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henlo what do u use to draw? do u scan your drawings or use a tablet? what tablet do u recommend for digital drawings?

I use a intuos pro drawing tablet and photoshop cs5! I usually sketch digitally on photoshop. Before my intuos pro, I used a wacom graphire tablet and that worked good for me too, it lasted me a really long time.


This is my lovely Wacom graphire 4. It’s 8 years old but still going strong. The pen is a little grody and the tablet is very clunky compared to the ones available now, but otherwise it’s perfect for a digital artist who is just starting out!!

Dimensions: 10.5" square, active area 6" x 4". Weighs just over 2 pounds. Ultra long cable measures almost 5 feet!

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Yesterday my trusty Graphire 4 went to join the cripples at the edge of the herd. Its Day One for this new secondhand Bamboo, and I just noticed it has no preset buttons on the tablet, just the two on the pen itself. The pen itself is slippery, no cushy padded part that helps with the grip. And the active surface is ever so slightly textured, like I’m running the nib along the finest sandpaper. Do you like drawing on sandpaper? I do not.

The plus side is I got my pressure sensitivity back! See the above Terras for comparison. The right one is the Bamboo, and the lineart looks much better (to be fair, I was trying harder too).

So I guess I’m adjusting to the new tool, though I don’t like it much. It’s a stopgap measure until I can save enough for that fancy Cintiq or a scanner to incorporate more hand drawn linework.

Btw, did you know its pronounced “wack-com”? I’ve been saying “way-comb”.