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digital Artists!! Are you tired of restarting your tablet drivers??

So as you should all know, if your Wacom tablet is acting up (pen pressure stops, it glitches, or just won’t work) then the first thing to do is: unplug, plug back in, and restart the tablet driver!!

Here’s how people usually do it:

But it’s a bit of a hassle to pull up the services app every time, especially if your computer is slow like mine, and can’t handle a lot of programs at once, the poor thing.

Here’s how you SHOULD do it:

1: Open up notepad (you know, the simplest program on windows?) and write these exact three lines. Simple!

Don’t be scared! This is basically just some simple code that will restart the Wacom tablet drivers!

 ((I have an intuos pro, so I’m not sure if the service name is different for other tablets. You can double check, but it should be the same. You can see that the service name in my text file is the same as the one in the first screenshot! Cool!)

2: Save that bad-boy as a .bat file, and don’t forget to set the type to “All Files” or else I’ll come to your house and slap you! :3c

((We want to save it as a .bat file, so that it can actually run the code!! And don’t worry, the name doesn’t matter!! Feel free to name it something silly :D))

3: Slap that sucker on your desktop for easy access, and give it a good ol’ double click when your tablet is being rebellious!! A lil black box should pop up, and voila! Tablet (hopefully) fixed!! 

This is so much nicer than waiting for the services app to pop up, and having to wait through a loading bar! You still gotta restart your art program (sadly), but this is just so much more convenient! I usually restart the drivers once every few hours while drawing, or just when it starts to get sluggish!

Have fun drawing with pen pressure, lightning speed, and all that good stuff!! <3

You have to set Wacom’s drivers to report their full 2048 levels of pressure. On Windows machines, they default to 1024 levels of pressure reportage for legacy compatibility.

I mentioned this on Twitter and it blew a few people’s brain-pans out their collective skulls. I don’t think folks know. I imagine 90% of people with 2048 Wacom hardware have left that option checked.

Unless you’re living in a cave and clinging on to your copy of Painter 6 with musket in hand, uncheck that box.

If you’re getting jagged/aliased lines with your hard-edged brushes even while drawing at 100%, here’s your problem. Downgrade your Wacom driver to a previous version. 6.3.7-5 seemed to have no high resolution tracking support in Photoshop, despite whatever prior attempts to force it to work.

Your lines should always be properly anti-aliased while at 100% zoom as seen in Driver 6.3.6-3’s example. These lines were drawn very slowly to make sure the tracking was working correctly.

Test this yourself with your tablet to see if your drivers are working correctly!

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I have the same problem with my mobile studio pro too. :0 not sure the color thing is because of its specs? It’s supposed to have accurate color or something. whenever im using the file on computer or see the exported pics on another device the color is different. :-\

im glad im not the only one having this problem with Mobile studio pro;;;;;; the colors are completely different on every other device and it makes it really hard to draw on cuz I dont know what colors im actually picking…! black looks blue, purple looks pink its really bad… I found out that if you go into Wacom Display Settings and change your “color space” to “sRGB” the screen changes and the colors look pretty close to what you would see on your cellphone…. but my problem is when I plug my wacom into my computer to use it in cintiq mode the wacom display settings doesnt open for me so I cant change the colors OI-Z 

if anyone is thinking about buying a mobile Studio pro and useing it as a cintiq dont do it…. [ not to mention it cost almost 200+$ more for extra parts just to put it in cintiq mode] 

Artist friends, let me just tell you a thing. FUCK Wacom. Fuck Wacom and their planned obsolescence, fuck Wacom and their broken drivers, fuck Wacom and their over-priced tablets. For years we’ve dealt with them with no alternatives but let me tell you a thing.

I recently found out my Intuos 4′s Pen had broken and rather than spend £60-89 for a new one I decided to get a new tablet. Now, I could get the new “Intuos” (which is just the re-branded Bamboo) and i was going to until I found this beast.

This is the Huion  H610, it has almost twice the drawing space of the low-end Intuos and double the pressure levels. The one and only negative is that the pen requires a battery.

Not only that, it is larger than my Intuos 4 which I paid £150 for back in the day. Know how much this cost? £55. The same as the basic Intuos.

I am in LOVE with this thing. Let’s compare this with the lowest of the low end Wacom Intuos line.

                             Intuos          Huion

Active Area:     6 by 3.7 in    10" x 6.25"

Pressure Levels:  1024            2048

Hard Input Res:  2540 LPI      4000 LPI

Express Keys:          4                   8

Not to mention the Intuos is HIDEOUS with buttons that are in incredibly awkward places.

The fact that a £55 matches and exceeds the £150 Intuos 4 I bought years ago speaks worlds. And do you know what the very final nail in the coffin is?


It’s time Wacom had some real competition in the market, if you’re looking for a new tablet please consider a Huion over a Wacom. I used to be a Wacom fanboy too but now?

Here is the H610 on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

All I can find is good reviews on this thing and people doing the same thing I am doing, trying to convince people it’s worth it. So… You have the information, use it as you will.


Cube i7 Stylus is a 10” Windows 10 tablet that I just bought for portable light sketching and painting purpose. It’s affordable with the price tag of $300. There are many things I like about this product while it has MANY, MAJOR FLAWS. Here I will report everything I discovered so far.


  • IPS type panel with wide view angle. Standard-gamut with horrible color space coverage of 67% sRGB, 46% AdobeRGB. Cuts off around the far ends of green, blue, purple and red areas. Not so much for yellow and orange.
  • Very bright backlight. 400cd/m^2 at max. No flicker at low brightness level. 120 cd/m^2 is at about 30%.
  • White point 6600K, decent but still cooler than ideal.
  • Tone Response Curves look very good. Almost dead straight.
  • Average deltaE is merely 0.17. This is kinda amazing, it explains the straight TRC performance described above. Despite its small color space coverage, whatever it can display, it displays them super accurately. You don’t really need to calibrate it. As a result, it produces not rich, but very clean color, leaving me the impression of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, even though the SP4s have nearly perfect screens. You might want to be careful not to use extremely saturated color when drawing, because it cannot reflect those.
  • It’s glossy, super reflective!


  • Wacom Penabled display. The same technology of the old Cintiq line. Compatible with a zoo of weird pens!
  • Original stylus has 1 side switch. I use my Cintiq 18SX’s 2 switch stylus (THE BEST OF ALL. Model: UP911E-02DD, available on Amazon.).
  • Original stylus has 1024 level pressure sensitivity. My trusty 18SX stylus has 512, but you won’t tell the differences. They both worked well enough.
  • The display surface is a bit slippery. Use Wacom felt pen nibs to increase friction.
  • Fujitsu 10 point touchscreen. Works better after the removal of the included screen protector sheet (it has bubbles under it -_-). It doesn’t cooperate with Wacom’s stylus – no hard-wired palm rejection. Windows 10 can do this for you – search in Cortana for “Pen Settings”, check “Ignore touch input when I’m using my pen”. To turn it off completely, in Device Manager, disable “HID-compliant touch screen”.
  • GNU/Linux wise, under Ubuntu 16.04.1, 1 of 2 side switches of my 18SX stylus would not function. No dice with xsetwacom and xinput. When stylus and touch both activated at the same time system locks up for a while. I’ve reported this to linuxwacom project.


  • It call itself i7, but it’s a dirty trick. It actually has Core m3-6Y30, 4GB RAM, HD Graphics 515. I feel no slowdown at all when drawing an A3 300dpi picture in Krita.
  • Foresee 64GB M.2 SSD. It reads like a rabbit and writes like a turtle. Boots up system in a flash, but when Windows 10 is undoing updating itself, you can feel that writing queue is lining up straight to Uranus.
  • Has a MicroSD card slot. Storage space is not an issue.


  • 3 hours + under stress running time, at 30% brightness level (120cd/m^2). Lasts forever when browsing webpages. Gets red hot when you are both charging and running 3Dmarks9000 on it.
  • Power adapter not included in the official package list. At least not in China where its produced. Some 3rd party distributors includes one though. DC 12V 3.5x1.35mm jack. Good luck finding that! In China you must give them 5/5 and put up photos on the distributor’s online shop to get an adapter. I scavenged an adapter from a dead router and gave them 2/5. Bastards. (When I was writing this report, they phoned me about sending me one for free anyway.)
  • 1 USB Type-C connector. You may charge it through this connector, but your charger must have 5V2A standard USB power output to do that. QuickCharge(QC) devices and alike are not guaranteed to charge it unless their non-QC, conventional mode can output 2A. Also, it seems to charge only when you plug it in after the machine is booted into the system. If you connect its USB-C before turning it on, it might not boot. USB-C connect does not support startup disk.
  • No documents, no tech support, no drivers on website Not even on the Chinese version. They are serious about national equality here. No. Quickstart Guide does not count as a legit piece of document. The Recovery ISO is hosted on a 3rd party, Chinese equivalent of dropbox as a dodgy .rar file like a p0rn video. Very unprofessional. If you are going to install Windows anew, you’ll need to find your own drivers. (Search for: Intel Driver Update Utility / Wacom Feel Driver / Realtek High Definition Audio Driver)
  • The keyboard is detachable. In tablet mode it feels very light weight to be hold in one hand. Unlike Cintiq 13HD, this one I can use for a long time without having sore in my arms. The keyboard itself is very well made too. The whole frame is cut out from a piece of metal, probably steel. No squeaking sound. Super steady. Very heavy. Holds up the screen nicely. Definitely one of the best in this size.
  • Touch pad has major usability issues. Instead of using software to handle the gestures, it seems to embed the gesture recognition in the hardware and send out keyboard signals when it thinks your movement is a gesture. Very easy to misfire commands like minimize all windows, zoom, swipe and task view. There is no way you can turn it off. Just don’t let your fingers go near its edge.
  • The earphone jack packs a punch. The audio chip is the infamous Realtek ALC283. This crap has no right to drive my Etymotic ER4B loud (you monster!). But it did! At only 25% of the volume, too! Did they bother to put an amp chip in it? It sounds quite musical for a cheap tablet, too! I have to write about this. What a strange breed of product we got here. XD
  • Has 2 cameras, each on both sides. The sensors are OV2680 and OV5648, controlled by intel Imaging Signal Processor 2500. They are absolutely crap. You got nothing but noises. Probably not good enough to provide evidence of a crime scene. :P
  • Audio jack and power adapter jack look exactly the same. I often plug the power adapter connector into the audio jack. Although it doesn’t bring any danger because of the structure, it still makes me like an idiot.

Wow what a piece of crap! But at the end of the day, it’s better than nothing! XD”

Just joking. Despite all those problems, I still love this product. It’s very well built and doesn’t feel cheap at all. Nothing top-notch but all good enough for my target purpose - portable sketching. At the price of $300, I consider my money well spent.

But still, I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT FOR NON-TECH ARTISTS. You must know how to deal with its atrocities. Otherwise, YOU GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME, KID.

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hey guy! I love your gif demonstrations, they make a lot of concepts easy to understand and practice! I was wondering if you had any tips on drawing fire, or smoke, or other free-flowing elementals? thank you!

Sure, all you need is TVPaint, a Hacked WACOM driver that supports MIDI foot pedal-driven brush size, Joystick-controlled brush rotation, stylus-pressure-controlled opacity and Tablet stabilization.

In short, you need about $600 worth of software, a fair amount of programming experience and $300-$500 of hardware to simultaneously and independently control 3 axes of brush characteristics with one hand on the stylus, the other on the joystick, and one foot on the pedal.

The brush itself is set to Additive/Linear Dodge and is painted on an Additive/Linear Dodge layer. Deep blue with a hint of green is used for the initial core flame, transitioning to a dark red, orange and peach brush strokes for the upper parts of the flame.

Baby Driver!

I did this piece after seeing the Baby Driver movie trailer, here’s the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2z857RSfhk it looks sooo good! Edgar Wright is like my favourite Director and he retweeted this on Twitter!.. Gassed!:o 

So I wanted to get my first MSA doodlesketch up and inked/colored first, but then I got my pen pressure on my tablet to work(because I’m durr about realizing I needed my wacom tabet driver installed… go me. /lameoid), and was so happy about it that I just went overboard and drew Vivi from mystery skulls animated and crossed her with the pokemon Froslass. Enjoy. :0

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Did you try resetting the drivers? I mean if you've had it for four years I'm sure you thought of that but.....

I’m in the process of downloading a new driver from wacom right now, so here’s hoping. It’ll be really nerve-wracking to not be able to draw…

I drew yet another D&D character. This one’s an oracle with a big-ass magic sword.

This is my first time coloring with the new tablet. It probably doesn’t make any difference on all of your screens, but it’s definitely waaaay nicer than trying to color on my laptop screen. The contrast is much better, whites are whiter, blacks are blacker, true green and true red hurt my goddamn eyes (blue is fine, though), and subtle differences in hues are a lot more pronounced, where on my laptop screen it would be hard to tell the difference. Supposedly tablet screens aren’t as great for digital painting, since they can make it way too easy to get hung up on the little details, but I guess I’ll just have to live with that, since unfortunately my old Wacom’s drivers will interfere with this one’s. Besides, better color!

To be honest, I don’t consider myself particularly good at coloring by any stretch, but at least now I won’t have to worry about my drawings suddenly being way too dark when viewed on better screens!

windows 10


- my tablet is still working after a reboot

- faster shut down


- not all pen settings are under pen settings. you have to search specifically for “flicks” to turn this shit off so it doesn’t interfere with the wacom driver. and by interfere I mean fucking circles appearing every time you hold down the pen.

-I have to use winrar instead of 7zip

- discord marks every message I send as new

- start menu is back but isn’t as condensed and looks clunky w/o removing all the icons

- I have to use windows ink /w photoshop cc or no pen pressure