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My thing for Korrasami Wedding Day is finally done! Only, like, a week and a half late >.> sorryyyyyy. Seriously, only someone *this* new to 2D animation would make the mistake of going ‘oh I’ll just animate a three-body walk cycle with secondary and tertiary actions it’ll only take a week’. I’m so slow >.<

That said, I’m actually kinda happy with how it turned out. I left Naga to last because she was the most fun, and the most cute. 

Animation in Flash CS5 (I am *definitely* not using it the way you’re supposed to, though), texture and export in Photoshop CS5. As usual, Wacom Graphire 4.

tapiko-tomose  asked:

Hey I don't know if anyone ask you this before, I just want to know How was your firts steps of drawing? How are you notice your improvement? and I send you a big hug from these far away lands of Mexico :3

Sending hugs straight back from England! <3 

When I first started drawing, I copied a lot. I would copy panels from my fave manga, promo art from anime etc etc, and I would sit hunched over on my bedroom floor for hours, drawing on printer paper with really basic pencils and pens. I never traced anything, but worked by eye. Once I felt more comfortable with what I was doing I started drawing my own poses and stuff. Still fanart, though! That’s never changed. When I first started digital work I had a very basic tablet (the Wacom Graphire 3, I believe!) and was using a program called Pixia.  

I’ve come a long way, but the tools I started out with were so basic!

I tracked my progress over the years by re-drawing old pictures every so often for comparison purposes. I also updated a progress meme every year from 2004, although I still need to add 2016. It’s really interesting to see how my style and skill has changed over the years!


2015 vs 2003 //

Just got the ipad pro + apple pencil in the hopes they would serve as a portable workstation, since I’ve been utterly disappointed in the surface. My experience with them up to this point has been limited to doodles, though, so I attempted a more complete illustration to run it through the ringer combined with a re-draw of some EXTREMELY CORNY older work.

I remember nothing about this character. What was she inspired by? Who is she supposed to be, some sort of space general?? Why did her overcoat have belt loops and why wasn’t she using them???

?????? ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿?? ¿? ¿

Apparently she’s a Phantasy Star IV character, which I reimagined in 2003, and subsequently, unknowingly, redesigned again last night. MYSTERY SOLVED!!


Then and Now 02:  Here’s another old art redo.  This one from my sophomore year of high school and early DA days.  I think this was also the year I got my first tablet which was this puny little Wacom Graphire I bought from Circuit City.  For some reason I felt the need to put text describing my subject matter in most of my middle/high school artwork.    :p

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What was the first art program you ever used? Did you like it?

I actually can’t remember if it was MS paint or a really early version of Photoshop. Though I could find this, and it seems like it was obviously done in Paint haha. It was a portrait of my Bori from Neopets. So I’m gonna say Paint xD And no I didn’t really like it, heh.

Then heres one of my oldest Photoshop drawings, it was another Neopets drawing haha. (PS was on my dad’s computer at the time and I used a Wacom graphire tablet) This was pretty much a relief from MS paint but the stabilization on early photoshop was terrible (or maybe i was just a terrible artist haha), so I honestly preferred drawing on paper at the time. After that, I didn’t really touch Photoshop again until 5 years later when I returned to Deviantart.

Thanks for asking! :D

Another digital painting from Mushishi Zoku Shou episode 4 (I have 3 more scenes I wanna draw from this episode LOL) after Saturday I won’t be posting as much until a week later due to final exams/performances/gigs/auditions so I hope the next few sketches will help you guys relax your mind when you’re stressed out! Good luck to those who will be taking their final exams soon! :D

Time: 2 hours

Tools: Photoshop CS6, Macbook Air, Wacom Graphire Tablet

Mushishi belongs to: © Urushibara Yuki


This is my lovely Wacom graphire 4. It’s 8 years old but still going strong. The pen is a little grody and the tablet is very clunky compared to the ones available now, but otherwise it’s perfect for a digital artist who is just starting out!!

Dimensions: 10.5" square, active area 6" x 4". Weighs just over 2 pounds. Ultra long cable measures almost 5 feet!

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Good luck!


Yesterday my trusty Graphire 4 went to join the cripples at the edge of the herd. Its Day One for this new secondhand Bamboo, and I just noticed it has no preset buttons on the tablet, just the two on the pen itself. The pen itself is slippery, no cushy padded part that helps with the grip. And the active surface is ever so slightly textured, like I’m running the nib along the finest sandpaper. Do you like drawing on sandpaper? I do not.

The plus side is I got my pressure sensitivity back! See the above Terras for comparison. The right one is the Bamboo, and the lineart looks much better (to be fair, I was trying harder too).

So I guess I’m adjusting to the new tool, though I don’t like it much. It’s a stopgap measure until I can save enough for that fancy Cintiq or a scanner to incorporate more hand drawn linework.

Btw, did you know its pronounced “wack-com”? I’ve been saying “way-comb”.





My dog sat on my pen. I am literally begging please help me.

It’s a Wacom graphire 4 tablet. I just need to by the pen. If you are willing to help please help. There is a donation button on my page.

I can’t do commissions because my pen is broken.

ice-queen-mayu  asked:

Hello! First of all I wanna say I really love your art and I look up to you as an artist. That's why I wanted to see if you could help? I'm looking into buying a drawing tablet, so which one would you recommend?

Hello! Thank you very much, you are really too kind!

About the tablet uhm, I can give you some info about the types…
Know that Wacom Tablets are for the tablets what Apple is for smarthphones: they are the best around, professionals use them and they are expensive. There are basic tablets and super cool expensive ones with screens and a lot of cool stuff. And of course there is the not-wacom counterparts, that will do the same work, at half price.

The real question is how much serious are you into starting digital drawing. Because it will be a shame to spend more than 100$ in something that you will use for a week and then leave it in a closet.

My best advice is start with the super basic tablet you can find, like the Wacom Intuos (Draw), or its other-brand version, and see how you feel with it. Know also that it takes weeks and months to get used to digital drawing, so you your first tablet should keep you company for at least a year or something. Then you can decide to do a level up, and get a better one (a intuos Pro or a cintiq) :D

I’m using actually a wacom Cintiq 12wx, after an experience of 5 years with a Wacom Graphire 2 and 3 yrs with a Wacom Bamboo (all of them are currently out of production), and never had a problem with them (not that Wacom is problem-free though, I know a lot of stories of malfuctions and stuff), but I know that other brands are good too, so it really depends on how much you want to invest in a drawing tablet :D

Hope it could help!