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Artist friends, let me just tell you a thing. FUCK Wacom. Fuck Wacom and their planned obsolescence, fuck Wacom and their broken drivers, fuck Wacom and their over-priced tablets. For years we’ve dealt with them with no alternatives but let me tell you a thing.

I recently found out my Intuos 4′s Pen had broken and rather than spend £60-89 for a new one I decided to get a new tablet. Now, I could get the new “Intuos” (which is just the re-branded Bamboo) and i was going to until I found this beast.

This is the Huion  H610, it has almost twice the drawing space of the low-end Intuos and double the pressure levels. The one and only negative is that the pen requires a battery.

Not only that, it is larger than my Intuos 4 which I paid £150 for back in the day. Know how much this cost? £55. The same as the basic Intuos.

I am in LOVE with this thing. Let’s compare this with the lowest of the low end Wacom Intuos line.

                             Intuos          Huion

Active Area:     6 by 3.7 in    10" x 6.25"

Pressure Levels:  1024            2048

Hard Input Res:  2540 LPI      4000 LPI

Express Keys:          4                   8

Not to mention the Intuos is HIDEOUS with buttons that are in incredibly awkward places.

The fact that a £55 matches and exceeds the £150 Intuos 4 I bought years ago speaks worlds. And do you know what the very final nail in the coffin is?


It’s time Wacom had some real competition in the market, if you’re looking for a new tablet please consider a Huion over a Wacom. I used to be a Wacom fanboy too but now?

Here is the H610 on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

All I can find is good reviews on this thing and people doing the same thing I am doing, trying to convince people it’s worth it. So… You have the information, use it as you will.

All for now. Speeding up next week. Tablet’s here and it’s pretty much what I was used to with Wacom. I think non-Wacom drivers have a little longer to go before they’re on par. I guess there’s a reason it’s the industry standard. Or maybe I stink, and just wasn’t able to get used to Huion. Or maybe mine was defective. Or maybe all three.

Testing out the Surface Book with doodles of Tertia!

I’ll post up a review later, but in the meantime, let’s just say that I am EXTREMELY UNIMPRESSED, and that people who are used to the wacom drivers/tech from the older Surface models will probably hate the new Ntrig tech in the newer surface models. :(


curse you gravity falls and your messed up timeline, there’s no way stan is anywhere near 70 years old

so june is pretty much over which is kinda fucking with me a little bit, also im gonna be away from my tablet from july 6th to july 13th because my tablet is not portable at all, so that sucks

If you’re getting jagged/aliased lines with your hard-edged brushes even while drawing at 100%, here’s your problem. Downgrade your Wacom driver to a previous version. 6.3.7-5 seemed to have no high resolution tracking support in Photoshop, despite whatever prior attempts to force it to work.

Your lines should always be properly anti-aliased while at 100% zoom as seen in Driver 6.3.6-3’s example. These lines were drawn very slowly to make sure the tracking was working correctly.

Test this yourself with your tablet to see if your drivers are working correctly!

do you have a wacom driver? do you constantly find yourself wondering if the driver updated leading to your tablets technical difficulties? hopefully this blog should solve some of those tedious problems and make wacom drivers less of an overall pain in the ass. introducing didmywacomdriverpdate! follow for the latest news on wacom driver updates direct to your dash. please spread this around and give your followers with wacom products a helping hand!!

oh btw if you use a wacom tablet you might wanna go update it’s drivers. Wacom did an update not long ago, which explains why my tablet’s been acting weird.

Wacom Bamboo Capture: What the fuck is going on with the drivers?

I’ve been  having this problem for quite some time. 

1. Whenever my pc glitches a bit my wacom tablet starts to act funny, It’s like it’s not calibrated when I move the pen on the pad. It acts slow. 

2. When the tablet is completely fine and I go to make a stroke on sai I get big ugly thick lines, instead of fine smooth lines. 

I’ve done everything. I’ve unplugged the tablet, closed sai, plugged everything back up and opened sai. Same shit. 

I’ve restarted the computer only for this to happen again.

I’ve went to my tablet properties, and removed all of the drivers to only install them again for the same shit to happen again.

I am tired of restarting the computer only for the same problems to sprout up. Does anyone else have the same issues. It can’t be my computer because my laptop is compatible. 

Goes to use Wacom product.

“The tablet driver could not be found/ a supported tablet was not found on the system.”

Sigh here we go again. Unplug Wacom, plug it back in, start, stop and restart drivers, update drivers, uninstall then re-install drivers, remove program files etc. etc.

*Two hours later*

“The tablet driver could not be found/ a supported tablet was not found on the system.”

Turns out the Wacom USB cable had unplugged from the back of the PC again. I love Wacom products, but getting started with them can be a task some times.

Happy Easter everyone!