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Yay! I’m officially back from my little start-of-the-year social media break, and here’s a mermaid I sketched recently in ProCreate.

I’m so excited for this year and all the art things I’m working on and have planned for 2017. I’ve set what I feel are some good, solid goals with my webcomic project, and while I’m not going to state a specific launch date yet, let’s just say for now that I’m hoping I might be able to begin telling the story online some time early next year. I’ll definitely update you all on the progress on that as I can.

I’m also running the tumblr, instagram, and part of the facebook page for Masterpiece Christian Fine Art Foundation (@mcfineartsfoundation), so if anyone wants to check out any of those pages and give them a follow, please feel free to do so! Also in connection with MCFAF, I’m planning a series of local classes near the end of the month on perspective drawing, which I’m very much looking forward to, and I’m helping our group of local artists organize a monthly art show for the “First Friday Art Walk” in Ashland (Oregon).

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the year, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful art from the people I follow. Wishing each of you the best!


Character studies/sketches of a guy who’s shown up on the blog before, but who I have not yet named (publicly) for story reasons. :) Need to narrow down exactly where that scar goes at some point so I can keep everything as consistent as possible in the story telling. 

(Edit: Please don’t delete my captions. Thanks.)

Only a little progress since last time, BUT, it’s still progress, nonetheless. It’s a good thing I love these two; I’ve already spent a ton of time in their company over the past few years, and that’s not going to be changing anywhere in the near future. 


Finished it! Here’s Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli from Andrew Peterson’s perilous, hilarious, and beautiful “Wingfeather Saga”. If you enjoy the fantasy genre, this is definitely a set of books that is worth reading, and I’m SO happy all four volumes have a permanent home on my bookshelf! :D Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’d best be off - I think I hear a stampede of fearsome Toothy Cows. ;)

As promised earlier, here’s the color version of that mermaid sketch I did last night. This was a lot of fun. :)

In news unrelated to this picture, I just passed the 10k word mark in the script for Naddie’s story, which was my goal for the end of March, and I’m super excited to use the upcoming camp NaNoWriMo to shoot for the next 10k over April.

Quick post for tonight. Screenshot of part of a W.I.P. drawing of some warrior elf lady. I recently started re-watching through a bunch of the extended LotR extra discs of “behind the scenes” stuff, and through doing so, have been reminded yet again of how very much I love Alan Lee’s drawings and paintings, and especially his Tolkien work. I think that’s part of what’s coming out here in this drawing.

And a Solution Manifests!! PARTAY PARTAY PARTAYYY

I am SO psyched.

One would be hard pressed to imagine my excitement right now. Something combining rainbow sprinkles, presents under the tree, riding a horse through a lightning storm in the mountains, the sound of a grand piano in an empty concert hall, and laughing with your best friend might come close.

When my laptop passed into the next world, I was pretty concerned. Why? Because in order to buy a laptop that would be able to keep pace with the processing demands of the audio software I project myself to use/ continue using in the next 5 to 6 years time (this is how long my laptop lasted before surrendering its ghost), I’d have to drop almost four grand. Yes. Four thousand dollars. Guess how much money I have right now? Negative two thousand! Even if I was at flat even, all of my assets combined (including those not currently liquidated) would only be around 3500. So, yeah.

I didn’t know I would be grateful in the future for sacrificing a full year an two months of my life to back-breaking labour in a B.C. sawmill, but all the money I contributed into the pension plan while labouring there has made that happen. Now that I’ve been out of the union for over two years, that money is available to me; direct deposit. While this goes a long way to solving my insolvency problems (I know, I’m hilarious. Please take a moment to appreciate that pun), it’s still only going to be around 2600. SO!

I decided to replace it with a desktop (processing power to the MAX for audio) and an iPad (portability and flexibility for my university slash business-style life).

While over chilling with #nursehelena , I had the occasion to witness her writing with her iPad using a a stylus. The hardware was cheap. The software was far from powerful, designed to be nothing more than an intuitive note-taking platform. I drew.

And I was spellbound.

Fast forward some hours, and I investigated to see if any more powerful, photoshop-esque software existed for the iPad that might come closer to my goals. And lo, there were multitudes. Next, I looked for more sophisticated styli - something pressure sensitive that might not require me to hold my palm at an uncomfortable angle to ensure no unsightly marking on theoretical digital drawings (as happened with #nursehelena ). And behold! The options were numerous!!!

Seriously, kids.


I thought that this would only be possible with a Cintiq. And holla gee willickers, that there is some extravagant finery my broke ass definitely could not afford.



… What is that you say? Medical College Admissions Test? That I have registered to write in August and haven’t studied for even a little bit? HA! With all this fun on the horizon?? How COULD I??


((also, somebody please tell me poor, technologically-incapable self how to properly tag someone in my posts. Your selfless act of kindness will be forever appreciated))