; I think a lot of my year-old advice (almost to the day, jeez) still holds up.

Hacking a Cheap Wacom Tablet

When I received my Intuos5 in 2012, I expected it to turn me into a drawing grand master with all the cool extra functions it had.

I was a bit disappointed to find out that it drew exactly like my old Bamboo, except the pen was nicer to hold. Since then, I’ve tried not to throw more money at Wacom than I absolutely have to. 

I’m currently using a medium Wacom ONE, which is Wacom’s cheapest tablet. The pressure sensitivity is great, and it draws perfectly well. However, it’s less comfortable to use compared to my previous Wacom tablets. Since I do use the tablet for hours every day I decided to do a bit of DIY!

1)     Changing the nib

The Wacom tablet pen comes with the default plastic nib which works but I like the other nibs better.

I found that the white-tipped flex nibs are nice for smooth, worn out tablet surfaces. I used them a lot last year when I did digital painting.

Nowadays, I spend a lot of time sketching and doing detailed lineart on the computer. I find the grey felt tips more suited for this task, for they provide a more pencil-like texture.

The nibs used to be marketed as only compatible with professional range tablets. Honestly, though, they work with any cheap Wacom tablet! I’ve tried these nibs on my old Bamboo Pen and Intuos Draw and they fit just fine.

2)     Protecting the surface with Bristol Board

Ever since I started working on my comic in 2015, I spend around 3 hours using my tablet every day. I managed to create a smooth shiny bald patch on this tablet in a month.

I couldn’t find any good surface protectors on the internet so I experimented with different types of papers.

So far, my favourite is the Bristol Board. It has an extremely fine paper texture that comes pretty close to the original surface texture of the tablet.

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I just realized that I don’t really post my commission sketches.

Here’s a selection of some that I enjoyed sketching.  Drawing girls is always fun (all that whish whoosh hair and petals haha).  I’ll follow with dude sketches then couples.

These sketches were drawn on on 3x5 flashcards. Commission on the same type of card is still available.


hello, all you wonderful artists!  i am selling this very lightly used and like new wacom cintiq 13HD.  the original seller only used it twice before putting it up for sale on amazon.  when it arrived, i realized too late that i didn’t have the computer hardware necessary to support the cintiq, so i couldn’t even use it at all!  it works just fine, but unless i buy a whole new computer (not happening), it’s kind of useless to me. =T

if you buy this product from the wacom website, it’ll cost you roughly $800.  i’m selling mine for $700 and i’m even willing to cover shipping depending on how far it’s going and how much it’ll cost.

overall this purchase will include everything that comes standard with the wacom cintiq 13HD, such as:

  • the cintiq pen display itself
  • the original box
  • pen
  • pen case
  • extra nibs
  • pen holder
  • adjustable stand
  • cintiq 3-in-1 cable + power adapter (idk why but i had to buy this separate??? i’ll make damn sure it’s in there with everything else though)
  • instruction manual

i think the original seller forgot to put the software driver/installation disc back in its sleeve before sending the cintiq to me, but you can download them for free from the wacom website.

if you are interested, please contact me via ask or IM on @meebin and we’ll set things up with paypal.  there’s only one, so obviously it’ll be on a first-come-first-serve basis with whoever is able to confirm payment.

thank you for your time!


I worked on something quite different than usual :)
I’m happy with the result. It reminds me of those old school comics(lines and colors).

I want to thank heterotopian for being so kind and open on letting me use one of his photographs as a reference for this scenery ^_^
You can check the picture in this link : heiko’s photograph

please check heterotopian‘s tumblr page for more of his work :)

p.s. Heiko, I hope you like what I did with your piece. I tried my best!

anonymous asked:

Sorry you probably get this a lot but, what tablet do you use? (*´ω`*)

hello! no worries *7* this is the first time someone asked me on tumblr <3

meet my pen tablet, ichiro!! //slapped yeh I named him and everything here’s the full website page thing that I made for him :’)))

he’s a wacom intuos pen and touch small *0* //the old version;;; I think they made a new version idk

I took a picture to show you how smol he is *7* My close friends in middle school started doing digital art too (at the time I drew with a mouse) and they used a wacom intuos small *v* //I also didn’t know what a pen tablet was asdfjkl;// so I just got the same thing as them and eventually other people did too *7* I got it when it was on sale //mmm like 40% off or something for christmas// and it’s really cute portable ;7;

but in the end, if you plan on getting a tablet, it doesn’t have to be fancy or anything <3 whatever works for you ( ‘ v ‘ )b //but according to a friend of mine, don’t get wacom bamboo because apparently it crashes a lot idk// //most artists use wacom from what I know *0*//


I haven’t updated my blog for a long time, but since a lot of people followed me for my art I want to come back here to share this new painting.

After I went to my first IAMX show last October all I could think was “I have to paint him.” So I did. (”him” being Chris Corner, my new favorite musician, please check out his incredible music.)

This painting was a huge challenge for me. For the first time I decided to create my own depiction of the person instead of recreating a photo. So I did a lot of research, and ended up using +200 photos. Every single bone, muscle, vein, etc. is referenced from a photo of him, to make sure it is a depiction of him alone. This painting stretched me to my limits in terms of anatomy, lighting, and realism, and I grew SO MUCH as an artist.

I had to make this my best work because otherwise it would have failed in its purpose, which is to convey my respect and love for this genius who inspired me so much with his art. I plan to print this on a canvas to gift it to him in a meet and greet whenever IAMX tours again.

It was painted in Photoshop with a Wacom pen tablet, and as usual is entirely done by hand, not traced, no photographs exist anywhere in the file. Please zoom in, there’s lots of pretty details!


Genius me brought my tablet with me to Melbourne but forgot to take the pen along. So now I’m stuck with just pencil sketches for another month at least ;< 

Really sucks cause I have so many ideas running around my head but I can’t reproduce it zzz

But anyways, have some Somva summer sketches. I’ll try to produce better sketches to make up for the lack of content. Sorry to the people who follow me for somva art :(

The Riddler | DC Comics | Gotham 

(I wanted to make a half and half style of portrait, just changing things a little)

Art by: Salma Elenin

(please no repost, respect the artist and reblog instead thank you)

i-i-i thought the whole “don’t put pasta in your wacom tablet pen” was a joke or some kind of meme i wasn’t aware of

not an actual debunking of an actual post