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¿Qué tableta gráfica utilizas? ¿Podrías hacer un dibujo de ella humanizada? Por favor :3

Uso una Wacom Intuos Pen Creative, compré esa porque era la más barata que había(?? JAJA Omggg 

Btw, esta humanización la hice hace rato

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Emmmm espero que no te moleste pero si ahora estas haciendo los comics con tableta me puedes decir el modelo? ( para tener opciones de tabletas para en un futuro adquirir una) porfavor

Bueno,la tableta que uso es una Wacom Intuos Manga (Creative pen and touch tablet). 0w0

Raena has become an increasingly special character to me as I’ve continued writing Naddie’s story. She’s a forty-something, 5ft tall archery master, solid, dependable, and level headed, with a quiet optimism and an understated sarcastic streak that I’ve discovered more as I’ve written her. I’m really excited to have finally had the chance to work on her visual development again today, and I think I’m finally getting closer to pegging some of the things that visually convey my impression of who she is. Whew! Sorry to any folks I still need to catch up with in comments/email/etc. Today is the first day in a while that I’ve felt like I had a little more room to slow down and breathe.

[Please don’t delete my captions. Thanks! ^_^]


No fancy picture this time.  Someone stole my tablet’s chord because it happen to fit their phone so CLEARLY it was their’s to take!

Hey, speaking of tablets… That’s what is gonna be given away!  One of my super lucky followers will receive a DRAWING tablet for themselves!  I can only have one winner this time, though.   

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It’s a  “Wacom Intuos Creative CTL480”!


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 •Some time September 5-7, 2014.



 •Send me a message within 24 hours of the winner’s announcement.

 •Send me a message with their home/some address the tablet can be shipped to!

 •Say “Thank you, Celery!”

The winner will get tracking info as well, so we can make sure they get the tablet.


Yep!  You have to follow and like this post to enter for the giveaway for the tablet.  If you reblog as well as like and follow, your chances of winning are multiplied!


– I live in [X country], can I enter?

Yes!  Everyone on planet Earth is able to enter! (Sorry, Plutonians)

– Must follow?! That’s some cheap ploy to make people follow you!

This is a gift for my followers.  Not for all of tumblr.  Now, you can follow me just for the giveaway and then unfollow when the giveaway is over.  The giveaway is available to my awesome, super supportive, and patient followers.  It’s a bit of a thank you. I just wish there were more winners.  Maybe next time!

– Can I reblog with my other tumblrs?

If they are all separate accounts, I wouldn’t know you were all the same person.  If they were all the same account, only one tumblr would show as liking and following, so the rest wouldn’t count.


Nooooo.  All I require is your personal information upon winning! (Home address to ship the tablet)


Beggars are automatically disqualified..


A bit of “A Monster in Paris” fan art, because I saw a certain cute movie for the first time this week. The friendship that develops between these two is pretty adorable, and I felt it was like he became a sort of big-little brother she rescued and adopted off the streets. :)

Hi guys! Feels like it’s been forever. Thanks everybody for the kind support and patient waiting while I took some time and space from posting my art this last month in order to be with family and to process in the wake of my grandpa’s passing. While there are definitely still up and down days, because, well, grief is an unpredictable and sometimes messy process, I’m at least finally figuring out how to get back in the mindset for my art, and today, I’m really excited to have something to post again. This little mermaid is the first thing I’ve finished from imagination in well over a month, and it feels really satisfying to have painted her. Thanks to @stellathesiren for her inspiring new YouTube video - watching it was great inspiration for the movement and flow of this piece - and thanks again to each of you for all the love, prayers, encouragement, and patience my family and I have received in this season. God is faithfully getting us through one step at a time. ♥️

I recently got to make my first journey through Harry Potter’s story via audiobook, and I really enjoyed it. The ending was more beautiful and satisfying than I’d anticipated, and I’m very glad I finally read them. Anyway, here’s a wind down piece I did one evening while I was still listening through the series. Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday!

Yay! I’m officially back from my little start-of-the-year social media break, and here’s a mermaid I sketched recently in ProCreate.

I’m so excited for this year and all the art things I’m working on and have planned for 2017. I’ve set what I feel are some good, solid goals with my webcomic project, and while I’m not going to state a specific launch date yet, let’s just say for now that I’m hoping I might be able to begin telling the story online some time early next year. I’ll definitely update you all on the progress on that as I can.

I’m also running the tumblr, instagram, and part of the facebook page for Masterpiece Christian Fine Art Foundation (@mcfineartsfoundation), so if anyone wants to check out any of those pages and give them a follow, please feel free to do so! Also in connection with MCFAF, I’m planning a series of local classes near the end of the month on perspective drawing, which I’m very much looking forward to, and I’m helping our group of local artists organize a monthly art show for the “First Friday Art Walk” in Ashland (Oregon).

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the year, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful art from the people I follow. Wishing each of you the best!


Finished it! Here’s Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli from Andrew Peterson’s perilous, hilarious, and beautiful “Wingfeather Saga”. If you enjoy the fantasy genre, this is definitely a set of books that is worth reading, and I’m SO happy all four volumes have a permanent home on my bookshelf! :D Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’d best be off - I think I hear a stampede of fearsome Toothy Cows. ;)

As promised earlier, here’s the color version of that mermaid sketch I did last night. This was a lot of fun. :)

In news unrelated to this picture, I just passed the 10k word mark in the script for Naddie’s story, which was my goal for the end of March, and I’m super excited to use the upcoming camp NaNoWriMo to shoot for the next 10k over April.

This, my friends, is a color palette I created in ProCreate based on a group of palettes I saw in James Gurney’s “Color and Light” book, a couple Winsor Newton colors, and a few other things from the in-program color wheel. I’ve kinda been calling it the “Semi-Limited Palette” in my head. :P I wanted to make something that had a range of colors that felt more subdued than the full digital spectrum and closer to the range of my oils and watercolors - something that had enough variety to work as the starting point for a lot of picture types and moods, but still had enough limitation to maybe help with unifying the colors a bit in a piece.

So, here it is. Please feel free to download and use it if you want to, and while of course you don’t have to tell me if you make something with it, I’d love to see it if you do! Also, the background on this is transparent, so you can put it in the corner of your canvas on any background color without taking up any more visual space than the palette itself.

And…on that note, the blog just passed another milestone recently, so I figure sharing this is a way for me to say thanks so much to all of you for taking the time to follow my work on here! You guys make this a fun place to be. ^___^